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  • C4IT BU Brief

EMA/SAIC BRIEF Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology (C4IT) Business Unit (BU)
  • 2. Vision “ ” Be the leader in C4IT systems, solutions and technical services, supporting the warfighter and solving our customers’ most important business and mission-critical problems through innovative application of technology and domain knowledge. Transformation through Technology – Debbie James C4IT Business Unit General Manager
  • 3. Our Company
    • C4IT BU
    • Superb staff of qualified professionals
      • More than 2,400 personnel worldwide
      • 729 employees with advanced degrees
      • 1,603 with security clearances
    • Support key programs of national importance
      • Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicles
      • Foreign military systems interoperability
      • Naval aviation
      • Command, control, communications, computers and information technology (C4IT)
    • ISO 9001:2000 Registered
    • Capability Maturity Model Integration ® (CMMI) Level 5
    By joining SAIC’s systems engineering and integration expertise with EMA’s capabilities as a leader in C4IT, engineering, and logistics support, we provide solutions to our customers’ most complex technical challenges. We are a leading C4I systems, solutions, and technical services company in the Department of Defense and adjacent markets. Our Company SAIC is a Fortune 500 ® scientific, engineering, and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world in national security, energy, environment, critical infrastructure, and health. The Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology (C4IT) Business Unit (BU) is one of five in SAIC’s Defense Solutions Group (DSG). In July 2007, Eagan, McAllister Associates, Inc. (EMA), founded in 1984, became a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIC and is part of the C4IT BU.
  • 4. BU Organization Direct Reporting Programs Division Managers Drew Miller Jim Thigpen Doug Jimenez Bob Von Allmen Larry Sell Tad Greer Floyd Warren BU Senior Staff Tracey McCormick Operations Director Karen Wheeler Contracts Director Stan Ptaszynski Controller Christina Broom HR Director Tom Lydon BD Director Dwight Morgan CETO Robin Belden QA/Process Cindy Morgan Chief Retention Officer Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology (C4IT) Business Unit Debbie James Business Unit General Manager Information Systems Technology Division Glenn Chave – DM SSCC 5.3.3 Projects Tracey McCormick Eagan, McAllister Associates John McAllister – CEO Brad Ludwig – COO Vehicle Integration Jim Thigpen – DM RSNF Mark Saunders – PM ATS Judy Decker – PM
  • 5. Our Leadership and Goals Entrepreneurial leaders who bring together innovations from across all of SAIC to solve our customers’ problems Deborah James C4IT BU General Manager John McAllister EMA Chief Executive Officer SAIC Core Values & Purpose
  • 6. Our Most Valuable Assets Highly Educated Professional Staff Experienced Technical Staff
  • 7. Facilities and Locations
    • We are well-positioned in 10 states and 4 overseas locations
    Main Facilities Sierra Vista, Ariz. Lexington Park, Md. Quantico, Va. Virginia Beach, Va. Swansboro, N.C. N. Charleston, S.C. Hanahan, S.C. Other Locations Washington, DC Newport, N.C. Goose Creek, S.C. Albany, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Bay St. Louis, Miss. Hurst, Texas Ridgecrest, Calif. OCONUS Afghanistan Iraq Kuwait Saudi Arabia
  • 8. Business Overview
    • Business Areas
      • Systems engineering and integration
      • Information technology and assurance
      • Test and evaluation
      • Logistics services
      • Program and financial management
    • Competitive Strengths
      • Customer focus, leading to in-depth understanding of customer missions
      • Platform independence
      • Reputation for succeeding on the tough jobs
      • Breadth and depth of technology and domain expertise
      • Proven management track record
      • Proven best practices, technologies, and systems
    Whatever the need, satisfied clients look to us for creative, forward-thinking, high-tech solutions to their evolving challenges.
