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Carl johnstone

  1. 1. My ancestor Carl John stone
  2. 2. Lights, camera, action Carl is a stageoholic according to everyone He loves the spotlight the stage and singing and dancing He has been in plenty of live play backs of movies as the main character,real movies and he has been in advertisements for clothes and shoes and a whole lot more
  3. 3. When he was little Carl grew up in Winton until he moved to Wellington When Carl was little he was the good boy and didn't do anything wrong until his younger brother Guy came Long and got up to mischief. When Guy got into trouble he always blamed it on Carl Carl was always the goody to shoes
  4. 4. Carls years at school Carl went to Winton School when he was younger he had a lot of friends and never got told off. When Carl finished he went to Cental Southland Collage and had a great time. When Carl went to CSC he won the award for best actor in Greece
  5. 5. wa he er old s en Wh When Carl was older he moved up to Wellington in Johnsoneville. When he move he meet the love of his life Dierdre King then they moved in together and hade 3 children Maya the oldest Thane the middle and Reeve the youngest
  6. 6. on l g t il l i n nv l o e s W n oh J e Wi nto n
  7. 7. Famil Carl has ay younger brother Guy, a mum Sharon and a dad Ray His wife is Dierdre and has 3 kids Maya, Thane and Reeve His grandchildren are Crysta, Hannah and Rhia
  8. 8. Family tree Trish & Bill Sarah+ Tracey Tamiti Zacson Crysta Tahlia Hannah Kaydo n Rhia Nana & Ray Carls family tree Carl Guy+ +Dierdre Charlotte Maya Thane Reeve
  9. 9. Johns tone family tartan tone ohns J rest ily c fam
  10. 10. When Carl got married Carl got married on Carl got the 14 of July 2012 married in Carl sang to Wellington Dierdre at their wedding Carl's bride was Deirdre King now she is Dierdre Johnstone
  11. 11. This is the wedding invitation
  12. 12. Facts about Carl Carl was born He's a on the 11 of Dj in July 1977 Wellingt He loves spending time with his family Full name on and friends Loves is Carl He is Loves sports Robort nice, singing Johnstone kind at Sings at and dancing weddings aweso
  13. 13. the in ed nd ge e att olle arl dc C lan a s Ze art ew ing N orm erf fp o He loves challenges When Wellingt on was playing rugby he was the ILT mascot He loves his family an d friends
  14. 14. Work At the moment he works at BNZ in Johnsonville Carl used to work at the clothes or shoe shops he advertised for
  15. 15. Things he's been in Carl loves his movies and advertisements . He has been in real movies, live playback movies, playback movies, advertisements for clothes, shoes, hotel booklets, food adds, tv adds, in news papers for advertisements and even adds that you don't see in NZ!!!
  16. 16. His play back movies!!!!! He has been in Wizard of oz, avatar, King Kong, water house, all shook up, Annie, my fair lady, back to the 80's, Grease, I love you you'r perfect now change and a whole lot more...... Carl loves his play back movies. He loves kicking round the stage dancing and singing and showing everyone his talent
  17. 17. ie v o m al e R Carl was actually in the real movie Water Horse and King Kong!!!!!!
  18. 18. advertisements Carl has been in clothes,shoes, hotel booklets, web pages, adds on tv, food adds and even adds that you don't see in NZ!!!!! He has been in the Wellington Capital Times news paper for clothes advertiseme He as been in an advertisement for shoes for hush puppies, rieker, Ecco, uflex, Windsor smith, Florsheim, prophet and Julius Marlow He has been on the teleco m web page He has been in a beef jerky add Been in the open polytechnic add
  19. 19. He encouraged him self!!! Carl encouraged him self to become an actor because he loved watching movies and then he thought he will become and actors when he's older. Carl tort him self how do sing and dance. He went round the house singing all his fav songs and dancing while singing Carl got his talent by teaching him self how to do things he loves He got his talent by know one in his family
  20. 20. Carl has been on tv and advertisements for about 4 years now!!!! He loves what he does and he will keep sticking to it for the rest of his life By Crysta Johnstone
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