Shaping Sales Enablement with Highland Solutions, IBM and Channelvation


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Shaping Sales Enablement with Highland Solutions, IBM and Channelvation

  1. 1. Mission: Sales Enablement Achieving Maximum Sales Effectiveness
  2. 2. Contact Scott Taback VP, Business Development at Highland Solutions Email: Web: Twitter: @TShapeScott
  3. 3. Less than 40% of a Sales Professional’s time is actually spent building relationships.
  4. 4.  Tracking down subject matter experts  Developing presentations  Prospecting quality leads  Inefficient sales tools  Administrative tasks And the remaining 60%
  5. 5. Slide 4 SNB2 Use CSO Insights. Use Inside View Studies. -no chart -use a "frantic' image -add notes regarding the stats State the problem(s) Stephanie, 2/28/2013
  6. 6. Poll Which of the following are the biggest barriers for achieving sales effectiveness:  Time spent on administrative tasks  Locating SME’s and sales collateral  Lack of sales process  Prospecting quality leads  Inefficient sales tools
  7. 7. 1.0 Time + Effort Prepare Prospect CloseProgress 2.0 Sales 2.0
  8. 8. Sales 2.0 is about Acceleration • Prioritize—focus on the most promising prospects • Plan—contact the right prospects at the right time • Automate—free sales folks from hunting down info …to accelerate sales velocity and volume.
  9. 9. InsideView Gain CRM intelligence with InsideView.
  10. 10. Sales 2.0 is about Collaboration
  11. 11. Video produced by Omron Europe - Connections is a product of IBM Eric, Field Sales Engineer,  is searching for a subject  matter expert to assist  a client.
  12. 12. Time • Client waiting for critical information • Looming deadlines Communications • Locating subject matter experts • Knowledge transfer Document Management • Eliminate confusing email threads • Version control Challenges
  13. 13. Our Best Practices Provide a platform for open communication. • Improve organizational communication • Generate more ideas Encourage community development. • Facilitate knowledge transfer • Formulate stronger strategies Promote best practices and instructional wikis. • Employ a community supported peer-review process • Improve the onboarding experience
  14. 14. Connections IBM Connections is the quintessential collaboration space.
  15. 15. SemanticCRM TM Harness collective intelligence—both internal and external information—like subject matter experts, client news, prospect data, etc. Information is pushed to the user based on pre- defined triggers, such as the creation of an opportunity, an update to a lead’s status, etc. The result: information finds you.
  16. 16. Impact How many more customer conversations? How many new leads can be uncovered? How much more revenue can be driven?
  17. 17. Prepared for: Channelvation, Inc. CRM, Digital Channels  and the New Rules of  Sales Enablement October 3, 2013
  18. 18. Agenda: Sharing Ideas and Experiences 52  Channel  fundamentals  CRM and Digital  Channels  Evolution  New Rules of  Sales  Enablement
  19. 19. Any entity that facilitates an exchange of value between suppliers and customers 53© 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. What is a channel?
  20. 20. CRM facts and perspectives are from research and engagements © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 54 Available from NAW Institute for Distribution Excellence here.
  21. 21. Top 10 Benefits of CRM 1 Manage customer contact information. 2 Manage sales pipeline or territory results. 3 Provide access to customer data for salespeople. 4 Provide data for coaching by sales managers. 5 Improve handling of leads and prospects. 6 Automate reports for salespeople and management. 7 Provide data for management decisions. 8 Execute marketing programs through salespeople. 9 Optimize product mix sold to customers. 10 Improve accuracy of sales forecasts. The “Top Ten” benefits and uses of CRM © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 55 Data represent findings from online survey of executives.
  22. 22. “CRM is an essential tool and standard practice for any sales  organization. Distributors that don’t use CRM will fall behind” © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 56 Data represent findings from online survey of distributor executives.
  23. 23.  Improving sales  productivity is a  top concern for  75% of executives 57© 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. “CRM is a tool, not a solution in itself. CRM will not make a poor  sales person effective, or a poor sales manager a good manager” Data represent findings from online survey of distributor executives.
  24. 24. “Stick to it … the end result is worth it” © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 58 Three Phases of CRM Implementation Recognize  Resistance and  Push Forward Overcome  Barriers and  Create Success Improve  Performance and  Expand Use
  25. 25. “CRM is a behavior shift … Our sales people moved from managing  accounts to managing opportunities” © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 59
  26. 26. Examples: Transforming sales people from “order takers” to  “customer‐focused opportunity managers” © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 60
  27. 27. CRM is part of a larger wave of change enabled by digital tools © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 61  Restructuring  Vertical  consolidation  Horizontal  consolidation  Big box / mass  merchants /  national players 1st Wave of Change:  Analog Channels  Proliferation  E‐commerce /  web sales  Virtual  channels  Specialty  channels  For‐fee services 2nd Wave of Change:  Hybrid Channels  Innovation 3rd Wave of Change:  Digital Channels 1970s 1990s 2010s Automation Tools Internet Social Media Personal  Computers Cloud Services
  28. 28. Technology is expanding the rules for channel strategy © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 62  Traditional – Coverage – Compensation – Controls  Emerging – Connections – Community – Collaboration
  29. 29. New Rule: Coverage + Connections © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 63
  30. 30. New Rule: Compensation  Communities © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 64 Compensation Community  • Information • Networking • Values & Behaviors
  31. 31. New Rule: Collaboration > Controls © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 65  Customer controls – Service level agreements – Certifications  Channel controls – Authorizations – Marketing programs Controls  Goals – Productivity – Customer experience  Sales person competencies – Networking – Relationship building – Business savvy Collaboration
  32. 32. Example: Mobile App for Convenience Buy* © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 66 Order  Administration Marketing Logistics Facility Manager Tablet / Smart Phone Field Sales  and / or SAM * Screen shots on this page are publically available images. Additional content  on this page is a hypothesis based on independent analysis. 
  33. 33. Example: Community‐building for Business Development* © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 67* Screen shots on this page are publically available images. Additional content  on this page is a hypothesis based on independent analysis.  Product  Development Content Management Community  Management Account  Manager Professional,  User, Etc. Buyer or  Decision‐ Maker PC, Tablet or  Smart Phone Marketing
  34. 34. Wrap Up © 2013 Channelvation, Inc. All rights reserved. 68
  35. 35. Biography Mark Dancer is the Founder and President of Channelvation, Inc. He is a leading authority on  channel strategy, innovation, and execution, and an advisor to market leaders and digital  channel startups. Mark helps clients generate ideas and actions that drive growth and profits in  complex and changing markets. His experience includes more than 25 years in creating game  changing go‐to‐market solutions across a wide range of industries including life sciences,  medical devices, high technology, communications, industrial, construction, automotive, and  capital equipment, in North American and global markets. Mark directs Channelvation’s thought leadership and research activities, partnering with  leading organizations that focus on digital trends and industry stewardship. In 2014, research   partners include the Society for New Communications Research and the National Association of  Wholesaler‐Distributors Institute for Distribution Excellence. Mark has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, with a  concentration in Marketing and Finance.  He received his Bachelor of Science, Mechanical  Engineering degree from the United States Naval Academy.  Contact information: 847.840.1781 (M)  69