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    List Owner Overview List Owner Overview Presentation Transcript

    • List Management and Appending Valuable Data
      Appending Lifestyle selects, gender selects, and purchase behaviors to your MASTER List = AUTOMATIC Increased $$$$$$
      Improved lead intelligence create NEW niche opportunities:
      • Your subscribersget better follow-up through segmented automated lead nurturing
      • Be able to target Affiliate, PPC, CPA and Joint Venture offers with ease
    • Executive Summary
      The Consumerhas changed: need to pro-actively engage around educational topics
      Leads/Subscribers/Members need to be nurtured until they are sales-ready
      Sales & Marketing need to be aligned more closely, creating a seamless buying process
      There is an opportunity to turn list marketing into a revenue driver rather than a cost center
      Appending valuable data to your list provides a dramatic ROI: many benefits, Risk FREE, No monetary investment by Joint Venturing with ClaimYourDeal.Com
      “Nurtured leads produce, on average, a 20 percent increase in sales opportunities versus leads that are not nurtured.”
    • The Changing Consumer Buyer
      Consumers are seeking and finding more information on their own—they’re in control
      Search engines and vendor Web sites are top information sources in the buying process (eg; ClaimYourDeal.Com “Daily Deal”)
      To drive revenue, marketers must become more adept at identifying sales-ready leads and nurturing the remainder
      Marketers need to interact with consumers before the sales conversation, by providing information that is relevant in the earlier stages of the buying process
      Highlights from Enquiro’sBuyerSphere Project:
      • Almost 50% of buyers starts their buying process with online research
      • Identifying demographics and lifestyle habits cuts sales cycle dramatically
      Order of Things – High Consideration
      Online Research Talk to Users Talk to Vendors
    • Convert More Subscribers Into Raving Fans & Buying Customers
      Lead Nurturing, Lead Scoring, Lead Routing and Lead Monitoring closes the gap in the middle of the funnel
      Improve the dynamics of your revenue cycle to convert more list owner subscribers into buying customers
      Current marketing focus
      Current sales focus
      The Consumerlead
      Development gap
      Lead Management Closes the Gap
      in The Middle of the Funnel
      Warm leads leak out
      Issue 1: Marketing hands off
      Leads too early. Unqualified
      Leads waste sales’ time.
      Issue 2: Sales cherry picks leads, letting
      longer-time-frame leads leak out.
      Issue 3: Marketing spends
      More to recapture lost leads.
      Source: October 2006, Best Practices “Improving Lead Management”
    • Increase Productivity With Automation
      Run intelligent and focusedcampaigns without expanding yourmarketing team
      Create laser targetedemail follow-up
      Example: make intelligent offers based on gender, lifestyle selects, and purchase behaviors
    • More Qualified Leads with Lead Nurturing
      “Companies that excel at lead nurturing are able to generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost per lead.”
      Goal: Increase the number of sales opportunities & transaction value = reduced lead cost
      Companies are able to use existing staff for nurturing campaigns, increasing the number of sales-ready leads by 50% with little to no incremental investment ¹
      Nurtured leads delivered 47% higher average order values than non-nurtured leads²
    • Increase Sales Effectiveness
      Improved Lead Quality = Increased Sales Productivity
      Prioritize leads based on quality and urgency
      Send leads back to marketing automation for further nurturing, preventing leads that just "sit" somewhere
      Provide comprehensive lead activity history for your sales department
      Priority #2:
      Increase Sales Effectiveness
    • Turn Marketing Into a Revenue Driver
      “Only 20% of companies believe they excel at measuring the performance of marketing initiatives.”
      Show that marketing is a revenue driver, not a cost center.
      Optimize & Increase ROI Dramatically
      Improve accountability by proving marketing impact on revenue
      Improve Revenue Performance:
      Conversion rates
      Time in a particular stage (velocity)
    • Marketing Automation + List Appendage
      Realize the benefits of list appendage with new technology and improved processes
      Marketing Automation technology combined with List Appendage processes provide the framework to:
      • Convert more leads into revenue
      • Run more campaigns
      • Nurture leads automatically
      • Increase Sales Department activity
      • Measure progress and results
    • The Value of Lead Nurturing
      Lead Nurturing helps turn more inquiries into qualified leads and decreases cost per qualified lead
      Source: actual data from software vendor
      50% increase
    • The Value of Lead Scoring
      With good info on lead prioritization, the more likely list owners meet revenue goals
      How Easy Is it To Get Access to Information About Prioritizing Sales Efforts?
