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Hub Vienna Members - Jan 2011


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Have a look at the members of Hub Vienna (Jan 2011)

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Hub Vienna Members - Jan 2011

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  3. 3. Angie and Adam, are the main drivers of the Neongreen network, which focuses on raising awareness for ecological issues through green design and their event ff awlo series Erdgespräche’. mP ay Their most successfulAda e R att design product are the A ngi ‘Directions for use of the Planet Earth’.
  4. 4. Aleksandar is one of the co-founders of FEI (Forum Emancipatory Islam) which aims to educate the general public on an alternative to c lovi the predominating vu r Pr conservative form of a and Islam. He is also the head ksAle of Amnesty International Youth in Austria.
  5. 5. Aleksandras goal is to make a student network called BrightClimateFuture ko running, which is about ov bas education and leadership K an dra for sustainable ks development in the BalticAle Sea Region.
  6. 6. Alex and Michl were the main designers of the Hub Vienna. They believe in the importance of physical infrastructure o r er ae l St i egl and how it can positively ich x R influence people,M Ale communication, and social processes.
  7. 7. Olivia and Ale are currently engaged in setting up the project nRich which aims to provide a platform for high-school drop-outs to provide them with cutting edge skills, new a e perspectives and pat in rgh ia C a G heo practical experience inO liv an dra order for them to become x leaders in their Ale communities.
  8. 8. Lexy is currently building up the sister project of emersense in Romania, RoPot - she is bringing together a community of changemakers and Pode provides them with the d ra necessary environment to xanAle foster their intention to drive change.
  9. 9. Raga works on the project wintheplanet, which uses gaming principles (lottery, alie Rag challenges, scavenger u ndr hunts, ...) to motivate theA lexa general public to make a positive impact!
  10. 10. After spending some time in Caritas Vienna, Alina is currently doing a specialized PhD d Bra combining ecological,Alina social and cultural dimensions.
  11. 11. Andre is another member of the Neongreen network, in which he focuses on the managerial and logistical aspect of organizing i Karsa Erdgespräche, which dre are events that createAn awareness for ecological issues.
  12. 12. Ann d u hei Schm nziata a Psc idt-An dre Chia ri Andrea, Annunziata, Hanno, Jennifer and Karl- Heinz Fellinger are part of the team building up good.bee, a bank Jennifer Rowe focusing on social entrepreneurship and microfinance.
  13. 13. Andreas has a strong kr out background in law and as De migration and is now alsoAn dre exploring further engagement possibilities.
  14. 14. Angelika does not only enjoy the academic a perspective on social and Sch entrepreneurship but also ika enjoys telling the storiesAn gel of these entrepreneurs through videos.
  15. 15. Anita Frank is a life- coach, she teaches city development at the university, she is passionate about education and she is also k one of the two presidents F ran of the Society for taAni Organizational Learning Austria.
  16. 16. Anja is the CEO of Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development. She focuses on using science ll ist ane to explore topics such as a Chr poverty, energy, climateAnj change and sustainable life style.
  17. 17. Archibald is a passionate banker. However, next to this full-time employment ser he is currently developing Kr em his projects for enabling ld ibo community engagementArch and the start-up of social enterprises.
  18. 18. Barbara works for ICEP which focuses on fostering business solutions for sustainable development and works at the intersection of business and e hov development. Barbara en oud writes regulary for the a C corporAID Magazin about ar bar Social EntrepreneurshipB and global CSR.
  19. 19. Barbara is currently working in Germany. Parallel to that she is engaged in the Jane Goodall Institute in Vienna and thinking about starting of her own nn Inma project which aims to ra focus building a bridgeBarba between the business and the social sector.
  20. 20. Barbis is a cultural innovation manager. With her background of art and innovative business er Rud models she is currently ra exploring severalBarba opportunities of realizing her passions.
  21. 21. Until recently, Cathrin was engaged in team the of Sandbox, a network of young professionals. Now she is looking for er ways to combine her l hum passions for people in Leß development, groupCathr coaching and driving change.
