Digital Marketing for Direct Marketers: Discover, Explore and Engage 5 Free Tools to Maximize your Efforts
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Digital Marketing for Direct Marketers: Discover, Explore and Engage 5 Free Tools to Maximize your Efforts






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Digital Marketing for Direct Marketers: Discover, Explore and Engage 5 Free Tools to Maximize your Efforts Digital Marketing for Direct Marketers: Discover, Explore and Engage 5 Free Tools to Maximize your Efforts Presentation Transcript

  • Laisie Tu, hjc #bridgeconf
  • E-Mail Marketing Social Lead Gen MediaPay-Per- Digital Organic Click Marketing Content Conversion Marketing Optimization Analytics
  •  Digital Marketing Landscape 5 free tools ◦ How are each of them used? ◦ When do you use them? ◦ How are they connected? Additional tools/resources Q&A
  •  Analytics - Learn how to effectively track marketing efforts by their source Social media - Manage social media and monitor brand Ad/Campaign planning - Gather free consumer insight to create innovative, effective, cutting-edge campaigns Competitive intelligence – tools to optimize your online assets and be mindful of what else is out there
  • 1. Google Analytics2. HootSuite3. Google Keyword Tool4. Google Insights5.
  • I know 50% ofmy advertisingworks and 50%does not, but Idont knowwhich 50% it is.
  • Tool #1
  •  It is a web analytics tool to understand behaviour on your website Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage Tool for business and market research
  •  Who is coming to your website? What content do they like? Is our site effective? How do people respond to our radio programs? AdWords campaign? Facebook campaign? What is the ROI of our online programs?
  • 1. Outline your goals / objectives ◦ Why does your website exist? ◦ What do you want people to do?2. Align goals with relevant metrics Examples: ◦ Branding/Awareness => Traffic, Pages/Visit, Time on Site ◦ Sign up => Goal tracking ◦ Watching a video, PDF download => Event tracking ◦ Sale, Order, Donation => Goal tracking, E- commerce
  • • Create unique tracking URLs to send data back to Google Analytics• Required fields: • Campaign (i.e. Walk2012) • Source (i.e. homepage, Google, Facebook) • Medium (i.e. cpc, radio, display)
  • 16
  • 18
  •  Google Analytics Website: Blog: Conversion University: html?&rd=1 Link builder: in/
  • Tool #2
  •  The leading social media dashboard to manage and measure your social networks
  •  Manage multiple social profiles – more for Twitter Schedule messages and tweets Track brand mentions Analyze social media traffic, click stats Keyword Monitoring More functionality ◦ Built-in URL shortener ( ◦ Reply all ◦ Auto-complete user names
  •  "HootSuite is an essential tool for managing social networks by allowing teams to efficiently track conversations and measure campaign results." - Pete Cashmore, CEO, Mashable
  •  Shared dashboard view using customized columns ◦ Monitor brand, staff mentions ◦ Monitor key hashtags for events/conferences ◦ Monitor client comms/campaigns
  • Tool #3
  •  Tool used to find keyword ideas based on actual Google search enquiries Using a phrase, keyword, or website URL
  •  Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ◦ To gather keyword ideas for Search advertising campaigns (i.e. Google AdWords) or to optimize your website for higher rankings ◦ Identify similar keywords or more common phrases ◦ Compare search terms ◦ Estimate traffic of search campaigns ◦ Identify irrelevant terms for negative keyword use
  • Tool #4
  •  Tool used to compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties
  •  Campaign planning ◦ Determine appropriate campaign run dates (launch and end dates) ◦ Determine who to target (regions) ◦ Determine appropriate ad spend (budget) ◦ Similar search terms (keyword) ◦ Is this a hot topic in the media? (news)
  • Tool #5
  •  One of the leading internet statistics engines Provides free, global web metrics and rankings of many websites
  •  When you want to find out the most successful sites on the web by keyword, category, or country. For competitive analysis, benchmarking, market research, or business development.
  • YOUR BRAND 25-34  80% female, 20% men Rents condo or  30% between 23-34 years of age apartment  Top interests: Fashion design & collections, Living with someone music, art, memorabilia, graphic design, Fashion designer crafts, interior design  Pinterest users have above avg incomes (41% make $50-100K)  According to Alexa, audience skewed towards not having children35-44  16% between 35-44 years City lovers  25% with bachelors or higher Environmental  8% of users make over $100K advocates  HHI >100K+: 28.1% of users Educated, affluent  85% went to some college, have a bachelors Social or graduate degree
  • 1. Google Analytics – track effectiveness of website, landing pages, marketing sources2. HootSuite – manage multiple social network profiles and monitor online conversations3. Google Keyword Tool – to gather keyword ideas for SEM/SEO purposes4. Google Insights for Search – to assist with campaign and ad planning5. Alexa – for business/competitive intelligence and for ad planning
  •  Tweetdeck CoTweet (high level info for competitors) 51
  •  (Free) SpyFu (Free & Paid) Keyword Spy (Free & Paid) 52
  •  (Free and Paid) (Free) 53
  •  YouTube for Nonprofits Program Google Grants Nonprofits on Facebook Flickr for Good
  • Don’t forget to visit the Solutions Showcase!Many of the ideas discussed today areon display at the Solutions Showcase! #bridgeconf