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[Lab mo] Introduction To The Popcorn Experiment


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[Lab mo] Introduction To The Popcorn Experiment

  1. 1. What if street art brought us new imagination and emotion... Cirque du soleil, 1984
  2. 2. What if values inspired an entirely new kind of business... The Body Shop, 1976
  3. 3. What if your loan could change lives around the world... Kiva, 2005
  4. 4. What if music could lift children out of poverty... El sistema, 1975
  5. 5. What if we changed roles to increase our awareness... Dialogue in the Dark, 1988
  6. 6. Cirque du Soleil. The Body Shop. Kiva. El Sistema. Dialogue in IT ALL STARTED WITH the Dark. And many, many more. IDEA. They all made an incredible difference and changed the world for the better, but way AN back...
  7. 7. Now, let‘s keep it simple. Take it lightly. And just think of ideas as popcorn. After all, have you ever watched a kernel of popcorn just before it pops? It does so very suddenly and without warning. One moment it's a little kernel and the next moment: Pop! Into the fluffy white puff. Now, how about your ideas would do the same…
  8. 8. [lab_mo ] 1 The Popcorn Experiment Let your ideas explode.
  9. 9. This may be for you. You want to make a difference. That’s for sure and matters most. Maybe you know in which field or on what issue. Maybe you have a specific idea or initiative. But either way you are committed and keen. For new perspectives and innovative approaches. To shape, identify, develop – and experiment…
  10. 10. A truly inspiring and creative space. An experiment taking place at The Hub Vienna.
  11. 11. Funky and impactful learning design. Combining latest theories, new technologies, diverse environments.
  12. 12. Selected Group. Personal Focus. For customized approaches and individual development.
  13. 13. New Connections. Diverse Participants. Creating a lively, stimulating atmosphere of collaboration.
  14. 14. Dey Dos. Co-founder of Beautiful Individuals, former President of AIESEC International, designer of various businesses and popcorn machine for new ideas… trigger, challenger, inspiration and supporter for the new. Alexis Eremia. Co-founder and learning designer of emersense, seed developer of social ventures and initiatives in CEE, enabler of impactful journeys to engage talent and effort for a positive impact… Experts. Designers. Facilitators. Dey Dos and Alexis Eremia are your team for the experiment.
  15. 15. At final glimpse: this will happen... And, how do you want it? Your kernels. Choices to make. Your intentions. The first POPs! Cleaning the mess. Packing the popcorn Heard here and there. And putting some order. in a branded-whole. Heating up … and hitting the stands! and getting ready. POP! POP! POP! POP! A chaotic dance of ideas, views... Ready for the next step.
  16. 16.  New A lot of new ideas. Rediscovered, newly generated, co-created or out of the blue. Crazy, funky, impactful Ideas. and most importantly: yours.  Starting Decisions where to go and what to do with all you generated – i.e. next steps, personal commitment Points. and possible opportunities to get started.  Branded A beautiful shape and shell for the new. What to say, how to explain. The story to tell and the experience Whole. this idea can entail. ... and this you will take out.
  18. 18. Read more about it at Interested to join us for [lab_mo1]? Apply directly at The Popcorn Experiment. Taking place on 13 – 14 August 2010 in The Hub Vienna, Austria. And please note: Limited places available. Application deadline Fri, 06 Aug 2010, 23.59h
  19. 19. [lab_mo ] 1 The Popcorn Experiment