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Belgian Flex Usergroup presentation by Yennick Trevels from the GradleFX team.

Belgian Flex Usergroup presentation by Yennick Trevels from the GradleFX team.



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GradleFX GradleFX Presentation Transcript

  • GradleFxFlex Build ToolBy Yennick Trevels & Steven Dick
  • Yennick TrevelsiDA MediaFoundryJava & Flex @SlevinBE Free Time Programming Reading Gaming
  • GradleAn introduction
  • FeaturesConvention over ConfigurationGradleMulti-project supportDependency ManagementGroovy scriptingSource file change detection
  • GradleExamplesubprojects { apply plugin: gradlefx version = 1.0-SNAPSHOT repositories { mavenCentral() mavenRepo name: yoolab-releases, url: "" mavenRepo name: yoolab-snapshots, url: "" } dependencies { external group: org.springextensions.actionscript, name: spring-actionscript-core, version: 1.2-SNAPSHOT, ext: swc external group: org.as3commons, name: as3commons-collections, version: 1.1, ext: swc external group: org.as3commons, name: as3commons-lang, version: ‘0.3.2, ext: swc external group: org.graniteds, name: granite-swc, version: 2.2.0.SP1, ext: swc external group: org.graniteds, name: granite-essentials-swc, version: ‘2.2.0.SP1, ext: swc }}
  • GradleProjectsOne or more projects per buildOne or more tasks per projectOne build.gradle file per project
  • GradleSubprojectsProject structureSettings file (settings.gradle) include client, domain, util, assets‘Configuration Injectionsubprojects { apply plugin: gradlefx version = 1.0-SNAPSHOT repositories { mavenCentral() }}
  • GradleTasksBlock of code that defines part of a buildCreate a new tasktask(showText, dependsOn: ‘projectB:compile’) << , println “I’m executing after the compile task"}Configure an existing Tasktask(copy, type: Copy) { from(file(srcDir)) into(buildDir)}
  • GradleTasksAdding behaviourcompile.doLast { println “Compilation complete"}Executing a task>gradle showText
  • GradleMethodsStructure build logictask(showText) << { printList(*‘john’, ‘Alfred’, ‘Elise’+)}def printList(names) { names.each() { name -> println name }}
  • GradleClassesDefined in build script rootProjectDir/buildSrc/src/main/ standalone project
  • GradleCustom task classclass CopyResources extends DefaultTask { public CopyResources() { description = copies the resources to the build directory } @TaskAction def copyResources() { project.resourceDirs.each { resourceDir -> def fromLocation = project.file(resourceDir).path def toLocation = project.buildDir.path + fromLocation + to + toLocation) project.copy { from fromLocation into toLocation } } }}
  • GradleConvention propertiesProperties exposed by pluginsSimple or complex propertiesHave a default value (convention)Can be overriddenExample:srcDirs = [src/main/flex]  convention = [‘src/main/actionscript’]htmlWrapper.title = ‘My html wrapper page title‘  default = project name
  • GradleRepositoriesrepositories { mavenCentral() mavenLocal() mavenRepo name: yoolab-releases, url: "" mavenRepo name: yoolab-snapshots, url: ""}
  • GradleDependenciesLibraries/other projects used by a projectLibrary Dependencydependencies { merged group: org.graniteds, name: granite-swc, version: graniteds_version, ext: swc‘}Project Dependencymerged project(:projectname)
  • GradleConfigurationsBundles a set of dependenciesVaries between pluginsmerged group: org.graniteds, name: granite-swc, version: graniteds_version, ext: swc‘ ‘merged’ configuration
  • GradleThree-phase buildInitialization ProjectInstance {Determines projects for build name;Project instance creation }Configuration phase ProjectInstance {Runs build script of every project name = “my project” ;Configures project objects }Execution phaseExecute the tasks