  22. 22. Cezar Neaga is a web developer with the vision to support social innovators to express their ideas better in order a to create a movement. N eag Furthermore, he is very rC eza passionate about green topics.
  23. 23. Charles has a background in film making. He is passionate about education and rth direct trade. He is e s Fü currently working on aCharl social business to source coffee from Ethiopia.
  24. 24. Chris company focuses on renewable energy, LED technology, sustainable transportation, and many nes i s Jo other innovativeChr approaches to use technology for change.
  25. 25. Christian is a political activist, book writer and speaker. His focus is the r F elbe development of n i stia alternatives to globalChr capitalism. Besides, he is a contemporary dancer.
  26. 26. Christine was one of the team members of the uer Social Impact Award. She er nba is currently writing her n e Sp thesis on using crowd istiChr funding for sourcing and evaluating innovation.
  27. 27. Social entrepreneur, city planner, newspaper columnist, blogger, politician... Christoph Chorherr has a multitude of roles. He is the initiator of Ithuba, a sustainable school project in South- Africa, supported the visualization of the UN r Declaration of Human r her Cho Rights and started th ph Waltz project in Vienna, istoChr where he is shaping new ways of education.
  28. 28. Christoph is passionate about and engaged with er Ki ndl new ways of doing h i stop business such as learningChr organizations or porous network organizations.
  29. 29. Clara Reiner loves art. Amongst others, she was er involved in the Dance of R ein Tolerance-project and aC lar the Human Rights Film Festival.
  30. 30. Claudia was one of the winners of the Social Impact Award 2009 with her project Kunterbunt which aims to translate 2D art into 3D models to be visible for blind people. Currently she is scaling her innovation company Frink which r K äfe focuses on sourcing ia innovation fromCl aud ethnographic observations.
  31. 31. Claudia and Monika are working for SOMA, a social market project in Lower Austria. Social Markets take food and beverages from super markets which are close er l to shelve date and hurn Zw ing T a provide them for a social ka diMoni C lau price to people in underprivileged situations.
  32. 32. i de sch e io T Claudio is a driving forceCl aud of innovation in Caritas Vorarlberg.
  33. 33. Clemens is a specialized in micro-technologies. rm eier Next to this he wants to te en s Os raise the public interest mCle for science with his project ScienceClip
  34. 34. Corina loves using marketing as a tool to better communicate to e Enach people - she now wants a to explore the potential ofC orin using this expertise for social projects.
  35. 35. Daniel works on the first Open Source Movie. Similar to Wikipedia, he ler uses the open source el Kof methodology to create aD ani cinema movie, from the script to post-production!
  36. 36. Doris main focus is to grow her green-travel booking platform - an online hotel booking l tool for sustainable hotels Mo ehs - for this she also uses aD oris green travel certification that she developed.
  37. 37. Ute and Elisabeth want to sner gas develop a clearing house Har for conflict resolution, soUte that people find the best possible support for their conflicts to be resolved.
  38. 38. Lisi was very much involved in the AIDS ser Conference 2010 r mo coordinating the youth h Roh et activities. Now she isEli sab finishing her thesis of non-violent writing.
  39. 39. After her studies, Elise started her own ordination as a doctor. She also gained experience helping rural people in Mexico. Now she wants to explore opportunities to use her n expertise aside from her e N ord job as a practitioner and eElis drive change in the health sector.
  40. 40. Eva loves writing and wants to use this skill to support social innovators er ing in expressing their ideas pp Kra better. She is currentlyEva running a project to support Ute Bock.
  41. 41. Eva is working in the field of human rights for an EU institution based in a Vienna. In her work, she k S o bot is responsible forEva networking and stakeholder relations.
  42. 42. Michael  Bauer-­‐Leeb   Evelina and Michael are starting up ‘the good tribe’ where they are focusing on the new a practice of social elin uistMichael Ev q entrepreneurship.Bauer-L eeb L und Currently they are working on a master’s thesis where they look at the connection of social entrepreneurs and business angels.
  43. 43. Since 3 years Ewa works as a production manager and editor at CastYourArt, which provides a platform n Ster for people that areEwa passionate about and fascinated by art.
