5 steps to successful small business outsourcing


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This presentation will help develop an effective outsourcing strategy for your small business as well as find right outsourcing vendor.

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    Too small for outsourcing?
    Take advantage of the same benefits with V-Employ service.
    Business Process Outsourcing is a process of offshoring companie's “non core” departments to a third party. Virttia enables SMEs to take advantage of the same benefits which multinational corporations gain from BPO outsourcing. With V-Employ, small to medium sized firms in can directly hire full time, dedicated and permanent employees in Poland. You simply use our office facilities as an extension of your own office. The logistics entailed in bpo outsourcing are removed with Virttia. Virttia provides companies with “virtual” employees who work directly for you from Poland. You can hire an employee in any office field of work; technical or non technical e.g. programming, graphics design, engineer, accounts, HR, payroll, virtual secretary, internet researcher, data entry…etc.

    Find proactive, qualified staff with European background and language skills.
    Poland is not simply an 'alternative offshore location', as its value-proposition is not only driven by lower cost, but by highly-motivated and educated staff, and is a proven first-class hub for multi-lingual European language support. Companies have found not only cost savings using Polish delivery resources - they have used them because of the value and quality they bring to their business.

    Employ your virtual employees in Poland at fraction of cost.
    Virttia prices are significantly lower than the cost of hiring a similar employee in the US or Europe. Hence, you can expand your team without a need for so much capital or transition some of your positions fully to Virttia to lower your costs and gain competitive advantage.
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5 steps to successful small business outsourcing

  1. 1. 5 Steps To Successful Small Business Outsourcing By Gourab Nanda Co-founder and CEO of MyBusinessAssistant
  2. 2. The Questions Most Small Business Owners Ask How can I develop an How to select the best effective outsourcing outsourcing solution for strategy? my business? How to evaluate the Should I go for complex web of options on-shore or off-shore and vendors? solutions? What services should I outsource?
  3. 3. Step 1: Create A Wish List This list of non-core tasks is unique to you business Involve your core team to prepare the list List activities that do not require YOUR direct expertise and time
  4. 4. Step 2: Prioritize Your List How important is the task for your business? How much time do you spend on those tasks? Task Importance Time Spent Overall Priority Customer 5 4 9 1 Support Website 3 3 6 2 Maintenance Bookkeeping 3 2 5 3
  5. 5. Step 3: Define Skill Sets Task Skills Timing Special needs Customer USA based agents with 24/7 support on phone Agents must be Support good communication and email. Email qualified enough to skills to respond to should be responded to understand our customer issues within one hour product Website Good creative skills for Anytime, anywhere as Should be able to Maintenance design and expert level long as the work is work in sync with PHP programming for done as per scope and online marketing application schedule team maintenance Bookkeeping QuickBooks certified, Books must be up to Should be available must understand e- date within the first for monthly phone commerce business week of every month meetings to discuss transactions for the previous month cash flow issues
  6. 6. Step 4: Budgeting Roughly allocate money to your wish-list tasks You may not share this estimate with the vendors Task Monthly Spend Customer Support $450 Website Maintenance $300 Bookkeeping $250 TOTAL $1,000
  7. 7. Step 5: Points To Consider During Vendor Selection Integration • Vendor’s capability to work in sync with related teams • E.g.: Web team should constantly coordinate with online marketing team Flexibility • Vendor’s ability to cater to temporary/seasonal/business-specific needs • E.g.: Offering additional agents during an ad campaign Scalability • Vendor’s capacity to ramp-up as your business grows • E.g.: Seamlessly adding more people when you acquire a new customer and need additional support
  8. 8. Select What’s Best For Your Business Share your wish list and points with potential vendors Listen to what each has to offer or suggest Don’t jump to the lowest cost option Be creative in your outsourcing strategy Get the best of on-shore and off-shore services
  9. 9. Thank You.