      Source: CSO Insights
    • The Value of List Intelligence
      SiriusDecision' Waterfall Model gives benchmark numbers for conversion rates between the different stages in the funnel. With improved list intelligence, conversion rates will be higher. 
      Example: Moving from Benchmark to Best Practice
      For each 1,000 leads, best-in-class companies create 46 more MQLs than benchmark companies (97 instead of 51). They create almost 10 additional sales(14.3 instead of 4.6 sales, a 300% increase).
      What is the value of your list with a 300% increase in sales and revenues?
      MQL = Marketing Qualified Lead SAL = Sales Accepted LeadSQL = Sales Qualified Lead (i.e. sales opportunity identified)
    • ROI of Lead Management
      Joint Venturing with ClaimYourDeal.Com does not cost . . . It Pays!
      Append data, lifestyle, purchase behavior= $ZERO/ month
      Campaign development = $Cost of your current autoresponder/ month
      Incremental Revenue
      Estimated incremental revenue = $Up to 300% increase!
      ROI =
      Incremental revenue – monthly cost
      Monthly cost
      Cost to communicate
      Potential Increase
      Up to:
    • Steps to Take to Improve Lead Nurturing
      Improving Lead Nurturing
      To Implement:
      • Drip email campaigns
      • Content based on buyer profile (list appendage) and buying stage
      • Automation of marketing campaigns (including Trigger-based nurturing)
      • Integration of lead nurturing with CRM data and CRM activity
      • A/B Testing
    • Improving Sales Productivity
      Steps to Take to Improve Sales Productivity
      To Implement:
      • Lead Scoring based on profile and activity
      • Prioritized lead list for sales department
      • Lead Activity Monitoring with real-time alerts
      • Lead activity history in CRM system (email clicks, web visits, registrations)
      • Automatically segment new leads to target
    • Improving Sales & Marketing Analytics
      Steps to Take to Improve Insight into Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
      To Implement:
      • Lead conversion rates
      • Pipeline velocity (how fast leads flow through the funnel)
      • Percentage of the pipeline that is Marketing-sourced
      • Percentage of the pipeline that is Marketing-influenced
      • Reporting on list segmenting for NEW niche opportunities
    • Getting Started / Next Steps
      3 months
      STAGE 1
      STAGE 2
      STAGE 3
      Advanced Assessment and Continued List Appendage
      • On an ongoing basis (monthly to quarterly) ClaimYourDeal.Com will continue to identify additional data and purchase behaviors and append the same to your Master File for continued revenue increases and opportunities
      Send email invitations to your list to JOIN (free) ClaimYourDeal.Com (custom landing page & tracking)
      • Potentially receive thousands of DEAL BUCK$ in our two tier referral system
      • Run of the site weighted banner rotation depending on list size
      • Recruit Account Executives that procure “Daily Deals.” Cash commission overridescould be as much as $100K to $300K annually or more
      231+ Million Consumer Master File
      • Submit your list of 100,000 or more protected by a strong NDA to ClaimYourDeal.Com which is bumped against our Consumer Master File to identify data that can be overlaid onto your list such as gender, postal address, phone, lifestyle selects and much more
    • Summary
      Increase Conversion
      Increase Marketing Productivity
      Improve Lead Nurturing
      Increase Sales effectiveness
      Segment your list(s) based on consumer interests
      Joint Venture with ClaimYourDeal.Com
      Risk FREE ZERO cost List Appendage services
      Estimated ROI: Up to 300% increase in revenues
      Intelligently target Affiliate, PPC, CPA and Joint Venture offers with ease
    • ClaimYourDeal.Comtransforms the way you market to your list(s) – to accelerate opportunities and predictable revenue at every stage of your new foundRevenue Cycles
      Extremely powerful list appendage and lifestyle overlays for your list(s) creating a multiplier effect in profitability
      Powered by InfoDirect; an industry leader and icon for over three decades