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John rennie alexander


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John rennie alexander

  1. 1. John Renn ie Alexa nder
  2. 2. John Rennie Alexander John Rennie Alexander was born on the 22nd of June 1864 in Overhall, Scotland. John was the forth son of George and Christina Alexander. He was one of the ten children 7 boys and 3 girls.
  3. 3. Jhon Rennie School In Scotland School Life John started and finished his school years at Daviot School. This is where all the Alexander children attended school while being in Scotland.
  4. 4. Growing Up John meet Chrstina Robby Webster and later got married. This was held on Wednesday the first of June 1892 at 2pm at Mains of Inveramsay
  5. 5. Kids John and Christina had six kids, named George, John W, Chrissie, James, William and Alexander. Chrissie was the only girl and had five brothers. Kids Birth Dates George John Chrissie James William Alexander 28 February 1893 17 July 1894 25 May 1896 27 September 1898 30 August 1900 13 November 1902
  6. 6. Anthrax Farming Troubles Cattle on Both family farms had to be destroyed because of anthrax disease. This is what forced John to emigrate. John and Christina's son George had a fever that was caused by this disease. This is when the family decided to go to New Zealand rather than Nova Scotia as originally planned.
  7. 7. The Map Moving The Alexander family left Scotland for London by rail, once there they stayed with John's brother Adam Alexander. This is where they stayed for three weeks before sailing. The Alexander family left London on the 15 August 1912 on board Ruahine.
  8. 8. The Rauhine The Trip There where 499 passengers on the Ruahine when the Alexander family traveled to New Zealand on the ship. It was a relatively new ship being launched in 1909 it was built to carry 500 passengers.
  9. 9. The Farm Settling In The Alexander family arrived in to Wellington shortly after 5 o'clock on Sunday 29 September 1912. On arrival to Wellington the Alexander family made there way to Hawera by train to start there new life.
  10. 10. Life In New Zealand On the family farm a few cows where milked and the milk was picked up twice a week. Sadly Christina Robbie Alexander passed away on Monday 9th March 1942 aged 74 after being very ill. John Rennie Alexander sadly died on Thursday 26 January 1956 aged 91, after suffering a stroke on Christmas Day 1955.
  11. 11. Family Tree This is the five generations from John Rennie Alexander to me.
  12. 12. The End