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Matrices and accessors for class 2 treatment


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discuss the different type of tofflemire

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Matrices and accessors for class 2 treatment

  1. 1. matrices and accessors for class 2 treatment MOHAMED A.IBRAHIM
  2. 2. Definition of matrices  Matricing is the procedure whereby a temporary wall is created opposite to axial walls, surrounding area of tooth structure that were lost during preparation
  3. 3. Function of the matrices  A Matrix Must Provide:  Temporary wall of resistance against condensation pressures  Shape and contour for the restoration  To restore anatomic contour and contact areas
  4. 4. Criteria for successful matrix band  Good adaptation and contour  Stabilized (wedge and compound)  1.0 mm gingival to gingival wall  Interproximal contact  Will not stick to composite  Does not crumple during placement
  5. 5. Types of matrices PinkBand is a silicone-coated matrix band for use when placing composite restorations. The silicone coating may provide an additional seal against moisture contamination within the confines of the band, and it can also facilitate removal of the band. PinkBand is a Tofflemire -style band and is available in Universal, Pedo and Subgingival sizes Price: 84$ PINKBAND
  6. 6. paraband tafflemire Paraband Tofflemire Matrix Bands save time and improve the quality of restorations with their more conical formation. Direct Class II composites are simpler and faster to set up, often with no wedges or separating springs required. Restore teeth in a neutral, stable position with predictable broad and deep contacts. Large MODs will become routine. For direct Class III, IV and V composites, the band provides better isolation of the prep, as well as a stable matrix for condensing composite. Bonding to subgingival preparations is simpler due to the isolation and access provided Price: 49$
  7. 7. Cure through transparent matrices Made of transparent polyester, poludentia pre-cut tofflemire transparent matrix band. Allow fot more complete light-curing of approcimal boxes in MOD composite restoration. Can be used with any matrix retainer. 0.0015 thin, 50 per pack in 5.5mm Price: 18$
  8. 8. Convenient Pro- Matrix Bands Convenient Pro-Matrix Bands are pre-loaded to make your restoration procedures faster and easier. This circumferential band is ideal for both small and large restorations. Compact, fixed head ensures stability. Narrow neck aids visibility and access. Smooth edges increase patient comfort. Easy-turning adjustment mechanism ensures a correct fit. Sliding band deflector creates a band angulation to fit all quadrants and form a tighter fit around tooth. Single-use design prevents cross- contamination. Price : 62$
  9. 9. All-in-one U dental bands Invented by a dentist, U Dental Matrix Bands are a new generation of matrices designed to save time and ensure tight, predictable Class II contacts. With no need for Tofflemires, forceps or retainers rings, these are the only matrix bands held from the buccal and lingual by an integrated spring clip handle, creating a natural curve. This all-in-one sectional band is easy to insert and remove by hand-no more fighting with sectional components! If needed, a wedge of your choice may be used for added stability. For adjacent restorations, place bands back to back and finish both simultaneously. Available in three sizes, molar and pre-molar bands are 1/4 wide. Narrower pre-molar bands are 3/16 wide and also suitable for deciduous teeth. Now 0.0015 thin! Price : 55$
  10. 10. Palodent Plus Retainer Ring Universal Two- Pack The Palodent Plus Retainer Ring Universal Two-Pack with Nickel-Titanium spring provides outstanding separation force and memory. Glass fiber-reinforced V- shaped tines accommodate the wedge and allow you to wedge from both sides before or after ring placement. Wide tines help the system remain stable even on significantly damaged teeth or when a cusp is missing. Anatomical geometry reduces slippage and minimizes flash. Stackable for efficiency and versatility. For sale in USA only. Price: 221.59$
  11. 11. Slick Bands XR 3D Matrices with extension Modern bonding agents do a fantastic job of bonding resins to tooth structure. Unfortunately, they also do a good job of bonding the matrix band to the restoration. Non-stick Slick Bands Sectional Matrices are the first sectional matrix bands to virtually end the problem of difficult-to-remove matrix bands. With a micro-thin coating bonded to dead-soft stainless steel, Slick Bands provide a 92% reduction in band adhesion! Super smooth coating makes bands easier to insert on conservative preps. High-contrast colors allow for better visualization of prep margins and easier chairside selection. Price :131$
  12. 12. Slick Bands tofflemire-style matrix bands With a micro-thin, non-stick coating, Slick Bands Tofflemire Matrices virtually eliminate the problem of hard-to-remove matrix bands. Slick Bands Right-Curve Tofflemire Matrices work for all restorations. This style creates a significantly increased funnel-shaped cone that provides a lower contact point and improved isolation. Price: 71$
  13. 13. Composi-Tight 3D Clear Matrix Band Refills The award-winning Composi-Tight 3D Clear Sectional Matrix System combines transparent and translucent materials to allow for cure-through polymerization. Now you can apply your curing light from both the buccal and lingual surfaces without interference from metal matrices and opaque separator rings. Enables proper curing of deeper proximal boxes and is also beneficial when bulk-filling Class II restorations. Price: 131$
  14. 14. LumiContrast Matrices bands Innovative LumiContrast Sectional Matricesprotect your eyes from unnecessary strain caused by poor visualization. Matte blue surface delivers high visual contrast between matrix and tooth color. Low reflection level prevents a blinding effect that often occurs with shiny metal matrices-a must-have when working with intense light sources. High-tech, permanent coloration will not contaminate materials or cavities. Pre-contoured to form ideal contacts with less finishing time. Price : 66$
  15. 15. FenderMate Prime A unique combination of a preparation shield and a sectional matrix for Class II fillings of primary teeth, FenderMate Primary enables fast, simple and safe restorations-without the need for a retention ring! Bendable, symmetrical construction works on right or left sides, mesially or distally. Thin boat-shaped tips allow them to be inserted buccally or lingually into tight interproximal spaces and condense gingiva with less risk of bleeding. 18 per pack in short (yellow) or long (green) sizes. Price: 37$