  • 9. Business Areas Systems Engineering and Integration Information Technology and Assurance Test and Evaluation Logistics Services Program and Financial Management
    • DoD 5000 Documentation Development
    • Concept of Operations (CONOPS), functional and physical allocation, and design verification
    • Requirements and risk analysis
    • Project design, planning, direction, and execution
    • Hardware and software engineering
    • Subsystem and systems integration
    • Ship suitability and aviation integration
    • Modeling and simulation
    • Aircraft instrumentation
    • Flight clearance support
    • System fielding
    • Lifecycle Information Assurance (IA) for systems, platforms, and programs
    • Certification and accreditation
    • IA awareness, training, architecture, and systems engineering
    • Network security operations
    • Vulnerability management
    • Residual risk assessment
    • Acquisition IA
    • Functional solution analysis
    • Requirements analysis and specification development
    • Test and evaluation master plan development
    • Flight test planning, execution, and reporting
    • Test range engineering and support
    • Post-deployment support
    • Maintenance planning
    • Manpower and personnel
    • Supply support
    • Training and training support
    • Packaging, handling, and transportation and warehousing
    • Reliability and maintainability
    • Documentation management
    • Enterprise resource planning
    • Business financial management
    • Human resource management and workforce shaping
    • Acquisition program management
    • Schedule management and earned value management
    • Acquisition and analytical reporting systems
  • 10. Systems Engineering and Integration
    • From up-armoring HMMWVs to integrating tactical electronic systems in the latest armored vehicles, our work helps protect our warfighters.
    MRAP C4ISR System Integration One of our largest programs we prototype, integrate, and logistically support the commercial command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems in MRAP vehicles. Then, we perform interoperability testing, orchestrate transport to theater, and deprocess and conduct final in-theater vehicle testing. We have integrated more than 6,000 vehicles. Southwest Asia Communications and IT Support Our Kuwait-based team provides communication engineering and information technology infrastructure solutions throughout Southwest Asia, including telecommunications and systems integration expertise, as well as technical drafting, engineering design services, and administrative support. Aerial Battle Theater Visibility We work with systems developers to help warfighters overcome radar line-of-sight limitations and enable them to see a picture of the entire aerial battle theater. Our support ranges from assembly and installation to documentation, training, interim contractor support plans, finance and budget, and management and acquisition support.
  • 11. Systems Engineering and Integration Going green is in these days. But our geographic information systems (GIS) programs were going green to help preserve and protect the environment long before it was a common business practice. Architecture and Engineering Design We offer architecture, engineering design, technical, drawing documentation development, database management, in-service engineering activity (ISEA), test and evaluation, shipboard operational verification test (SOVT), site survey, and lab support. GIS Services We provide GIS services for government and industry clients, and offer spatial data, maintenance, integration services, and training using state-of-the-art hardware and software. Notably, our software helps preserve and protect the environment. Detailed Design, Modeling, and Simulation Engineering design, interface control documentation (ICD), detailed drawing packages, quality assurance, configuration management, modeling and simulation – that’s just the beginning of the list of detailed design services SAIC offers its customers.
  • 12. Systems Engineering and Integration On the front lines, few things are more important than secure, reliable command and control systems. Our company’s integration, test, systems, and logistics support is helping to keep military communications from falling into the wrong hands. Frontline C2 Systems Our teams of engineers in Charleston, S.C., and Saudi Arabia help provide both shore-based and shipboard systems integration, testing, and ongoing systems support for front-line command and control systems. Cryptologic Systems We have extensive experience with hardware integration, testing, and logistics support for a variety of cryptologic systems. Our solutions we provide help protect our nation’s most secure information and our troops. On-the-Move Communications Systems We provide engineering, integration, and logistics support for digital radio relay systems that enable warfighters to stay on the move, while tracking and communicating with their teams. Mountains and immovable objects no longer interfere with important communications.
