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Splash max final

  1. 1. Introducing The Ultimate in Accuracy, Reliability & Value
  2. 2. DenMat’s NEW SplashMax VPS Impression Material The next generation of the award winning Splash! is everything that defines a premium VPS Impression Material featuring maximum detail, maximum tear strength, and maximum contrast at a value oriented price.
  3. 3. SplashMax Key Highlights • • • • • • Instant hydrophilicity Maximum tear strength & elasticity Excellent dimensional accuracy Thixotropic consistency & ideal flow properties 2 set times (2:15 & 4:30) 4 high contrast viscosities – Xlite, Lite, Medium, Heavy • 2 delivery options – Cartridge & Jumbo Pack • Wild berry scent
  4. 4. Instant Hydrophilicity Water droplets on SplashMax material dropped to 0° within 30 seconds whereas the lowest contact angle achieved by leading competitors in this same time frame was 18°. By definition, a contact angle of 0° is considered superhydrophilic which none of the other leading brands achieved.
  5. 5. SplashMax Achieves the Lowest Contact Angle Within Seconds
  6. 6. Maximum Tear Strength Tear Strength 0.7 0.6 Newton/mm 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.2 0.1 0 SplashMax SplashMax Lite Aquasil Ultra Aquasil Ultra Imprint 3 Imprint 3 Heavy Heavy XLV Quick Step Lite Quick Step Heavy Material A high tear strength maintains the impression’s integrity and keeps the impression from tearing or distorting during removal from the mouth or separation from the model.
  7. 7. Featuring a Snap Set Cure Rate Ensures precise impression: 1. During working time the material needs to remain flowable – no premature setting should occur in this period. 2. Secondly, as soon as the tray is place in final position, the setting process should be as fast as possible As seen above, the viscosity during working time is hardly increasing. The setting process begins when accelerated by the thermo-active formulation Indicated by the sharper increase of the viscosity in the purple shaded part of the curing profile.
  8. 8. Rapid Working & Set Times Accommodate All Types of Quadrant and Full Mouth Preparations Product Working Time Intraoral Set Time Total Set Time SplashMax Regular Set Time 50ml Cartridge 2:15 2:15 4:30 SplashMax Half Time 50ml Cartridge 1:00 1:15 2:15 SplashMax Regular Set Time 360ml Jumbo Cartridge 2:15 2:15 4:30
  9. 9. SplashMax Viscosities & High Contrast Colors Viscosity Color Extra Lite Body Orange Lite Body Green Medium Body Blue Heavy Body Purple SplashMax comes in four viscosities and two set times. Luminous colors result in sharp contrast when used together.
  10. 10. Features & Benefits Features Benefits Instant hydrophilicity/ wettability Low contact angle achieved within seconds, when it really matters. Results in consistent highly detailed impressions in a moist environment Maximum tear strength & elasticity Keeps impression from tearing or distorting during removal from mouth or separation from model Excellent dimensional accuracy 99% recovery after stretching and compression forces – prevents permanent deformation/distortion of the impression after removal from the mouth High contrast colors Results in sharp contrast when used together Thixotropic consistency & ideal flow properties Material is self contouring and flows into the finest details Wild berry scent Reduces gag reflex, alleviates patient discomfort
  11. 11. SplashMax Product Offerings Description Contents SplashMax 2PK Cartridges – Extra Lite, Lite, Medium, Heavy Body SplashMax Bulk Pack Cartridges – Extra Lite & Lite Body SplashMax Bulk Pack Cartridges – Medium & Heavy Body 2 - 50mL Cartridges, Tips, Instructions SplashMax Jumbo Cartridge Refill Kit – Medium & Heavy Body 8 – 50mL Cartridges, Instructions 20 – 50mL Cartridges, Instructions 2 – 360mL Jumbo Cartridges, Tips, Rotating Rings, Instructions Available Set Times 2:15; 4:30 2:15; 4:30 2:15; 4:30 4:30
  12. 12. SplashMax is the Ultimate in Accuracy, Reliability and Value! Competitor Pricing $/2PK 50mL Cartridge* $50.99 $53.99 $58.50 $58.99 $59.00 Take 1 Advanced Aquasil Ultra $40.00 $31.99 Genie SplashMax Extrude FlexiTime Imprint 3 *List prices according to Henry Schein
  13. 13. Technical Specifications SplashMax Extra Lite Body • Color: Orange • Recovery from Deformation: ........99.8% • Strain-in-Compression: ..................5.0% • Shore A Hardness:..............................43 • Linear Dimensional Change: ..........0.2% SplashMax Medium Body • Color: Blue • Recovery from Deformation:.....99.8% • Strain-in-Compression: ..........3.2% • Shore A Hardness: ..................60 • Linear Dimensional Change: ......0.2% SplashMax Lite Body • Color: Green • Recovery from Deformation: ........99.8% • Strain-in-Compression: ..................6.2% • Shore A Hardness: .............................41 • Linear Dimensional Change: ..........0.2% SplashMax Heavy Body • Color: Purple • Recovery from Deformation:......99.7% • Strain-in-Compression: ..............3.0% • Shore A Hardness:......................62 • Linear Dimensional Change: ........0.2%
  14. 14. SplashMax Impression Technique Step 1: Extrude the base material (Heavy or Medium) into the impression tray Step 2: Once the material is in the tray, apply the wash material (Extra Lite or Lite) on top of the heavy material in the tray, if desired. Step 3: When impression tray is loaded with heavy/medium body material & wash (if desired), then apply wash around the prepped teeth in the patient's mouth. Step 4: Immediately insert the filled tray to capture the impression.
  15. 15. SplashMax in the News!
  16. 16. What Your Peers Are Saying About SplashMax! “I didn’t experience any problems with the material even in slight moisture. SplashMax was predictable, provided very good visual contrast, better handling and scent than the current material I am using in my office.” - Take 1 & Aquasil User “The material was easy to extrude, had great flowability of the Lite Body, and the detail was excellent. We will be switching to SplashMax soon.” - FlexiTime User “It performed as promised – crisp, clear details with absolutely no tears. It’s the best VPS I have ever seen.” - Splash! User
  17. 17. Thank you very much for your time! We look forward to hearing your feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions! Hilary Brown, Product Manager Danielle Hyman, Associate Product Manager Phone: 805-922-8491 ext. 3108 Phone: 805-346-3700 Ext. 3425 Email: hbrown@denmat.com Email: dhyman@denmat.com