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This summer you are invited to reflect, plan and work in a stimulating environment and enjoy the summer vibes of July and August in the Hub.

Organize your next steps, accelerate your ideas and enjoy inspiring conversations over an iced coffee or a cold beer.

Use the upcoming summer to regain energy, meet up and get ready for the season ahead.

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Hub Summer 2011

  1. 1. The Hub Viennais ready for the summer!Get on board and explorethe Summer Program
  2. 2. This summer is & ac tan opportunity to > refl ect, plan Use the sunny season ahead This summer you are invited to reflect, to recharge your batteries, lookplan and work in a stimulating environ- back and crystallize your expe-ment and enjoy the summer vibes of rience. Equipped with knowledge,July and August in the Hub. Organize achievements and experiences ofyour next steps, accelerate your ideas the past, take your time to workand enjoy inspiring conversations over on your ideas and prepare youran iced coffee or a cold beer. project for the next level. Use the upcoming summer to re-gain energy, meet up and get ready for learnthe season ahead. Inspiring individuals are visit- m e et & enjoy ing the Hub this summer to share their stories and knowledge dur- Meet friends and other mem- ing Hub Talks. In addition, short bers over the Sexy Salad or our concise Early Know How work- brand new Thursday Tropical shops give you all the essential Breakfast. Get ready for the knowledge needed for starting Summer Party, ice cream ses- your venture. sions and DIY mojitos!
  3. 3. Outlok for July: « hip ow rs eu or : en H en est ns pr w cia uni Ha re rty nv lk ive o 2.1 n: nt So mp lk k Kn m atte Ta lE iat eI er e Pa u Ta nn nit c w) i M « ch ra ly th ub tI Hi rS r er Fe ith T ub lys ar th :» 3H Te e et nm de um ta lis wi 1H 5E ok st w iro xan Ca ta « p llo 5M an ub en ho d1 al e e0 a Pl i0 0S »E h Al kf ks 9H ob a to ea we or fr tu Gl i1 t Br d2 e wi W nv sh im th fr i2 wi (A »T we frThroughout july & august:> tue Sexy Salad This already traditional event goes on this summer so bring along one ingredient and join us for salad every Tuesday!> THU Tropical Breakfast Kick off your day with a fresh DIY smoothie and a chat with other members. Bring along fruits and sunshine!
  4. 4. Early Know How A series of skill building work- tue 05 July, 15:00 – 17:00 Time to Planshops tailored to equip you with with Hinnerk Hansenall the tools and knowledge Co-founder of Hub Vienna and emersenseneeded to start your venture. Af-ter »How to Build a Brand« and A short and hands-on workshop to get ideas on the ground»Getting things done« at MashUP, and make them workable. Particularly customized around the up-starting with this summer you will coming months and opportunity to best use the available time inhave the opportunity to partici- summer, this workshop centers around:pate in short concise workshops 1) setting focus within a plan,where you can develop your skills 2) mapping timelines and sequences,and learn which are the ingredi- 3) identifying leverages within activities,ents needed to start a successful 4) establishing working structure and routines,venture. 5) tracking progress. All in all: a quick and speedy way to get practical planning skills and to get the working side of summer going. Participation is possible only with registration at
  5. 5. Hub Talk wed 13 July, 18:00 Environmentalism 2.1 with Alexander Schatten Senior Researcher at Vienna University of Technology How the environmental movement lost focus and why we ur- gently need an informed, science based environmentalism. Al- exander Schatten focuses on the environmental movement and the need for a more scientific based approach that gets often lost among ideologies. The aim of this presentation is to initiate a discussion on how environmentalism can improve and help to tackle the severe chal- lenges of decades to come.
  6. 6. Meet the Investor fri 15 July, 10:00 Global Catalyst Initiative The Canadian-based Global Catalyst Initiative funds early stage, market-oriented ventures tackling poverty and are specifically looking for projects to fund in Europe. A team currently bikes Eu- rope to promote their fund and they will also come to the Hub and present their work, the fund, and share selection criteria!
  7. 7. Sumer Party icwed 20 July, 17:00 Pirates, mermaids & sailors! us M of The summer is here and we’re celebrating the sunny season on Hub m ts lf eaVienna’s deck! Get on board … Lo go Cr ini e Ic M … and get ready for: BQ to OB oji M BY l Po DIY e am g t lin fF en d am so Pa rn nd u co To Se al s n 100 ine e lo ßb ap rm Fu H ate W
  8. 8. Stay tuned for August!You’re welcome to enjoy the summeralong with the Hub Vienna!