  44. 44. Florian is the innovation responsible from Caritas Vienna. One of his main areas is the Brunnenpassage, which is a cultural center in the middle of the 16th per district, applying n Pom innovative approaches toFl oria connect people from diverse backgrounds.
  45. 45. Gabi is a freelance journalist, writing for DiePresse, Format, Kleine Zeitung,... with the main focus on CSR and sustainability. Rabl Furthermore, she r iele supports Tom in hisGab happiness economics project.
  46. 46. Geetha has a technical background and is currently doing a PhD at the TU. She is working n n dra together with Ksenya on acha a project around the a Ram topics of sustainability,Ge eth child, labour, cotton and Uzbekistan!
  47. 47. Georg is currently starting d his PR agency for the civil in er nfe sector. Next to this he is rg Bau performing as aGeo comedian with the focus on ethical issues.
  48. 48. Georg is working as an educated trainer for non- violent communication. e He is getting increasingly T arn motivated to launch a rgGeo series of ethical consumer products.
  49. 49. Gerda combines classical music and arts to work with children and sick elderly people. She has achieved significant coln results with people that a Lin are normally dGer disconnected from their environment.
  50. 50. Gerda has a strong knowledge in the area of human trafficking, migration and inclusion. nn er ma She is now in the process u a The of starting a socialG erd business in the field of fashion and migration.
  51. 51. Gerhard recently transitioned from his role as the CEO from a major Austrian company into his newest adventure as a us B arc consultant and coach for d har change processes, socialGer responsibility and innovation.
  52. 52. Gundula was the founder of the Waldzell Meetings where she brought together influential people from business, politics and religion. She is tz S cha currently developing her a dul school of life project andGun fosters her Architects of the Future program.
  53. 53. Bettina recently started working for the future- forum Windhaag in Upper lein Austria. Furthermore, she a Hel is in the executive board nB etti of the eco-social student forum.
  54. 54. In the past, Ira transitioned from influential roles in banking, to business consulting, to being the y Molla CEO of Greenpeace, toIra now applying her expertise in coaching.
  55. 55. Jakob works and drives initiatives for Cisco, believing in the power of ö ck technology to improve K i blb how we communicate, bJako interact and share knowledge!
  56. 56. Jeanette has a multitude of projects such as "Wien ist anders, ich auch!" a diversity map for Vienna; ller or science graffiti using te Mü net new channels to bringJea science closer to young people and prisoners.
  57. 57. Jenny uses theatre and cabaret to raise i tz now awareness on topics y S ima such as equality, genderJenn issues and ethical business.
  58. 58. Joachim is currently involved in projects with the UN in Africa, writing m in chi enwe academic papers with IvyJoa end w League universities, and Sch still a bit more!
  59. 59. After his work in KPMG he decided to become r self employed as a e Kr ain sustainability consultant, es ann currently focusing onJoh renewable energy and recycled housing
  60. 60. Josef is the initiator of Get Active - a platform for civil engagement and entrepreneurship. He was awarded for his efforts in creating momentum for the third sector. He recently joined r tm aye a plattform rei for financing socialJos ef K projects and civic engagement.
  61. 61. Judith is working in green arter design - designing berh i th E products that are locallyJud sourced and ethically produced.
  62. 62. Jürgen specialized in creative techniques. He is currently exploring possibilities of bringing ISN (Innovation Service der hroe Network) which is well n Sc known for BraintwistersJürge and Neurovation, to Vienna.
  63. 63. Katharina started the er Austrian Social Business b erg en Day - an event series a Lieb where for-profit in at har organizations are linkedK to compatible NGOs.
  64. 64. Kathi is currently finishing her studies in International Relations, she will write her masters thesis on comparing international aid and social entrepreneurship. Furthermore, she is involved in Vorlaut, the den a Nor initiative which is n ari replicating El-SistemaKath (from Venezuela) in Austria.
  65. 65. Katharina is currently in ger an organization dealing up pin with water-reprocessing. n aW ari She is passionate about hKat Africa and frequently travels there.
  66. 66. Katja is working for the Umweltbundesamt and is a member of SOL Austria t pr ech to fuel her interest in am atj aL innovative changeK processes such as Theory U.
