Social Video Optimization, Explored


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Grant Crowell, Videologist, explains Social Video Optimization and the competitive advantages for businesses to be doing "social video" – featuring real success stories and tips.

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  • We have a column dedicated to “social video,” which shows up #5 in Google for that same term.
  • Who here knows what social video is?Who here would like to define it for me?
  • it’s helpful for any business that is doing social video, to understand the distinction between the optimization of video for search engine performance versus social media channels; also, between computers and real people.Video SEO, or “vSEO,” is about optimizing your video content for attracting unique visitors from web-based search engines’ organic results and video search results to your website.Source: Social Video Optimization Vs. Video Search Optimization: Which is Better? ©2008-2011 ReelSEO Video Marketing
  • More than just customer service, more than just customer relationships, it’s customer culture.
  • Social Video Optimization, Explored

    1. $<br />By Grant Crowell, Videologist<br />
    2. 3 big questions<br />I’ll answer aboutsocialvideo optimization…<br />
    3. What is it?<br />
    4. Why do it?<br />
    5. How shouldI do it?<br />How shouldI do it?<br />
    6. No More Old Spice! (I promise)<br />
    7.<br />
    8.<br />
    9.<br />
    11. AUDIENCE POLL!<br />
    12. “Social Video”<br />What’s that?<br />
    13. What is it, really?<br />
    14. “social video”<br />NOTin<br />Wikipedia<br />
    15. Social Video (as I see it)<br />Social video is the blending of video with human relationshipsfor the co-creation of value.<br />
    16. Types of Social Video<br />User submissions<br />Self-created<br />Aggregated<br />
    17. What to measure in social video…<br />Content, notAds<br />Dan Greenberg, President of ShareThrough,<br /> says it’s about measuring these 3 things…<br />Shares, not clicks<br />Views, notimpressions<br /><br />
    18. Social Video Marketing<br />Why do it?<br />
    19. Video is more “social” than text<br /><ul><li>More entertaining
    20. More emotional
    21. More interactive
    22. More engaging
    23. More empowering
    24. More persuasive
    25. More egalitarian
    26. More personal
    27. More impactful with sharing
    28. Low entry barrier for participation (Fast, cheap, easy!)</li></li></ul><li>Video augments our human nature<br />
    29. “Video has become one of the most effective ways to motivate people towards certain behaviors.Video is a highly effective persuasion technology.”<br />
    30. Social Video Optimization hasbetter engagement than Video SEO<br /><ul><li>Viewing metrics
    31. Syndication
    32. “Likes” and “Shares”
    33. Comments and otheruser feedback
    34. User-generated(and submitted) content
    35. Sharing tools
    36. Promotional activities
    37. Status updates
    38. Other third-party community functionalities part of video</li></li></ul><li>
    39. How Sex & Relationships are Like Social Video Marketing<br />Social Video Marketing<br />Sex & Relationships<br /><ul><li>Attention & Attraction
    40. Escort / Dating
    41. “Seeding”
    42. Fling / STD
    43. Intimacy
    44. Monogamy
    45. Taking partner for granted
    46. BREAKUP
    47. CreativeVideo
    48. Video Ads
    49. “Seeding”
    50. Viral Video
    51. Conversations
    52. Brand loyalty
    53. Taking customers for granted
    54. BREAKUP</li></li></ul><li>The Old “Big Brand Mentality” on New Media Culture<br />
    55. Advertising over Engagement?<br />
    56. Social Video Marketing’sideal growth…<br />A co-dependent relationship between brands and consumers…<br />Where both parties are treated as equals in the business relationship, sharing their content, ideas, and support for each other.<br />
    57. The remaining problem today with most “Social Video”Old Marketing to New Media Culture<br />
    58. “Social Video Marketing” Needs…<br />Dialogue<br />
    59. “Social Video Marketing” Needs…<br />
    60. “Social Video Marketing” Needs…<br />Going beyond just<br />“Friends” and “Fans” <br />And more emphasis on friendly, personal, helpful service.<br />
    61. “Social Video Marketing” needs…<br />…To balance entertaining consumers with caring for customers<br /><ul><li>Listening to them,
    62. Helping them out,
    63. Sustaining the relationship, and;
    64. Making them feel like part of a real community.</li></li></ul><li>Who’s doing it?<br />Who can I learn from?<br />
    65. Video Info-tainment in commerce<br />
    66. Different social video styles for consumer funnel<br />
    67.<br />
    68. Social Video as business culture<br />
    69. demos w/ personality<br />
    70. Social Video as customer culture<br />
    71. video success metrics<br /><ul><li>Major decrease in product returns from demo and how-to videos for customers to watch before they buy. 
    72. Zapposplans on shooting a video for all incoming new product this year.  That turns out to be around 100,000. 
    73. They are currently getting about 20,000 video hits a day on the site. 
    74. Now have 19,000 videos indexed on google. 
    75. Zapposoffers social media share (facebook, twitter, blog) icons on all product videos.  
    76. They track how many times this info is shared (and to what channels) each day</li></li></ul><li>Social video in eCommerce<br />
    77. Social video in eCommerce<br />
    78. Social Video in Personal Conversation<br />
    79. Social Video in User Q&A<br />
    80. Social Video in User/Expert Q&A<br />
    81. The customer apology<br />
    82. The customer apology<br /><br />
    83. How do I measure success?<br />
    84. How should you measure success? Checklists are nice, but…I highly recommend user testing and customer feedback.<br />
    85. My Top 10 Social Video Optimization Tips<br />Simplify<br />Go Mobile<br />In-house studio<br />Collaborate<br />Aggregate<br />Transcripts<br />YouTube – Promoted Videos<br />Recorded Video Chat<br />Facebook “Like” of Videos for Fans<br />Sponsor Web Celebrities for brand placement<br />For a free in-depth Social Video Project Guide,<br />Email, subject line “social video guide.”<br />
    86. Your Social Video Project Guide<br />Passion<br />Pay attention!<br />Plan<br />Platform<br />Practice<br />Publish<br />Promote<br />Participate<br />Performance<br />Party!<br />For a free in-depth Social Video Project Guide,<br />Email, subject line “social video guide.”<br />
    87. Social video marketing resources<br /><ul><li>10 Reasons Facebook Video MarketingIs Valuable for Business
    88. Facebook Video Marketing Tipsfor a “Socialized Business Strategy”
    89. Facebook Video Marketing Tipswith Social Media Expert Mari Smith
    90. Best Facebook Apps for Video</li></ul>More results available at ReelSEO with search for “facebook video marketing.”<br />
    91. Social video marketing resources<br /><ul><li>5 Top Twitter Video Marketing Strategiesfor Every Business
    92. What’s the Business Value of Twitter Video Marketing?
    93. Twitter Micro-Video Marketing Strategies for Business
    94. Twit Happens: Tips to OvercomeLegal Dangers with Video on Twitter</li></ul>More results available at ReelSEO with search for “twitter video marketing.”<br />
    95. Social video marketing resources<br /><ul><li>How to Add/Embed Video on a LinkedIn Profile Page
    96. How to Add Video to LinkedIn’sCompany Profile Services Tab.</li></ul>More results available at ReelSEO with search for “linkedin video marketing.”<br />
    97. Social video project management, distribution, and analytics platform<br />
    98. Social video platform<br />
    99. Recommended Learning…<br />
    100. Your Social Video Project Guide<br />Passion<br />Pay attention!<br />Plan<br />Platform<br />Practice<br />Publish<br />Promote<br />Participate<br />Performance<br />Party!<br />For a free in-depth Social Video Project Guide,<br />Email, subject line “social video guide.”<br />
    101. Final Thought…<br />
    102. OPTIMIZE YOURSELF!<br />Take some the time to engage with your audience one-on-one with video.<br />
    103. OPTIMIZE YOURSELF!<br /><br />