  • 13. Systems Engineering and Integration We’re proud to hear of troops overseas using the Internet to talk with loved ones back home, and see news coverage of local law enforcement agents using armored vehicles to respond to an emergency. We know we had a big hand in making it happen. No matter the client – big or small – we take pride in meeting the toughest challenges. Law Enforcement Support Working with a national law enforcement center, we help transfer excess military armored vehicles to law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, giving these vehicles new life in protecting and serving our nation’s law enforcement agencies. In-Theater Cyber Cafés Our troops in Iraq may be far from home, but thanks to our work with DoD’s innovative cyber cafés, they can keep in touch with their friends and family. Our team overcame major logistical challenges to ship 700,000 pounds of equipment from Charleston, S.C., to Iraq to aid with this important effort. Bomb Disposal We provided a near-real-time information sharing and collaboration system for state and local first responders and bomb disposal technicians which can be used to share and discuss information with other first responders throughout the country. This system provided first responders with a single system to catalog and search for critical information while in the field or in the office.
  • 14. Systems Engineering and Integration
    • System Interoperability
    • Our work is key in developing maritime patrol aircraft-to-ground system interoperability to support a Tactical Support Center (TSC) physical data exchange. We define interfacing requirements to the TSC ground support system.
    SAIC’s work to increase system interoperability around the globe and support patrol aircraft communication and identification systems helps keep the skies safe for Department of Defense and commercial air traffic. Foreign Military Support Our country depends on foreign militaries for critical regional support. Some countries are allowed, as coalition partners, to purchase retired U.S. military aircraft, which our team then helps integrate and upgrade. We have supported maritime aircraft, aircraft support centers and systems, media conversion units, and air and ground systems on four continents. Engineering Command and Control Advanced Technology Services (ATS) Bringing the warfighter onto the global information grid, a services-oriented architecture (SOA)-based program, is an effort supported by our Engineering Command and Control ATS contract. Work includes core area engineering and interoperability for integrated C2 systems; application and distribution; enterprise networks; visual information systems; and modeling; simulation; and assessment.
  • 15. Information Technology and Assurance You’ll find our network teams around the world, deploying complex network technology solutions, performing systems engineering and integration services, and conducting information assurance and security activities to keep our military at the very top of its game. Network Security Systems We deploy and refresh network systems and network protection suites at various DoD facilities. We also monitor and maintain a worldwide virtual private network, 24/7 Tier III network support community and provide vulnerability management for fielded network security systems. Information Assurance (IA) Support Our teams provide enterprise service installation, maintenance, management and support for active directory systems. Special efforts include IA policy enforcement through network device management, IA mitigation/remediation, and Active Directory (AD) group policy objects. Health Systems Services Our IA, certification and accreditation, and vulnerability management services help keep critical military health systems information secure. We’re upgrading military health application host sites and managing daily network operations, providing network infrastructure, configuration and asset management, and help desk support.
  • 16. Test and Evaluation It takes two - that is, two prime players to ensure safe aircraft recovery aboard our carriers, the shipboard and the airborne systems. SAIC is doing its part to keep both players working together – installing, testing, certifying, and supporting the shipboard and airborne approach, landing, and communication systems that make safe carrier landings possible. Shipboard Approach and Landing Systems Our teams help make sure planes land safely on the decks of our fleet’s carriers. We perform certification and accreditation, test and evaluation, and shipboard flight test coordination for shipboard support approach and landing and global positioning systems. Airborne Data Systems Company personnel perform the aircraft qualification tests of data link, flight controls, autopilot, auto-throttle, and cockpit displays, as well as shipboard system tests for glide slope control, alignment, accuracy, and stabilization. Shipboard Visual Landing Aids We’re proud to support the systems that give pilots vital information from the carrier to assist with safe landings when conditions require the use of visual landing aids. Our pre-test optimization planning, specialized aircraft system testing, and maintenance advice to fleet maintainers help these high-tech systems provide for safe and effective fleet carrier aviation operations.