  67. 67. Klaus is working for Cropster - an idea platform which makes the supply chain from of the coffee production yr ma transparent and thereby Kirch leads to higher incomeKl aus from the coffee producers.
  68. 68. Laurent is a photographer. He is using his gift for capturing the beauty of change and ler especially applies it t Z ieg n within social and culturalLaure initiatives around the world.
  69. 69. Lisa is working as a media pedagogic. She is using the power of media in order to revitalise rs H ilge education. At the moment von she is in Ithuba workingLisa on Christoph Chorherrs Skills College Project.
  70. 70. Lucas is a serial social entrepreneur from Brazil. In the age of 19 he started his first consultancy for sustainable housing, afterwards set up a microfinance fund, and is currently developing a o website which is Pint combining micro lendingLucas with sustainable entrepreneurship.
  71. 71. Luisa is one of the main drivers of made-in- made-by - a social business capitalizing on e the advantages of rad de And zen diversity as she is saLui de Re producing fashion with o women that have a Lob migration background.
  72. 72. Lydia has a strong interest in law, specifically human rights. She joined us for our Solution e Conference in Romania g a Gen and decided to use theL ydi Hub to further crystallize her intention.
  73. 73. ele Manfred is a coach Jan red working with individualsManf and groups to help them realize their dreams.
  74. 74. Marcella is a true creative r aue spirit - she wants to help senb others to unleash their Gas lla creative potential. She is rceMa currently working for the Belvedere Association.
  75. 75. Marek addresses issues where others look away: He is pointing out the imminent danger of a second market crash and ta how to deal with it, K uch furthermore he helps to kMare prepare for a post-carbon society.
  76. 76. Marie recently ended her active career as a politician of the green party. She is now the ler head of Ashoka Austria, Ring looking for outstanding eMari social entrepreneurs ready to scale their ideas.
  77. 77. Martin is passionate about creating enabling spaces for personal and tsc h uchi societal change. He is i nM exploring this topic inMart detail with his current PhD studies.
  78. 78. Martina is working for the uster Federal Ministry of a Sch Agriculture, Forestry, rtinMa Environment and Water Management.
  79. 79. Michael and Moriz decided to quit their careers in marketing and start their own label for locally produced, fair-Moriz trade and customized Piffl er ann jeans: ‘Gebrüder Stitch’ L hael They are one of the Mic shooting stars in Austria’s green fashion scene.
  80. 80. Michael is passionate about photography, technology, data security and using all of that to create change. He is ey esel currently working on l V hae energy saving measuresMic and on smart phone apps for organic shopping
  81. 81. Michael loves to empower people by helping them to connect to like-minded individuals. He knows the iv l Raj power of networks and haeMic that individuals are more h powerful together thanSha individually.
  82. 82. Milo is the founder of Biorama, a magazine for sustainable lifestyle. When he passed it over it had more than 40.000 readers in the German speaking market. Now he is developing new r projects in cooperation to sse laa o Te boost social innovationsMil with fellow Hub Vienna members.
  83. 83. Nathalie wants to use open-source technology to tackle the monopolies of large organisations. ffler Her first project is to Loe alie provide a platform forNath multi-lingual children e- books.
  84. 84. Nikki is the driving force of the Social Impact Award, which awards xler students with innovative le Tra ideas how to tackle oNic social, cultural or ecological challenges.
  85. 85. Nikolaus took the skills and knowledge he gained from his successful career as a Venture us ola mann Capital to now applyNik ker c them as an impactSpie investment advisor.
  86. 86. Nina and Robert are currently building up IndyACT "The League of Independent Activists", an environmental, social and cultural advocacy and campaigning organization. Nina is furthermore engaged with the Climate Action Rob Network within the UN ert M al arcu climate negotiations and J am s Klu she coordinates the EU a mpNin campaigning for a global climate coalition.
  87. 87. Othmar is the founder of the Social Business department in a well r Le hne known Finish university. r He continuously pushes maOth the academic research on social innovation.
