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  • The exterior of Integrity products are made with Ultrex, which is a composite made up of glass fibers and polyester resin, resulting in a material so hard, diamond edged blades are necessary to cut it to size. Because Ultrex is formed by combining two materials that have different properties, they work together as a composite to provide unique properties that are typically superior to individual materials in isolation Thin, strong cables of glass, which are saturated with a specially compounded resin, create a remarkably durable material that vastly outperforms and outlasts vinyl or roll-form aluminum
  • Materials, such as glass, carbon, etc. have high tensile and compressive strength, or can endure high stress when subjected to a stretching load or a load that pushes it together, but in solid form, they have many surface flaws that can cause the material to crack and fail By producing the material in a fiber form, the flaws are reduced to a smaller number at any one point. These fibers are extremely strong but still susceptible to damage Composite materials have an advantage over materials in isolation because they consist of a second material in their make up with distinct properties that overcome surface flaws Ultrex is fiberglass. Glass fibers and polyester resin complement each other to provide a composite with unique and superior performance Ultrex uses continuous fibers as a reinforcement material because there are fewer breaks in the reinforcement, thus creating higher performance properties Continuous materials are used in most high performance products, such as: Aerospace structures Sporting Goods Composite material properties are strongest in the direction of the fiber. This explains why composite materials with continuous fibers have the strongest performance characteristics
  • Composite materials are appealing… Because you can design composite materials to produce specific attributes, performance can be predicted and controlled to meet requirements of specific applications For example, in Aeronautics, composite parts are designed to withstand specific amounts of pressure while maintaining light weight requirement Composite materials provide, pound for pound, superior performance characteristics over most other materials In addition to performance predictability, composites resist fatigue, meaning the superior performance characteristics occur over a much longer time compared to other materials
  • Fiberglass has extremely high strength to weight ratios. The glass fibers (Continuous Fibers) provide high tensile strength The resin matrix provides high compressive/impact strength These strength to weight ratios are the primary reason fiberglass components are used in airplanes. Fiberglass used in expansive bridge spans because fiberglass is stronger than steel and is significantly lighter allowing for more design flexibility. Fiberglass has a low coefficient of thermal expansion which means the material has negligible contraction/expansion in temperature extremes. Why it is used in freezers, windows and doors, hot tubs, etc.
  • The pultrusion process is as follows: First a fiber reinforcement is pulled (rather than pushed) through a resin bath – Thus the term pultrusion. The fiber material is thoroughly coated or impregnated with a liquid thermosetting resin. The resin-coated fiber reinforcement is then pulled through a heated die to cure the resin. Inside the die, the heat is set at a precise temperature to activate the curing of the resin which changes it from a liquid to a solid. This heated die is where the dimensions and shape of the final part are defined. A solid composite emerges from the die and is continuously pulled through the pultrusion machine At this point the composite solidifies as it cools in the exact shape of the die. The final step is to cut the pultruded piece to the desire length. While this process seems simple, it is a very specific process. Numerous process variables like pull speed, die temperature, quality of the fiber and resin as well as fiber volume can all effect the quality of the final pultruded product. Thus, understanding the effect each process variable has on the final material properties must be completely understood Experience in pultrusion is essential to ensure high quality, high performing material, such as Ultrex
  • Thermoset – As mentioned in describing the process, heat is used to initiate the curing of pultruded fiberglass. Heat causes a chemical reaction which defines the shape and dimension of the part permanently. The cooling process that cures the resin and reinforcement material produces a part that cannot be reformed. The process is irreversible. All fiberglass products are thermoset. Thermoplastic In a thermoplastic process, heat is used to soften or melt a material during the forming process. The shape is retained after the part is cooled below the softening point. The shape is not permanent since heating will soften the material and allow it to reshape. The process is reversible. Very easy for material to change shape. Vinyl is a thermoplastic material
  • Ultrex’s primary properties provide strong performance benefits over other materials: Strength Provides incredible tensile and compressive strength while being relatively very light High-impact strength Dimensional Stability Extremely stiff, less material movement while still being a lightweight material
  • The car diagram shows that one square inch of Ultrex could hold the weight of twenty cars – totaling 60,000 lbs! High tensile/longitudinal strength makes Ultrex the perfect choice for long spans like window and door stiles, rails and frames Ultrex is significantly stronger than vinyl. In fact in some characteristics it is actually stronger than steel pound for pound Pultruded Fiberglass = 60,000 PSI tensile strength Steel = 33,000 PSI tensile strength PVC = 6,500 PSI tensile strength The impact strength of Ultrex also prevents denting and other potential damaging effects of shipping, installation or even the weather The strength of Ultrex also helps keep windows/doors square and true: Pultruded fiberglass is very stiff so it won’t twist or warp Ultrex = 3,000,000,000 PSI flexural PVC = 350,000 PSI flexural *Flexural = force needed to create movement in material Provides a window/door that is easier to install, is much more durable and will last for years to come
  • Ultrex has an extremely low thermal expansion rate Because of the high concentration of glass in Ultrex, it actually has same expansion rate as plate glass. Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE) Ultrex = 4.5 x 10-6 in/in/degrees F PVC = 33 x 10-6 in/in/degrees F Aluminum = 13 x 10-6 in/in/degrees F Means it won’t expand and contract in temperature extremes creating less opportunity for stress cracks, seal failures, etc. Ultrex also won’t distort in extreme temperatures Vinyl as a thermoplastic material will change shape and color in extreme heat or in climates with large temperature extremes Pultruded fiberglass has high heat deflection and provides resistance to distortion at temperatures up to 350 degrees F In fact the change in a 6’ stile from -30 degrees F to 70 degrees F is less than 1/32”. Compared to a a 6’ piece of vinyl in same temperature extremes will change 5 ½ times that of Ultrex Provides a more durable, longer lasting higher performing and great looking product for years
