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Sophia the pirate


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Sophia the pirate

  1. 1. So a " i ph te ira P We are Going on a Treasure Hunt!
  2. 2. "Arrrghh, me hearties, jump aboard and prepare to sail with me", shouted Sophia the Pirate. She was off on a treasure hunt. She sailed out onto the wavy, restless, spiky sea and onwards to a far away distant island.
  3. 3. The crew worked for the captain. They scrubbed the deck, worked the rigging and sails, steered the ship, fixed the ship when it was broken and protected the ship from buccaneers and pirates. They all loved working for Sophia. She would get cranky if they didn't do their jobs well and make them walk the plank.
  4. 4. Joking Jed and Frightful Faith were experts at fishing. They threw the net into the dark, green sea to catch some slimy fish. The fish was to be cooked for dinner.
  5. 5. While Sophia was looking across the big shiny sea for the desert island, she spotted another ship sailing to the same island they were bound for. "I hate those dirty rotten weevils, I think they plan to plunder my sparkly treasure," grumbled Captain Sophia.
  6. 6. "All hands on deck, hoist the Jolly Roger, get the cannons ready and sail fast to the island. Arrrrrr! , boomed Captain Sophia. She put on her most growliest, scariest face and raced her ship to the island.
  7. 7. They got to the island. Sophia pulled the map out of her pocket and looked at the dusty writing. "C'mon me mateys, get yer shovels, we are going on a treasure hunt. Off they trotted through the coconut trees".
  8. 8. We're going on a treasure hunt! We're so excited! Uh, oh! Big Coconut trees! We can't go over them, we can't go under them, we'll have to go through them. Trip, bang, boing Trip, bang, boing OOOOWWWW!
  9. 9. We're going on a treasure hunt! We're so excited! Uh, oh! A brown bumpy sleepy crocodile! We can't go over him, we can't go under him, we'll have to go around him. Tiptoe, tiptoe, shush! Tiptoe, tiptoe, shush! Tiptoe, tiptoe, shush!
  10. 10. We're going on a treasure hunt! We're so excited! Uh, oh! A steep sandy hill! We can't go through it, we can't go under it, we'll have to go over it. Slide, slide, slip Slide, slide, slip To the top... Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Down the other side.
  11. 11. We're going on a treasure hunt! We're so excited! Uh, oh! A deep dark cold cave! We can't go over it, we cant' go under it, we'll have to go through it! Shiver, creep, snap, bang! Shiver, creep, snap, bang! Silver, creep, snap, bang! KYEEELP!!!
  12. 12. Lippy Layton and Joking Jed had stumbled onto a hard object. We're going on a treasure hunt and we're so excited. One cold long metal hole. Sharp pointy edges. Round smooth top. A shiny gold flat surface. It's a TREASURE CHEST!
  13. 13. "Well done, me hearties", grumbled Captain Sophia. Lippy Layton and Joking Jed carried the shiny treasure chest back to the rusty old ship. "This sure is one heavy treasure chest!" groaned Lippy Layton as they stumbled along with their heavy treasure chest.
  14. 14. Joking Jed yelled, "Yay, we got the treasure before those dirty weevils got to it." Captain Sophia and her crew opened the treasure chest and found rubies, diamonds and gold coins. The pirates jumped for joy and danced a jig.
  15. 15. Captain Sophia ordered her crew to hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail. "We shall sail homeward bound! The crew leapt into action and had the ship sailing home, away from the island and away from the rotten weevil pirates who tried to take the treasure.
  16. 16. We went on a treasure hunt, we came to an island, we stumbled through some coconut trees, we tiptoed passed a bumpy sleepy crocodile, we slipped up a sandy hill and slid down the other side, we crept into a dark cold cave...
  17. 17. We found our treasure, hip hip hooray! We can work less and get more play!
  18. 18. Sophia the Pirate - We are Going On Treasure Hunt Story created by Junior Village, Makarewa School 2013