  88. 88. Peter started the first course on social entrepreneurship in Austria, which he r currently teaches with ando Reinhard. He is also the er VPet founder of the Social Impact Award.
  89. 89. Philippe is looking for the framework for business 3.0, and on this quest he is currently in Brazil ier studying Semco - one of e Gre lipp the most unusual (andPhi inspiring) workplaces in the world.
  90. 90. Rainer and his colleague Sandra are both managing partner ofSandra ‘youtopia’, a consulting Eckersto fer us group with focuses on era n er P transformative change or Rai large scale businesses.
  91. 91. Reinhard is advancing the academic understanding of social impact measurement, the impact of foundations and social entrepreneurship. Together with Peter, he is er Milln currently teaching the ard only course on SocialRe inh Entrepreneurship in Austria.
  92. 92. Until recently, Roman was the head of RespACT, the largest Austrian platform for Corporate Social Responsibility. Now he is part of the management ek esic team of the new Enorm n M magazine, which isRo ma focusing on social and responsible business.
  93. 93. Sarah and Susanna hold a PhD in Biology. They are fascinated by nature and the principles, processes and inspiration we can get by observingSarah tsc h phenomena in nature. Duit s chi aut They will start a a K workshop series that will us ann spur inspiration and S creativity.
  94. 94. Sava is the founding CEO of good.bee the first bank for social entrepreneurship and microfinance based in ok ov Austria. Now he wants to Dalb transform a traditionalSava bank into a truly good bank!
  95. 95. Seraina uses design to enhance communication. For example she designed the marketing for Dance of Tolerance where she managed to create a campaign that attracted women from er Br ugg various cultural a backgrounds, by not er ainS creating language barriers.
  96. 96. Stefan is a researcher at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, working on understanding vulnerability of societies r and adaptation to climate e n ing change. He is also n Pfen interested in renewableS tefa energy and international development.
  97. 97. Stefan is passionate ig ts chn about creating enabling n Wil spaces, following thisS tefa field as a PhD scholar in the EU.
  98. 98. Susanne is currently is sler working on building a n e Ge sustainable eco-villageSu san on wasted soil in the Niger region.
  99. 99. Sylke develops training and education concepts around sustainability, community living and awareness. She is in constant research for innovation and new insights about what kind of process humanity currently needs to e transform into a more Iacon meaningful, peaceful,Sy lke heartful and sustainable society.
  100. 100. Sylvia is working for plenum, which focuses on research for sustainability. She is also one of the driving forces of the Pioneer of zel Change course - which Bren supports young people aS ylvi with the intention to drive change in their society.
  101. 101. Sylvias interests center around technology, new r- thofe forms of education, data rga a Pu security, and much more.Sylvi She now looks for erMüll opportunities to combine these passions.
  102. 102. Sylvie is developing a smart phone app which allows consumers to scan the barcode in supermarket to see how ethically the product was n e Chi produced and if itS ylvi contains ingredients to which one is allergic.
  103. 103. Tom is consultant and coach for major Austrian organizations. At the moment he is creating momentum for his happiness economics project and is also developing an innovative k Bec sustainability strategy forTom a city development project.
  104. 104. Ulli holds a diploma from The Kaospilots // Denmark, a school for social innovation and new business solutions. For 3 years she has been the project leader for the Community Dance Program Tanz die vri ik e Le Toleranz - and just nowUlr focused on new fields of studies and impact.
  105. 105. Valentin is an expert in sustainable finance and advises his customers how to best invest their ner H epp money. He is also tin currently developing aValen new project in the field of financial literacy.
  106. 106. Vincent is passionate about cycling. He wants to shape this movement ani as a life-style. He pushes co m green production of bikes t Sac and initiatives that use cenVin cycling and skating that lead to change.
  107. 107. Werner is the head of Caritas and one of the main drivers of innovation in the social sector. One of his projects is Vorlaut in which aims to replicate ac hste the phenomenal r BWe rne stein Venezuelan organisation enB inn El Sistema here in Austria.
  108. 108. Werner and Christine Reisinger Very proud parents (and immense supporters ofAnne Petersen-Hansen und Lutz the Hub from the firstHansen minute) :)