  • Ultrex can withstand weather, shipping, installation and years of use. Other performance characteristics of Ultrex that provide durability and low maintenance include: Vinyl tends to show its age. Spots, streaks and cracks can appear after exposure to the sun and the elements. Pultruded fiberglass holds up the elements much better and retains its color and resists cracking and spotting. Pultruded fiberglass is corrosion resistant. Can withstand the harshest elements and environments. Chemicals do not typically affect pultruded fiberglass performance. In fact, you can paint pultruded fiberglass without affecting its superior performance characteristics. Moisture resistant – won’t warp or rot
  • The finish/coating on Ultrex results in a more durable and low maintenance window and door Usually an inline process Finish provides resistance to scratching and marring Provides higher protection against the elements, particularly UV rays Resists fading, discoloring, chalking, etc. Pultruded fiberglass and a finish/coating allows windows and doors to claim voluntary compliance with AAMA specification for fiberglass, giving architects and specifiers confidence in the product Integrity is proud to meet AAMA 614-02 criteria on all of its products
  • Pultruded fiberglass is far less conductive than aluminum and similar to wood and PVC. If fact, it is 500x less conductive than aluminum. Ultrex = 2.08 BTU/hr/ft 2 /F/in PVC = 2.0 BTU/hr/ft 2 /F/in Aluminum = 800 to 1600 BTU/hr/ft 2 /F/in This means that Pultruded fiberglass provides an excellent thermal barrier against extreme weather temperatures. When you combine the thermal characteristics of pultruded fiberglass with Low E glass and argon gas, you get an extremely energy efficient window and door. Most products with pultruded fiberglass and Low E with argon gas will receive some of the highest ratings by the NFRC. Most products with this material and glass combination will exceed Energy Star requirements. Use of pultruded fiberglass and Low E glass with argon gas can reduce a homeowner energy costs between 30 and 40%.
  • Ultrex is made primarily from silica sand which has the following environmental benefits: An essentially unlimited natural resource Sand is an inert material that does not contribute to environmental degradation Because fiberglass is made from silica sand it requires significantly less energy to produce into a finished product than PVC or aluminum. Pultruded manufacturing process creates very little waste material The pultrusion process allows manufacturers to employ environmental-friendly practices into their methods that limit emissions Some can apply Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) into its process which can result in a 97% destruction of volatile substances The durability and longevity of Integrity windows and doors actually reduces the consumption of windows and doors The thermal performance benefits of Ultrex significantly reduces energy consumption
  • Graph demonstrates thermal expansion

Ultrex Presentation Cd Ultrex Presentation Cd Presentation Transcript

  • The Ultrex Difference
  • Ultrex: Built to Perform
    • What is it?
      • Thin, strong cables of glass are saturated with specially compounded resins
      • A composite material
      • = fiberglass
  • Ultrex as a Composite Material
    • Composite materials are produced in fiber form, reducing surface flaws
    • Materials work together as a composite to provide unique properties that are typically superior to individual materials in isolation
    • Continuous fibers are used, which yield higher performance properties
    • Ultrex is fiberglass
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  • Why Does Integrity Use a Composite Material?
    • Designed to produce specific attributes or properties and meet specific requirements
    • Provide superior performance properties
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  • Why Fiberglass?
    • It’s benefits:
    • Strength
      • High strength to weight ratio
      • High tensile strength
      • High impact strength
    • Dimensional stability
      • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
  • Ultrex as Pultruded Fiberglass
    • What is it?
    • The manufacturing process for producing continuous lengths of reinforced fiberglass shapes with constant cross sections
  • A Typical Pultrusion Process
  • Key Pultruded Fiberglass Process Benefit
    • Produces a thermoset vs. a thermoplastic (PVC/Vinyl) material
    Ultrex Vinyl
  • Key Benefits of Ultrex
    • Strength
    • Dimensional stability
    • Durability
    • Low maintenance
    • Thermal efficiency
    • Environmentally friendly
  • Ultrex’s Strength *Performance characteristics based on data on Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass material used in Integrity from Marvin
  • Dimensionally Stable Graph illustrates expansion values in In/In/degreesFx10 -5 *Performance characteristics based on data on Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass material used in Integrity from Marvin
  • Durable & Low Maintenance for years to come Vinyl can show its age after exposure to the elements
  • The Finish – Durable & Low Maintenance for years to come AAMA 305-2000 Voluntary Specification for Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoset Profiles AAMA 613-97 Organic Coatings on Plastic Profiles AAMA 614-02 High Performance Organic Coatings on Plastic Profiles AAMA 615-02 Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Plastic Profiles
  • Thermally-Efficient *Performance characteristics based on data on Ultrex used in Integrity from Marvin Windows and Doors
  • Environmentally-Friendly
    • High mineral content
    • The pultrusion process and fiberglass ravings and mats require less energy than PVC and aluminum
    • Lower emissions
    • Reduce the consumption of natural resources
  • Why Use Ultrex?
    • Provide superior performance properties
    • Outperforms and outlasts vinyl or roll-form aluminum
    • Expands at the same rate as glass, so it resists stress fractures and seal failures
    • Won’t discolor, warp, crack, corrode, dent, chalk, rust or fade, and remains virtually maintenance-free for years to come.
  • Summary
    • Ultrex has predictable and superior performance characteristics over other materials
    • Fiberglass is a composite material that is a continuous fiber bonded with a resin
    • Pultrusion is the process of manufacturing fiberglass
      • Creates a thermoset vs. thermoplastic material
  • Summary
    • Ultrex is the perfect material for products like windows and doors:
      • Strength
      • Dimensional stability
      • Durable and low maintenance
      • Thermally-efficient
      • Environmentally- friendly