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Mitigo Consulting Customer Advocacy Managed Services Presentation V1

  1. Customer Advocacy Managed Services MI TI GO CO NS UL TI NG .C OM Predictive Data Analytics Customer Relationship & Loyalty Program Development Customer Lifecycle Marketing Services
  2. We now live in a world of PREDICTION & PERSONALIZATION
  3. "Amazon converts buying behavior insights into the sheer power of one click ordering" predictive, personal shopping $1.691 Trillion market cap "Advertise only to the most qualified prospects who probably only wants or need your product" predictive, personal news feed & ads $935.65 Billion market cap OWNS THEIR MARKET Companies that Predict & Personalize "Google changed the way we look at data. Business now see data as actionable information" predictive, personal search & ads $1.922 Trillion market cap
  4. Leading to more rupees losses due to inherent nature of customer loyalty program Reduced responses as customers tend to ignore too many communications over time most companies resort to... In CRM & Loyalty Incomplete POS data, non- validated data sources leading to wrong interpretation More Loyalty Spend More Fuzzy Data More SMS & Email which yields DIMINISHING RETURNS $27-$60m Loyalty loss for a $1b Company Almost 54% of businesses say they lack quality data SMS cost has increased by 10x in last few years due to TRAI rules
  5. How do you Predict, Personalize and Automate In the face of such unprecedented developments ? 463 exabytes of data generated daily How do you personalize in the face of such huge data generated on social, commerce, offline & other platforms ? Average 7 touches to purchase How do you predict individual customer behavior which varies with customer age, preferences, demography ? 87% searches online before buying How do you deliver customer experience that is consistent across channels and also measure up to their expectations ? 01 02 03
  6. CRM & LOYALTY NEEDS A NEW APPROACH 79% customer will switch to competitors within weeks of experiencing poor customer service The estimated cost of customers switching their choice of businesses due to poor experience is $1.6 trillion
  7. Mitigo is able to assemble a CLEAR DATA PICTURE from all sources with AI algorithm..... Current practice in loyalty industry is quickly plug in to the POS and start point earn/burn. Data upload is limited to current customer and billing info with minimum ETL services or AI based data quality improvement Current Market Practice Initial ETL is done by Mitigo. Then Retail AI Engine analyzes and suggests improvements in data to meet market standards. Optimize data capture to meet required benchmark. POS & omnichannel integrations are activated Mitigo Consulting Approach
  8. QUICKLY & ACCURATELY Build with cutting-edge data science technology Intelligence engine designed to work with big data Zero learning curve for industry practiceners No Manual intervention required No need for high cost consultants to run data driven campaigns Build-in predictive, personalized recommendations alogrithm ....and extract deep insights Adoption Time Reduction 10X Onboarding Time Reduction 6X
  9. Insights drives Customer Success Goals Based on your goals & customer insights, the Mitigo team creates customer engagement plans that automates customer engagement with inputs from your CRM team. The major KPIs we help to improve are: New Customer Acquisition (Omnichannel) Increase Store Footfalls Increase campaign conversion rate Increase repeat purchase (Retention) Reduce Churn Increase Avg. Ticket Size Increase Avg. Basket Value Increase Referrals Increase Fresh Sales% Reduce Slow Moving Stocks Improve Customer Profile Health Customer Success Timeline 6 MONTHS
  10. Customer Success Methodology Based on your goals & insights, the Mitigo team creates a customer journey that automates customer engagement with inputs from your team. The major KPIs we help to improve are:
  11. MITIGO CREATES A SINGLE VIEW OF CUSTOMERS Granular Insights | Behavioral Patterns | Customer Cohorts | Personalized Recommendations
  12. automating customer lifecycle marketing facilitating you in targeting customers with the right offer, at the right time on the right channel
  13. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Email SMS Push Notification Social Media Search Referral Ecommerce Foot Traffic "Various consulting companies research finding about the best performing channels for customer acquisition. " Way to go forward is omni-channel acquisition How can I acquire new customers? acquisition How Mitigo helps you acquire new customers? QR Code Scan Digital Catalogs Missed Sales Lead Endless Aisle In Store Customer Referrals Social Media Posts POS Data Sync Ecommerce Sign ups Helpdesk Enquiry Multi-Loyalty Program
  14. Cross selling is a very effective technique to increase revenue from existing customers. In some cases cross selling combined with offers have brought in 20% plus growth in revenue and reduce churn by 7-8% Cross Selling & Offer Based Campaigns AI-powered instore Ads and Salesman App makes sure that the store reps have a meaningful interaction with walk-in customers. Companies with customer experience mindset drive revenue 4-8% higher then others in industry Instore Customer Experience Today 87% people search online before buying offline. Reaching customer on omnichannel platform increases year on year growth by 9.5% Omnichannel Customer Engagement 30-40% of foot traffic are missed sales for retail business. 90% of missed sales are ready to convert. Mitigo LMS helps you to track, manage and close leads with personal touch Instore Missed Sales Management growth How to make customers to spend more?
  15. retention How to retain & grow my active customer base? customer behavior driven personalized campaigns to bring customer back to store. offers to suit the need of specific campaign based on their buying pattern, season, festival and special occasion Personalized offers and Campaigns running tier based loyalty program for different strata of customers. Strategizing loyalty program launch with target, budget, landing page, promotions and conversion to expand based and increase repeat purchase Tier based strategic loyalty program
  16. How to convert customers into advocates? advocacy The ultimate goal of cutomer relationship is to convert your customer into advocates to help you expand your footprint and revenue Run effective referral program to bring back current customer through reward and also acquire new customer through satisfied customers Referral Program to bring back customers Launch cross brand privilige club to help advocates get benefits beyond transactional ones. Cross brand coupons, gifts, special invites, show tickets can help expand customer relationship to next level Privilige Clubs WhatsApp bot, WhatsApp notification to provide special services to privilige customers. WhatApp bots to redirect customers to one-on- one discussion with service provider with a personalized appointment and shopping personalized Services through WhatsApp
  17. HOW MITIGO WILL EXECUTE THE PLAN Mitigo will manage all the customer engagement program and execute it to ensure you grow as per the objectives defined through its team of expert marketeers