The  Temple Of  Julius  Caesar
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The Temple Of Julius Caesar






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    The  Temple Of  Julius  Caesar The Temple Of Julius Caesar Presentation Transcript

    • By: Sarah Craft
      The Temple of Julius Caesar
    • Mostly Archeological
      First hand accounts about location and story behind the temple
    • Caesar was killed on the Ides of March in 44 BC
      He died at the foot of the statue of Pompey
      The man who Caesar had unseated in order to gain control of Rome
      Marc Antony made Caesar sound like a fallen hero and the mob quickly created a pyre
      Using the furniture from surrounding temples and basilicas
      Back Story
    • Temple is constructed on the spot where Caesar was cremated
      The temple is located near the Temple of Vesta where the Vestal Virgins tended the undying sacred flame
      It is also near the Arch of Augustus
      The Temple Site
    • The temple was originally made of…
      • A 20 foot column of rare Numidian Marble with the inscription “Father of the Country”
      • It also had an altar
      • These were replaced by a more grandiose structure
      • Approved by the Second Triumvirate (Octavian, Lepidus, & Antony)
      • Only built Octavian
      The Temple
    • 3.5 meter high, 26 meter wide, 30 meter long platform to avoid periodic floods
      Second platform was: 2 ⅓ meters higher and 17 meters square
      This was the base of the temple itself
      • Temple and pillared porch covered the upper platform and would have been over 20 meters high
      • 2 middle pillars were wider spaced than the other pillars
      The Temple (cont.)
    • Inside at the back of the Cella (single room of the temple) was a huge statue of Julius Caesar with a star/comet on its head
      This could be seen from the outside between the 2 middle pillars
      • 2 stairways to the first level flanked a semi-circular niche
      • Accommodated the site of the original alter
      • Above and around the niche was Octavian’s expansion of Julius Caesar’s rostrum
      The Temple (inside)
    • Octavian had replaced the rams of Pompey’s ships (that had been on JC’s rostrum) with those captured by Octavian & Agrippa (his admiral) when they defeated Antony
      In front of the temple on a separate pedestal built on the level of the floor of the Forum was a large statue of Julius Caesar
      The Temple (inside cont.)
    • Octavian dedicated the temple to his uncle Julius Caesar
      Was an expression of the supreme power of Octavian and his expectation that his family would permanently rule Rome
      The Temple forever changed the character of the Roman Forum
      1st Roman temple dedicated to deified emperors in the forum
      Effect of the Temple
    • Blocked out the Vestals and Regia on the western end of the Forum
      Imposed a new “Julian” (Gens Julia) religious flavor
      Religion was to be revived based on the worship of dead and deified Emperors
      Temple was a place of worship much like churches and temples are today
      Effect (cont.)
    • THE END