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Teaching Quality - International Student Marketing and Recruitment
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Teaching Quality - International Student Marketing and Recruitment


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The latest piece of Hobsons’ research from the Hobsons Insight series examines international students’ perceptions and expectations, comparing students looking to study in the UK to those interested …

The latest piece of Hobsons’ research from the Hobsons Insight series examines international students’ perceptions and expectations, comparing students looking to study in the UK to those interested in studying in Australia. We’re particularly focused on the comparative results of the UK and Australia however the findings of this report are invaluable to any institution regardless of geographical location as we know students evaluate a number of courses, institutions and destinations in their process of elimination. Download the full report at

With over 18,000 survey responses across 195 countries and 198 nationalities, globally, this research is the most robust of its kind. We've unpacked the student perception of teaching quality along with other factors of influence in the student decision-making process to help you devise your content strategy when engaging with students online and offline, through all your marketing and recruitment channels.

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  • 1. Private and confidential. #HobsonsInsights – Teaching quality International student marketing and recruitment Fabian Marrone VP Marketing April 2014
  • 2. Private and confidential. Teaching quality International student marketing and recruitment
  • 3. Private and confidential. Teaching Quality is the most important factor when evaluating higher education courses, institutions and countries in which to study 3
  • 4. Private and confidential. 16 universities across APAC & UK 18,393 students responded across 195 countries and 198 nationalities by 583 lines of enquiry 4 Survey framework
  • 5. Private and confidential. Demographics
  • 6. Private and confidential.6 Almost 60% of respondents have a household income of less than $25k (USD)
  • 7. Private and confidential.7 The UK, the USA and Australia are still the main three countries students consider, no surprises here!
  • 8. Private and confidential. Motivations for selecting an institution
  • 9. Private and confidential.9 Students choose subject, country then institution
  • 10. Private and confidential.10 The most important factors when considering studying overseas. Top five Bottom five • Quality of education • Distance from home country • International recognition of qualifications • Ability to get permanent residency in destination country after studying • Country’s attitude to international students • exposure to culture or life in destination country • Safety • Ability to work whilst studying • Ease of getting a visa • Better job prospects in destination country/migration to destination country
  • 11. Private and confidential. Information gathering, decision making and application
  • 12. Private and confidential.12 74% expect detailed email responses within three days 71% expect short email responses within 24 hours
  • 13. Private and confidential.13 Students expect universities to be active on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • 14. Private and confidential. At application stage, students would liked to engage with an institution through YouTube and Instagram 14
  • 15. Private and confidential.15 60% of respondents want to use social media to get to know other students who are also applying and to engage with Alumni
  • 16. Private and confidential. Almost 60% of every cohort say they’ll never use an agent in the search process 16
  • 17. Private and confidential. South East Asian favour agent assistance in the search process, they also favour Australia over the UK 17
  • 18. Private and confidential. Subjects available to study is the most important factor for students intending to study in Australia followed by scholarships, tuition fees and academic reputation 18
  • 19. Private and confidential. Unpacking and rebuilding the definition of teaching quality
  • 20. Private and confidential.20 Teaching quality is the most important factor when selecting an institution
  • 21. Private and confidential. Academic reputation, course ranking and student satisfaction are the overall greatest determinant for teaching quality 21
  • 22. Private and confidential. The use of technology at an institution ranks high (72%) of respondents believing it’s an important determinate of teaching quality 22
  • 23. Private and confidential. Using conjoint analysis, the most influential factors of teaching quality are annual tuition fees, course rankings and university rankings … Student satisfaction doesn’t drive decision-making 23
  • 24. Private and confidential. ‘Instead of just redirecting students to the 'FAQ' page, please take a bit of time to actually respond along with posting a link to the appropriate place or answer.’ Prospective Masters’ student, Pakistan ‘A stronger bond between the university and a student is achieved through social media.’ Prospective student, Pakistan ‘An important factor in the evaluation and selection process is once we get admitted into the university how flexible and responsive is university in dealing with problems of international students.’ Prospective undergraduate student, India 24 What students say
  • 25. Private and confidential. ‘Give information that is relevant, so that students will feel safe and encouraged to attend the institution. All the necessary information should be stated for the student’s convenience.’ Prospective undergraduate student, Papua New Guinea “The most important factor is universities’ attitude towards international students.” Prospective student, India 25 What students say
  • 26. Private and confidential. Bringing it all together
  • 27. Private and confidential.27 The report is available to download here: marketing-and-recruitment
  • 28. Private and confidential.28 Use the #hashtag