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Ds sv overview

  1. 1. System Components SmartView Clip SmartBand Matrices Precision Instruments
  2. 2. Features & Benefits • Easy to place • Creates a wide open prep area • Stays in place, eliminates spring-offs • Provides great results with less finishing time • 100% made in the USA • Significant savings on kits and refills
  3. 3. SmartView Clip – Features & Benefits Applies forces both perpendicular to the tooth and down toward the gingival margin seating firmly in place every time—even with short or mal-positioned teeth. Two placement options — interior notches or exterior placement holes. Tips are semi-pliable plastic for a combination of strength and flexibility U-shaped slots that allow any wedge to be used. Most of the SmartView Clip operates at the gingival margin — allowing greater access to the prep area. Doubles as a rubber dam clamp.
  4. 4. SmartView Clip vs. Standard Rings
  5. 5. SmartBand Matrices – Features & Benefits Reinforced placement tab to set the height and for easy removal. Available with or without non-stick coating. Defined marginal ridge. .001” ultra-thin, strong stainless steel for easy placement and removal. Sub-gingival extension.
  6. 6. SmartView Contours & Contacts Tofflemire Contours & Contacts
  7. 7. Precision Instruments – Features & Benefits SmartView Clip Forceps SmartBand Forceps Specifically designed to maximize the SmartView System ease-of-use. Light weight and precision made to provide a strong and secure grip. Work great as a rubber dam clamp forcep. Quality Comes First DentiSmart uses only the highest quality American made materials in all products. Even commonly imported items like instruments and packaging are made in the USA.
  8. 8. Doubles As A Rubber Dam Clamp – Less Time, Less Clutter
  9. 9. The System In Use More defined tips for better interproximal contact and less flash Clip sits along the gingival margin for a better view Back to back placement for MOD
  10. 10. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS Premium Kit Comparison Garrison Triodent Dentsply Retail Price $329 $699 $499 $499 Matrix Bands 220 100 75 125 (uncoated) Band Forceps 1 1 1 1 Tweezers 1 1  2 1 Large Ring 2 1 1 1 Small Ring   2 1 1 Wedge Guard /Wedges    120  75 30 Distributors  Direct Ultradent Distributors Availability
  11. 11. FAQs How many uses will I get with each clip? A: Over 600 uses Will the clip lose its tension and need to be bent back into shape? A: No, the clip is designed to never over fatigue and will not need to be bent back into its original shape. Can the clip be autoclaved? A: Yes, the SmartView Clip can be autoclaved and the plastic tips will not degrade over time Does the system come with wedges? A: No, the SmartView System does not include wedges. However, the system will work with any wedge. Do I need to use the SmartView System instruments or can I use my current instruments? A: The SmartView instruments are designed to provide the optimal results, however, the system will work well with other instruments. The SmartView Clip can be placed with a standard rubber dam clam forceps and the SmartBands can be placed and removed with cotton forceps or hemostats.
  12. 12. For more information please contact Heath O’Leary – SVP Marketing heath.oleary@ dentismart.com 888-208-1765 or visit dentismart.com