  • GradleThree-phase buildAfterEvaluateRuns after project is configuredproject.afterEvaluate { project.description = + “ is my sample project”}
  • GradleAnt supportAnt project importSupport for Ivy repositoriesRun Ant tasks with project.flexHome + /lib/mxmlc.jar, dir: project.flexHome + /frameworks, fork: true, resultproperty: ‘antResultProperty’, outputproperty: ‘antOutputProperty’) , arg(value: ‘-keep-as3-metadata+=Autowired,RemoteClass’)}println*‘antOutputProperty’+
  • GradleMaven supportSupport for Maven repositoriesMaven plugin for Java based projects
  • GradleGradle wrapperRun Gradle without installing Gradlebatch/shell scriptHow?task wrapper(type: Wrapper) { gradleVersion = ‘1.0’}simple/ gradlew gradlew.bat gradle/wrapper/ gradle-wrapper.jar
  • GradleFxFlex builds just got easier!
  • FeaturesSWC, SWF & AIRGradleFxClean & copy resources tasksHtml wrapper generationFlexUnit support
  • GradleFxTaskscleancompilepackagecopyResourcespublishcreateHtmlWrappertest
  • GradleFxSetupFlex SDKCreate FLEX_HOME environment variable  conventionORSet flexHome convention property  custom configurationApply Pluginbuildscript { repositories { mavenCentral() } dependencies { classpath group: org.gradlefx, name: gradlefx, version: 0.4.1 }}apply plugin: gradlefx
  • GradleFxProject typeDefines to which type of archive the sources will be compiled toConvention property  typePossible values  ‘swc’, ‘swf’ or ‘air’Exampletype = ‘swc’
  • GradleFxBasic conventionssources  src/main/actionscript (srcDirs property)resources  src/main/resources (resourceDirs property)test sources  src/test/actionscript (testDirs property)test resources  src/test/resources (testResourceDirs property)mxml main class  Main.mxml in src/main/actionscript/ (mainClass property)build directory  build (project.buildDir property)
  • GradleFxSome advanced propertiesCompiler optionsadditionalCompilerOptions propertyOne item per compiler option additionalCompilerOptions = [ -use-network=true, -locale=en_US, -keep-as3-metadata+=Autowired,RemoteClass‘ ]JVM optionsjvmArguments property jvmArguments = [-Xmx1024m,-Xms512m]
  • GradleFxDependency managementConfigurationsMerged (-compiler.library-path)Internal (-compiler.include-libraries)External (-compiler.external-library-path)Rsl (-runtime-shared-library-path)TestExampleexternal group: org.as3commons, name: as3commons-eventbus, version: 1.1, ext: swcmerged group: org.graniteds, name: granite-swc, version: 2.2.0.SP1, ext: swc
  • GradleFxAIR project required stepsCreate AIR descriptor fileConvention "/src/main/actionscript/$,“Custom value air.applicationDescriptor: "/src/main/flex/airdescriptor.xml“CertificateNeeded to sign the AIR packagePKCS12 formatPassword requiredConvention "$,“Custom value air.keystore: "certificate.p12“ air.storepass = "mypassword"
  • GradleFxFlexUnit required stepsSpecify FlexUnit homeConvention FLEXUNIT_HOME environment variableCustom value flexUnit.home = c:/flexunit/4.1Specify Flash Player executableConvention FLASH_PLAYER_EXE environment variableCustom value flexunit.command = ‘c:/flashplayer/flashplayer_10.exe’Specify FlexUnit ant task jar nameLocated in FlexUnit home directoryCustom value flexUnit.antTasksJar = flexUnitTasks-4.1.0-8.jar
  • GradleFxFlexUnit required stepsSpecify FlexUnit dependenciesdependencies { test files( "${flexUnit.home}/flexunit-4.1.0-8-flex_4.1.0.16076.swc", "${flexUnit.home}/flexunit-uilistener-4.1.0-8-", "${flexUnit.home}/flexunit-cilistener-4.1.0-8-“)}Specify testRunner classtestClass = MyTestRunner.mxml
  • GradleFxDEMO
  • GradleFxWhat’s to come?IDEA and Eclipse project generation supportAS3Doc generationFlex SDK maven artifact support?
  • GradleFxWhere to go nextGradleFx site: & Support: tracker: