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How To Express Your Creative Self With Windows Presentation Foundation And Silverlight
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How To Express Your Creative Self With Windows Presentation Foundation And Silverlight


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Design To Blend Dale G. Jones Director of Creative Design IdentityMine, Inc.
    • 2. Session Prerequisites
      • Microsoft Expression Design
      • Microsoft Expression Blend
      • Adobe Fireworks
      • FW to XAML Exporter
    • 3. Session Objectives and Agenda
      • Reduce fear about designing for WPF.
      • Show real world workflow from concept to XAML.
      • Provide a brief overview of the tools I use.
      • Get Creative Designers excited about WPF & Silverlight.
    • 4. Who Am I?
      • Dale Jones Director of Creative Design IdentityMine, Inc.
      • I lead a team of Creative Designers that build exciting solutions on new Microsoft UX Platforms (WPF & Silverlight).
      • Designing for the web (8 years)
      • Designing for WPF (2.5 years)
    • 5. Where I Work
    • 6. Why Do We Need Designers?
      • Users are expecting better application experiences.
      • Developers are excellent at making it work, but tend to overlook the visual details of an application.
      • The best applications are developed when there is collaboration between Designers & Developers.
    • 7. What’s In It For You?
      • With WPF, it is possible to maintain design integrity throughout the application development process.
      • Your applications can be taken further than in past technologies.
      • Developers are now a Designer’s best friend!
    • 8. Lets Talk Process
    • 9. New Process Ideas
    • 10. It Starts With The Team Designer graphics, media, color, UX, UI Developer data, logic, code
    • 11. But Wait A Second… Designer graphics, media, color, UX, UI Developer data, logic, code ? layout, animation, events, markup, integration
    • 12. The Team With An Integrator Designer graphics, media, color, UX, UI Developer data, logic, code Integrator layout, animation, events, integration
    • 13. The Team & Tools
    • 14. What Ties Us Together?
      • <XAML>
    • 15. XAM L XAM L XAM L
    • 16. These Roles Are Rigid 
      • I am a designer and love to play with markup, where do I fit in?
      • Our company is small, we can’t staff this way. What do we do?
    • 17. Roles Reflect Project Responsibilities
      • The tasks to build a successful application don’t change based on the people performing the tasks.
      • One person may have to share role responsibilities to accomplish all project tasks.
      • Defining tasks and roles before project starts gives a better chance of project success.
    • 18. I Am A Designer For the purpose of this presentation I am going to be the designer, and show you how Designers work with Integrators and Developers at IdentityMine.
    • 19. I Am Assuming…
      • That you have a basic understanding of:
        • - Windows Presentation Foundation
        • - Expression Design
        • - Expression Blend
        • - Adobe Fireworks CS3
        • - Basic XAML
        • Understanding these tools/technologies are my keys for “Designing To Blend”.
    • 20. What This Session Is Not
      • A complete discussion about the WPF Platform
      • Extensive XAML Overview
        • Custom controls
        • Resource Dictionaries
        • Styles
        • Templates
    • 21. Expression Design
      • Prototyping and Composition Design.
      • A few nice features that other design programs don’t have.
      • Very nice XAML exporter.
      • Lets go take a look.
    • 22.  
    • 23. Expression Design Examples
      • Roxio Central Vista Technology Preview
      • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step
      • LSTV
    • 24.  
    • 25.  
    • 26.  
    • 27.  
    • 28. Expression Design Walkthrough
      • Creating a new file
      • Finding Palettes
      • Setting up preferences
      • Working with the tools
      • Open file and export some XAML
    • 29. Adobe Design Tools
      • Adobe Photoshop – Great design tool, however no way to export XAML.
      • Adobe Illustrator – Has a XAML exporter, but I don’t use Illustrator for application design.
      • Adobe Fireworks CS3 – We have a winner!
    • 30. Adobe Fireworks CS3
      • Fireworks has its roots in web and RIA design.
      • It is an outstanding tool to develop vector based graphics.
      • Fireworks integrates bitmap graphics very well into its design surface.
      • Easy transition for existing Photoshop users.
    • 31.  
    • 32. Building Design Comps in Fireworks
      • Fireworks is an outstanding tool to design application UI for client approval.
      • It allows for designer to separate UI design into “Pages”.
      • Pages contain their own layers set.
      • This allows designers to design exact “states” of the applications and export for client approval.
      • Once that approval has been given, Fireworks exports XAML assets.
      • This is a great time saver over other tools/platforms.
    • 33. Adobe Fireworks CS3 Examples
      • Aspiring Architects
      • CSS
    • 34.  
    • 35.  
    • 36.  
    • 37.  
    • 38.
      • These examples are ok, but how do I get XAML out of this?
      • ?
    • 39. Fireworks to XAML Panel
      • Extension for Fireworks built by Infragistics
      • Download it here:
      • Lets see it in action
    • 40. Export Something
    • 41. Export Settings – Output Tab
      • Output Tab Settings
        • Export Images – I don’t export images from Fireworks here.
        • Fill Textures (using images) – I tend to stay away from this.
        • Pattern Fills (using images) – I try to stay away from this.
        • Bitmap Effects – not a good idea, hurts app performance
        • Text Options – Exporting Text works pretty well. Exporting text on a path should be converted to Paths.
    • 42. Export Settings – XAML Options
      • XAML Options Tab Settings
        • Grid or Canvas – depends on how you need your XAML. Silverlight XAML needs Canvas export.
        • Convert Rectangles to Borders – most of the time this is checked.
        • Element Names – Good idea to name layered groups.
        • Export Fills As Resources – Unchecked - Usually I set up my resource dictionaries before I export from Fireworks.
    • 43. Expression Blend
      • Draw and assemble design assets.
      • Build up layout structure.
      • Bind to data.
      • A whole lot more.
      • Lets go take a look.
    • 44.  
    • 45. Expression Blend
      • Creating a new project
      • Finding Palettes
      • Introduction to layout tools
      • Working with the built in controls
      • Bring in Exported XAML
    • 46. Getting XAML into Blend
      • The purpose of compositing design elements in Fireworks/Design is the ability to export XAML pieces.
      • Know what to export and what to rebuild in Blend.
    • 47. XAML Composition in Blend
      • Layout First – look at your design comps and decide which panels to use to hold your design elements together.
      • Grid, Canvas, StackPanel, etc.
      • Once you understand basic layout, start inserting some exported XAML.
    • 48. Can I Just Use Blend?
      • Blend is extremely powerful and capable of doing most design tasks.
      • My creative process utilizes a Design program first, this allows me to collaborate with clients without thinking too much about the implementation of XAML
      • I have found it easier to work in the design tool I am familiar with and then composite XAML in Blend.
      • Work with what feels right to you, but still gets the job done.
    • 49. What Now?
      • As a Designer, you should be pretty excited about the possibilities of WPF.
      • As a Developer, you should be excited that you don’t have to mess with so many design tasks.
      • The next step is to find an equally excited people and start building some beautiful applications!
    • 50. Looking For More Info?
      • Visit the TechEd Sessions of my co-workers.
        • Josh Wagoner
          • WPF : Beyond Styles & Templates Next Session in Room 112
          • Lessons Learned : Designer/Developer Workflow in WPF and Silverlight Thursday at 9am in this room (Tent 1)
        • Robby Ingebretson
          • ZAP! WHAM! KAPOW! : The Next Generation of Online Comic Book Reading in WPF Thursday at 1:30pm in this room (Tent 1)
    • 51. Got Questions?
      • Hopefully I have answers…
    • 52. Thanks For Coming
      • Email: [email_address]
      • My Site:
      • Work Site:
    • 53. Resources
      • Microsoft Expression Design
      • Microsoft Expression Blend
      • Adobe Fireworks CS3
      • Fireworks to XAML Exporter
      Required slide: Please customize this slide with the resources relevant to your session
    • 54. Resources - Continued
      • Technical Communities, Webcasts, Blogs, Chats & User Groups
      • Microsoft Learning and Certification
      • Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) & TechNet
      • Trial Software and Virtual Labs
      • New, as a pilot for 2007, the Breakout sessions will be available post event, in the TechEd Video Library, via the My Event page of the website
      Required slide: Please customize this slide with the resources relevant to your session MSDN Library Knowledge Base Forums MSDN Magazine User Groups Newsgroups E-learning Product Evaluations Videos Webcasts V-labs Blogs MVPs Certification Chats learn support connect subscribe Visit MSDN in the ATE Pavilion and get a FREE 180-day trial of MS Visual Studio Team System!
    • 55. Complete your evaluation on the My Event pages of the website at the CommNet or the Feedback Terminals to win!
    • 56. © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.