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Chris Llewellyn - 5th Iberoamerican Magazine Media Conference


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Chris Llewellyn - 5th Iberoamerican Magazine Media Conference

  1. 1. 13 themes from FIPP’s 2013 Congress Chris Llewellyn CEO FIPP – the worldwide magazine media association
  2. 2. About FIPP For more: Communication Magazine World Newsletters Social Media Directories Presentations Research Insight World Magazine Trends Digital Media Factbook Innovations World Report Proof of Performance Licensing & Syndication Guide Environmental Handbook Events and meetings World Congress Digital Innovators Summit Worldwide Media Marketplace Digital Newsstand Forum Research Forum & Awards Innovations Forum Asia-Pacific Digital Ibero-American Magazine Webinars Professional Development Magazine Brand Management Certificate Executive Programme for Innovation and Change Digital Innovators’ Tour Join the FIPP network Members: 700 members 65 countries 6.000+ magazine media brands Benefit around: Thought leadership | Networking | Development Commercial Advertising Sponsorship Exhibitions
  3. 3. 1. Re-imagine the corporate structure  “The industry is renewing and reinventing itself and the leaders are doing so digital-first.” Peter Kreisky, chairman, Kreisky Media Consultancy, USA  "Successful, profitable, franchise-enhancing change only comes with organisational change.”  “You must change from a silo'd organisation to an integrated team.” John Wilpers, Innovations, USA
  4. 4. Organisational innovation What it isn’t  A couple of conference ideas slapped onto an existing organisational structure  Retro-fitting a traditional media company and thinking you’ll become instantly successful What it requires  Re-thinking the organisation  Change  Organisational structure  Work flows  Architecture  Job descriptions and expectations  Staff mix  Culture John Wilpers
  5. 5. Adaptive strategy & management culture • Based on predictability of market trends and competition • Emphasises scale as the primary basis for competitive advantage Before: Classic strategy • Turbulence is a given • Scale may not always provide an advantage • Build business model and capabilities to manage through uncertainty Now: Adaptive strategy Peter Kreisky – Kreisky Media Consulting
  6. 6. 2. The consumer is at the heart of the strategy  "We intend to reach consumers on every device, on every platform and engage when it's convenient for them.” Mark Wood, CEO, Future, UK  "Marketers need to put the consumer in the very centre of their storytelling.” Laya Pavone, managing director, Isobar, Italy  “Because of the devices that consumers own we need to think as consumer as center of their own media world.” Duncan Edwards, CEO, Hearst Magazines International, USA
  7. 7. Consumers are in control Consumer Magazine Tablet Mobile Website e- Commerce Social networking Live meetings and events Consumers have unprecedented choice. By placing the consumer at the centre, you recognise the need to reach them: When they want it On the platform they want it In the format they want it
  8. 8.  “Let go of your biggest asset (your brand), and give it to your audience.”  “We need to let the audience change us if we want them to pay attention.” Marjaana Toiminen, CEO Bonnier Publications, Finland  “Crowdsourcing our magazine allowed us to find out more about our readers and be more relevant to them.” Tarun Rai, CEO, Worldwide Media, India 3. Information moves at the speed of now
  9. 9. Community building Brands Live events Social media Crowd- sourcing Femina (Worldwide Media, India) Olivia (Bonnier, Finland)
  10. 10. 4. Experiment with social media  “Look at social media as streams, not sites. It’s all about sharing.” Michiel Buitelaar, COO, Sanoma Digital Media, The Netherlands  “Facebook played a key role for executing Cake Decorating’s strategy.” Alessandro Belloni, CEO, De Agostini Publishing, Italy
  11. 11. Social media engagement Michiel Buitelaar It’s early days…
  12. 12. Social media: real conversion happening The Facebook conversion path: From likes to subscriptions! If we attempt to quantify this • 470,000 FB likes • 188,000 to the website • 9,400 new subscribers alone Cake Decorating Allesandro Belloni
  13. 13. 5. Mobile is an opportunity  “Leveraging mobile and using it as part of our multi-screen approach. Going to be pervasive over next 5-10 years” Bob Carrigan, CEO, IDG, USA  “For us to stay relevant in consumers’ lives, we have to be where they are, when they’re there, in the format they want. The speed at which we make this change has to be accelerated.” Duncan Edwards, president and CEO, Hearst Magazines International, USA
