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What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
What is HP's MagCloud?
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What is HP's MagCloud?


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Published in: Technology, Business, Education
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  • 1. Publish at no cost | Print with no waste
  • 2. “Nearly three-quarters of respondents (73%) said they preferred reading printed magazines even though they knew they could find most of the same information online.”
    —Amy Golding, “Deloitte report claims traditional media ‘more popular than online’”,, January 7, 2009
  • 3. What is MagCloud?
    MagCloud is a print on demand publishing platform that allows anyone to make their content available in a high quality printed magazine simply by uploading a PDF.
  • 4. POD*
    preview buy
    OR embed in your site
    *POD: Production On Demand
  • 5. How It Works
    1 | Create
    The publisher creates a magazine in a design program. Any program that can put out a letter-sized, multi-page PDF will work.
  • 6. 2 | Upload
    The publisher uploads the PDF to MagCloud, fills out the description and orders a proof. At this point no one can see the magazine besides the publisher.
    How It Works
  • 7. 3 | Proof
    MagCloud prints, binds and mails the proof to the publisher. Proofs can take up to 7-10 days to arrive, although most arrive faster.
    How It Works
  • 8. 4 | Publish
    The publisher reviews the proof and changes as needed. If approved, the publisher names their price. MagCloud charges 20 cents per page, the publisher chooses anything beyond that.
    How It Works
  • 9. 5 | Buy & Sell
    When the issue is published, people can buy it on the MagCloud website. Buyers will need to have a credit card or PayPal account to buy.
    How It Works
  • 10. 6 | Print & Mail
    When someone buys an issue, MagCloud prints, binds and ships it to the buyer. Orders can take up to 7-10 days to arrive, although most arrive faster.
    How It Works
  • 11. 7 | Publishers Get Paid
    Publishers can check their sales online at any time. Once a month, MagCloud pays publishers any collected royalties through PayPal.
    How It Works
  • 12. Publish at No Cost
    It’s free to upload and free to publish unlimited PDFs to the MagCloud website. The only cost involved is for printing, which is passed on to the purchaser through the list price of all MagCloud magazines. This model makes it more affordable for publishers to experiment with their magazines without having to invest anything upfront.
  • 13. Print with No Waste
    MagCloud magazines are printed on-demand using HP Indigo digital presses. Nothing is printed until it’s ordered, and nothing is ordered until it’s wanted or needed, greatly reducing the waste seen in traditional printing. Last year alone 62% of the 3.8 billion magazines printed for traditional newsstands went unsold.
    Source: “The Magazine Retail Sales Experience 2008” – Harrington Associates, LLC
  • 14. Who is publishing?
    MagCloud Enabled New Businesses
    Internal Employee Publications
    Non-Profit Organizations
    Groups, Communities and Special Interests
    Online Blogs/Social Networks/Communities
    Business Magazines
    Consumer Magazines
  • 15. Strange Light Case Study
    When the biggest dust storm in 70 years blew through Australia, the photos of it were stunning
    A40 page photo magazine of the event was produced and published in 1.5 days
    Including 54 photos by 34 people in the final design
    The magazine has received international acclaim from media outlets including TIME and SmartCompany; and has become a social media phenomenon
  • 16. Davos Diary Case Study
    CNBC Reporter Maria Bartiromo created a magazine chronicling her trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos.
    Comprised of interviews, candid moments and behind the scenes photos this magazine capped Bartiromo’s coverage of this historic event and became a keepsake item.
  • 17. LIFE Case Study choose to sell their Special Edition Woodstock Magazine exclusively on MagCloud
    Allowing LIFE to repurpose compelling content.
    LIFE ran their own ads coupled with viral outreach from both LIFE and MagCloud
  • 18. In The News
    “With a new web service called MagCloud, Hewlett-Packard hopes to make it easier and cheaper to crank out a magazine than running photocopies at the local copy shop.”
    “Do-It-Yourself Magazines, Cheaply Slick” by Ashlee Vance, The New York Times, 29 March 2009
    “And why not? It’s about as risky as starting a blog.”
    “Start your own print media company with MagCloud” by Chris Lesinski,, 30 March 2009
    “Certainly, there’s something about once-in-a-lifetime occurrences that cry out for print. It’s as if holding something tangible is a more satisfying way to process and mark big events than bookmarking a page.”
    “From Natural Disaster Comes…An Instant Magazine” by Belinda Luscombe,, 29 September 2009
  • 19. In The Blogs
    “With MagCloud and other POD operations, it’s dead cheap (to the point of being almost costless) to experiment, and the single biggest headache of publishing—physical distribution—is solved for you.”
    “Paper Nets” by Warren Ellis,, 19 October 2009
    “Publishing a short run magazine used to be a rather pricey and labor-intensive process. MagCloud is an inexpensive way to bring your specialty magazine to press without hefty upfront fees.”
    “MagCloud Makes it Easy to Run Your Own Magazine” by Jason Fitzpatrick,, 4 May 2009
    “The thought of creating a company magazine was simply beyond the means of many small operations. But with HP’s DIY magazine publishing MagCloud, the cost of self-publishing has never been lower.”
    “MagCloud: Impress Your Customers with a Company Magazine” by Darrell Zahorsky,, 5 April 2009
    “There’s just something about holding a magazine, or a book, or anything printed really, in your hands. There’s some sort of magic that happens between print and fingertips.”
    “MagCloud” by Lorissa,, !7 June 2008
  • 20. On Twitter
    veron: “Hmmm…You can publish your own printed magazine?? Nice…”
    RoxanneMcHenry: “Always wanted to have your own mag? Nowsyour chance with print on demand @20 cents/pg”
    jennifertribe: “WOW! Taking 'zines to the next level -- MagCloud let's you publish your own colour magazine for 20c per page. “
    netWire: “ Finally. Publish 1(!) copy of a magazine. Print a pdf. Sick of digital printers nagging about printing just 1 copy.”
    gblakeman: “awesome, awesome idea - can't wait to see what amazing small-niche mags come out of this”