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In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
In-Game Advertising
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In-Game Advertising


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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  • 1. In Game Advertising Roman Feygenberg & Adam Fay
  • 2. Thesis: Advertising in Video Games, although underdeveloped at the present, is the next frontier for advertising. In-game advertising has massive potential for increasing revenue on consumer products and effecting the minds of consumers.
  • 3. Advertising History
    • Ancient Greece & Rome
      • Word of mouth
        • Orators & town criers
      • Lost & found posters
    • Egypt
      • Papyrus used to create sales messages
    • 17 th Century England
      • Printed Ads in Newspapers
        • Used to promote books.
    • 19 th Century America
      • Sears Catalogue, VW ads etc.
  • 4. 7 Generations of Video Games
    • 1 st Generation (Early 70’s)
      • Pong
    • 2 nd Generation (Mid to late 70’s)
      • Atari 2600
    • 3 rd Generation (Early 80’s)
      • Super Mario Bros.
  • 5. 7 Generations of Video Games
    • 4 th Generation 1987-1995
      • 16bit PC Engine Graphics
      • Sega Genesis/SNES Rivalry
    • 5 th Generation (The 3-D Transition) 1996-1999
      • N64 (64-bit) vs. PS1 32-bit)
      • First time graphics didn’t play a role in deciding what system to buy.
      • N64 games were more expensive but had better graphics.
  • 6. 7 Generations of Video Games
    • 6 th Generation (128 Bit Era) 1999-2005
      • Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, & Xbox
      • First internet Connection
        • First possibility for changing content
  • 7. 7 th Generation
    • Enough information to predict that 7 th Generation game console’s will make the biggest profit yet.
    340,000 Nov. 17 th 2006 PS3 600,000 Nov. 19 th 2006 Wii 7.7 million Nov. 23 rd 2005 Xbox 360 Sold Release Date Console
  • 8. When do advertisements & games cross?
    • Today
      • Game Consoles finally connect to the internet for live feeds of information.
      • With a prediction of over 160 Million Consoles to be sold in 7 th generation games, live information (advertising, news, etc) can be sent to over 160 million people.
  • 9. Reasons for Ads in Games
    • 108 million gamers over 13 years old in U.S.
    • $10 billion+ made from games last year
      • Made more money then movie box office
  • 10. Reasons for Ads in Games cont.
    • T.V. watching from ages 18-34 down 12%, gaming up 20%
    • Gamer can spend 10-200 hours to complete single game
      • Top selling game sells about 5 million copies
        • Has potential for 1 billion hours of eyeball time on screen
  • 11. Video Games and Gender
    • Video Games mostly associated with men
    • Nearly 40% gamers are female
    • Men play 7.6 hours per week, women play 7.4 (on average)
    • Can advertise to both sexes in games for maximum effectiveness
  • 12. Gamer Statistics
    • Core Gamers:
      • 68% male, 32% female, median age 26 plays console & PC games
    • Casual Gamer:
      • 50% male, 50% female, median age 36 plays online games
    • Mobile Gamer:
      • 36% male, 64% female, median age 31 plays phone & PDA games
  • 13. Why In-Game ads work
    • Unlike T.V. commercial viewing
      • Video games immerse player in world
    • Exposes player to many images at once, ads included
      • Constantly alert making player likely to mentally digest ads
    • Most gamers like ads in games
      • Gives game sense of realism
  • 14. Gamer’s statistics with In-Game Ad
  • 15. How advertising affects gamers?
    • Companies try to make gamers look at ads subconsciously
      • Ads can’t be annoying or intrusive
    • If blended into game, gamer almost appreciate them
      • Blatant ads have opposite effects
        • Makes gamer mad at company for making it so obvious.
  • 16. A Well Placed Advertisement
  • 17. A Poorly Placed Advertisement
  • 18. Growing Environments in Games
    • Games using bigger and bigger worlds
      • Making more venues in game for ads
    • The “Grand Theft Auto” series utilizes its large world:
  • 19. Advertising Companies/Strategies
    • Main companies include: IGN Entertainment, Massive Interactive, Engage Inc.
    • Strategy is to asses demographic
      • What they’re selling, and who they are selling to
    • Figure out how to place product well
      • Calculate maximum time for seeing ad, while not being intrusive
    • Very difficult to figure out product income from in game ad
      • Need to be careful with investing money in game
        • Underdeveloped strategy at present
  • 20. Plans & Strategies for Advertisers
    • Massive Interactive:
    • Contract with EA (Electronic Arts) to put a series of ads in games for X-box 360 and PC
    • Contract with Toyota to find ways to put 2007 Yaris in games
    • Engage’s basic plan for in game ad:
  • 21. Discussion
    • Do you think in game advertising is effective? Why or why not?
    • Would you buy a video game if the advertising increased greatly, but the price dropped?
    • Under what circumstances would you not buy a game with injected advertisements?
    • Do you think that in-game advertising will have an effect on gamer’s consumer habits?
    • Do you think today’s new technology will bring a positive or negative effect to advertising? Why?
  • 22. Bibliography
    • http:// =3607036