  14. 14. Google confidential 17$ Minutes/$ Session$ 43$ Minutes/$ Session$ 30$ Minutes/$ Session$ 39$ Minutes/$ Session$ It’s a Multi-Screen World Google Multi-screen World August 2012 We spend 4.4 hours of leisure time in front of screens each day 90% of all media interactions are screen based
  15. 15. Hearst’s three digital priorities One Large-scale free web Two Curated tablet Three e-Commerce All on mobile - Duncan Edwards
  16. 16. 6. E-commerce is a legitimate space for magazines to play in  "We’re taking baby steps with ecommerce. Know editorial endorsement is important, but finding right model is key." Fiona McIntosh, editor-at-large, Grazia International Network, Italy  "Ecommerce and media require different capabilities. What are we prepared to commit, and what are the rewards?" Paul Keenan, CEO, Bauer Media, UK  "When it comes to ecommerce, we need to be clear about the size of competitors we're up against.” Duncan Edwards, CEO, Hearst Magazines International, USA
  17. 17. Others: Elle Shop (Hearst, Japan) Grazia Shopping (Bauer, UK) … //and more BrandNooz (Burda) Shop Bazaar (Hearst) Show Room (Burda)
  18. 18. 7. Digital newsstands: it’s not all about Apple  "The digital newsstand of the future should promote discovery. Experiment with social media.”  “We think a newsstand should be a place where consumers – particularly mobile – can snack on content.” Michelle Bottomley, president, Zinio. USA  “The benefit of a digital newsstand is millions of users who you are able to cross-sell content to.” Girish Ramdas, CEO and co-founder, Magzter, USA
  19. 19. 8. Advertising in magazines works  "65% per cent of our readers say that advertising enhances the enjoyment of a tablet magazine." Simon Carrington, publisher, Top Gear, UK  “Magazines are terrific at getting consumers closer to brands.” Marius Cloete, head of research, PPA, UK
  20. 20. 9. Clicks ≠ success  “The sweet-spot is where print, digital, web, mobile and others intersect.” Glenn Hansen, CEO, BPA Worldwide, USA  “It's time to do data-driven advertising. Take the data, create data-driven advertising and optimise it for your community.” Denise Colella, president, Maxifier, USA
  21. 21. But tech continues to develop With data offering deeper audience understanding and insight Metrics such as viewability, in- view time, # and time of universal interactions increasingly to the fore Denise Colella Be prepared for it
  22. 22. 10. RTB is the new frontier of media planning and buying “Make use of automation. Don’t fear it. It’s super relevant for you.” “RTB is the new gold for content AND advertising.” Joelle Frijters, CEO, Improve Digital, Netherlands
  23. 23. Ad tech empowers 50% of your digital revenue will be programmatic Joelle Frijters By 2015
  24. 24. WHAT(IS(RTB?( user visits a website ad-call Real(Time( Adver@sing( Technology( hundreds of bid request to buyers winning bid ADVERTISERS( DSP’S( AD(NETWORKS( AGENCY(TRADING(DESKS( OTHER(TRADING(DESKS( 1 view is generated DATA( + hundreds of bids coming back Ad delivered 1 view is generated Joelle Frijters What is RTB?
  25. 25. 11. Brands are becoming media owners  “Content players in the game are targeting editorial quality as a key part of the service. You will struggle to hang on to your people because they will be looking at your business model and worrying about the future.”  “We are now in the content creation game alongside our clients.” David Pullan, global head of Unilever, Mindshare, UK
  26. 26. 12. Mine your natural resources "Branded content must be: Shoppable, sharable, editable, actionable, measurable, portable and searchable.” David Pullan, global head of Unilever, Mindshare, UK “We've brought our content to life. Digital has furthered our mission, original how-to information that inspires.” Ruth Feldman, international editorial director, Martha Stewart Living, USA
  27. 27. 13. Innovation excites everyone  “If you really want to survive as a 21st Century company, you must innovate.”  “"The future is both exciting and lucrative...and the alternative is very bad for your magazine's health.”  "Innovation is what you become as an organisation.” John Wilpers, Innovations, USA
  28. 28. In summary 1. Re-imagine the corporate structure 2. The consumer is at the heart of the strategy 3. Information moves at the speed of now 4. Experiment with social media 5. Mobile is an opportunity 6. E-commerce is a legitimate space for magazines to play in 7. Digital newsstands: it’s not all about Apple 8. Advertising in magazines works 9. Clicks ≠ success 10. RTB is the new frontier of media planning and buying 11. Brands are becoming media owners 12. Mine your natural resources 13. Innovation excites everyone
  29. 29. FIPP – the worldwide magazine media association Website: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: FIPP group Instagram: YouTube: FIPP channel Email: Thank you