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popmog at bgf

  1. 1. p o p u l a r m u l t i p l a y e r o n l i n e g a m e s Marketing Online Games Winning Customers in a rapidly changing Market Thomas Richter, Nov 2010
  2. 2. GameGenetics GmbH; page 2 POPMOG • Founded 2009 • Focused on platform and distribution • No game development (Gaming-)Portals … Social Networks YOUR SITE Social Networks … YOUR GAME GameAPI Community Profiles Game Feed Badge System Boards, Chat, IM Clan Management Game Access & Management Single Sign-on Game Channel Zapper Transactions & Payment Developer Zone Payment Integration Virtual Currency Twitter API OpenSocial API Mobile/ iPhone API / SDK Information‫‏‬ Tools & Resources Coaching Clan Pages Clan Feed Boards Private / Public Sect Digital Presence Statistics Portals Facebook API
  3. 3. GameGenetics GmbH; page 3 Market Overview Online games market is growing 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 10 20 30 40 50 Market Size (in bn USD)* PC Games Mobile Games Online Games Console Games CAGR 08-10 -0.2% 15.6% 17.8% 1.1% • Online games have developed into a multi-billion Dollar industry • Continued strong growth prospects for online games • Everybody wants a piece of the cake
  4. 4. GameGenetics GmbH; page 4 Winning Customers in a rapidly changing Market … So, what changed since BGF 2009?  Facebook?  Open Social?  Mobile?  Old Media?  Social Media / PR?
  5. 5. GameGenetics GmbH; page 5 The basic value chain – no changes here… Every single steps needs to be measured, benchmarked and optimized. Impressions Clicks Registrations Activations Payments Make sure you can  Maximize Awareness and Impressions  Monitor each step  Benchmark your metrics against best practise, and then  Constantly optimize each single step Friend Invites
  6. 6. GameGenetics GmbH; page 6 Different ways to generate Users - other priorities in 2010/11 • Online Marketing • Media Co-operations • Other Media (TV, Print) • The existing Community • Viral!
  7. 7. GameGenetics GmbH; page 7 1) Online Marketing Answer these questions: 1) What‘s your Budget? 2) How well do you know your game‘s metrics? 3) How well are you able to plan your spend per lead? No-Brainer: SEO Google Search (on your brand) CPO, Revenue Share models Careful with: Any CPC/CPL campaigns Decide for yourself, how much financial risk you’re willing to take.
  8. 8. GameGenetics GmbH; page 8 2) Media Co-operations Answer these questions: 1) How well can you define the target demographics for your Game? 2) On which portals in the net do you find your targets? 3) Are these portals willing to partner? 4) What‘s the (opportunity) cost of integration? No-Brainer: Prepare your Game for cooperations, be ready to replace Login/Payment with 3rd party solutions, have AAA graphics, banners, texts ready „Invest“ into PR, make your title known Hook up with an enabler like POPMOG  Careful with: Invest $$ and manpower into integrating with different partners Be prepared to partner; partners can jump-start your business.
  9. 9. GameGenetics GmbH; page 9 3) Other Media like Print/TV Answer these questions: 1) Well, none really – be opportunistic. No-Brainer: Fast monetization, TV-broadcaster love to see revenues very fast. Have AAA graphics, banners, texts ready Make sure, tracking works across media- channels Careful with: Cash for offline marketing… Cross-media opportunities can be a real chance for growth.
  10. 10. GameGenetics GmbH; page 10 4) The existing Community Answer these questions: 1) Is there an existing community for the game/developer to draw traffic from? 2) Is there an existing community elsewhere to draw traffic from? No-Brainer: Leverage what you have: other games, friend‘s sites, communities, email-db‘s, power-user, social communities, fan sites… Make your game „CRM-ready“: User data transparency, newsletter tools, in-game messaging/banners, ability to do give-aways Careful with: Buy into customer-db‘s or pay for newsletter campaigns Satisfied users are your best advocates. Use them but don’t oversell 
  11. 11. GameGenetics GmbH; page 11 5) Viral! Answer these questions: 1) Is a typical social community user interested in your Game? 2) Are you able to feed relevant content out of the Game? 3) Do you want to run the Game in Canvas View? No-Brainer: Make sure, you can feed relevant information out of the game via API (to FB, Twitter, where-ever…) Use social APIs, especially for login and sharing Careful with-: Invest into a Canvas-View-Build of your Game Learnings from Social Gaming are mostly true for Browsergames as well
  12. 12. GameGenetics GmbH; page 12 Find the right mix of channels tailored to YOUR game 1) It‘s difficult to gain huge success in a single channel. 2) Therefore a multi-channel strategy is advisable.  It reduces the risk of failure  It reduces the marketing spend  It generates transparency on one‘s metrics 3) You are great Game Developers, consider teaming up with marketing specialists. 4) Even if they take a share – it can be well invested.
  13. 13. GameGenetics GmbH; page 13 Q&A Thomas Richter VP Business Development tr@gamegenetics.com + www.popmog.com