  • 17. Test and Evaluation
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    • Our unmanned aerial vehicle system engineering services are helping develop and integrate new air traffic control technology and communication systems with current aircraft carrier systems. Our work developing new system architectures, developing and testing requirements, and authoring interface control documents is helping move unmanned surveillance capabilities forward - every day.
    Protecting the people who protect us – our military pilots and servicemen – is at the very top of our list. One way to do that is to keep them out of harm’s way in the first place. Our work on unmanned aerial vehicles is making it possible. Rotary Wing Programs Our engineers provide test planning, execution, and reporting; flight clearance support; instrumentation engineering; and reliability and maintainability services for a variety of rotary wing programs. Assuring the safe arrival of our nation’s leaders is a top priority. Port Security Systems SAIC’s work to institute interoperable systems for data sharing and intelligence gathering is helping prevent terrorism. We provide a test bed for innovative concepts and equipment related to port security. We can provide a graphic presentation of all vessels in the Port of Charleston during a 96-hour period.
  • 18. Test and Evaluation Tilt-Rotor Aircraft Since 1990, our engineers and test personnel have helped develop revolutionary tilt-rotor aircraft. In just one example, they helped develop, design, install, and integrate a new digital video flight data recorder that provides a post-flight analysis tool for test pilots and design and flight test engineers. ASW Patrol Aircraft Our total systems support for land-based, long-range anti-submarine warfare (ASW) patrol aircraft includes pre-mission planning, mission and in-flight support, and post-mission support, including mission reconstruction and analysis. Tactical Airborne Warning and Control We have provided more than a decade of support on our military’s all-weather, carrier-based, tactical airborne warning and control system platform. Our software engineers implement changes to legacy code and develop new software modules to interface new and improved sensor systems and algorithms. Most people have never seen an airplane make a vertical takeoff or landing. SAIC personnel have. In fact, they’ve participated in the development of some systems that are helping our military analyze the capabilities of revolutionary new tilt-rotor aircraft.
  • 19. Logistics Services Foreign Military Training Services We help provide training, documentation and testing support to foreign government clients. In Lexington Park, Md., we maintain a state-of-the-art training development center. The center contains classrooms, a computer laboratory, workspaces, and even a dedicated prayer room students may use during breaks. Our team’s training programs provide the state-of-the-art tools and processes our clients need to accomplish their most important missions with finesse and skill. Comm System Fielding We perform system integration, logistics, installation, and SOVTs for communications systems, including tactical switching, and submarine floating antenna. Shipboard C4I EXCOMM Suites The Navy’s newest ships are sporting C4I exterior communications suites thanks, in part, to SAIC. We’re providing integration, installation, testing, material management, and integrated logistic support for ship construction and conversion programs as well as integrated radio communication systems.
  • 20. Program and Financial Management Acquisition Program Management We apply the latest in ever-evolving automated tools, like enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer resource management (CRM), knowledge management (KM), and integrated financial and asset management tools to ensure program success. Earned Value Management Our fully integrated approach to budgeting, scheduling, resource planning management, and planned value performance measurement provides project managers with the early warning they need to take corrective action if project costs exceed the value of what the project will accomplish. Business and Financial Management Our expert staff of business and financial managers is practiced in managing the complex business processes it takes to run a large organization, even one as large as a military base. We offer an array of functional support and analyses, including management, budget, planning, systems, resource, organizational, and workload. Successful program achievement and on-time completion are no accident; they're the result of careful planning, thoughtful strategy, and faithful execution. This is the way we’ve always done business.
  • 21. For More Information
    • SAIC
    • 3950 Faber Place Drive, Suite 200
    • North Charleston, SC 29405
    • 843.740.7720
    • 843.566.9258 – fax
    • www.saic.com
    • Eagan, McAllister Associates, Inc.
    • P.O. Box 986
    • Lexington Park, MD 20653
    • 301.863.2192
    • 301.863.8140 – fax
    • www.emainc.com