Creative Enterprise Toolkit


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Nesta's Creative Enterprise Toolkit is a collection of tools and resources for early stage creative professionals who want to make a living from their creativity. The materials are being widely used by individuals and organisations both in the UK and internationally.

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Creative Enterprise Toolkit

  1. 1. hello !Gillian Easson @gillianeassonNesta @nesta_uk
  2. 2. Nesta…
  3. 3. Me…Digital Social Creative
  4. 4. Balancing the left with the right
  5. 5. Supporting creative individualsNesta has supported hundreds of creative freelancers and businesses aroundthe world.
  6. 6. Developing you and your idea at the same timeWord cloud showing responses to the question ‘With hindsight what was the most useful part of theStarter for 6 programme?’ (SQW interim report, 2011)
  7. 7. Arrivals and destinations 01 Getting off the ground 02 Who this guide is for and how it can help Business Facts Do you have a good idea or a good business idea? Why it’s different from other business guides Intellectual Property What to expect to get out of the process How to identify, protect and exploit IP What kind of company to set up Values Identify your values and summarise Links to useful organisations the impacts you want Case studies Evidence Modelling Illustrate what success will look like Customers Marketing Mix and Plan Determine who is buying your How to apply this mix to your product and why business needs. The main elements you need to consider when planning Your business process marketing activities The different elements that make up your business Relationships Financial Modelling The different associations you have to recognise and Including the vital role of cash flow to ensure your develop to ensure your product or service reaches your business makes enough money to continue trading in the customers way you desireChoosing your path 03 In it for the long haul 04
  8. 8. Materials are being used around the world China RussiaBrazil Nigeria
  9. 9. ‘It’s taken me a while to get over mybelief that you have to be on thebreadline to be running a successfulcreative business. Now I realise it isabout making money… we selldesigns, we make money, then wecan be more creative and take onmore new projects!’Johanna Basford, Ink Evangelist
  10. 10. Tools to helpyou visualise,plan, build,shape, test,communicate,and launch!
  11. 11. Knowing your values and developing your language 02 Think of a product or service that you really admire. What is it about it that you really like and value? What is it about your own idea that you like and admire?
  12. 12. 02Evidence modelling
  13. 13. 02 Future evidenceCreating evidence of your future success can help you identify and worktowards your goal.1st image - Dean Brown created this mock webpage. His vision was to sell his products in the Design MuseumShop, London.2nd image – Director of the Design Museum with Dean’s products a year later, ordering stock for the store.
  14. 14. Customer profiling
  15. 15. Testing your idea
  16. 16. Relationships
  17. 17. Blueprinting
  18. 18. All the best with… @gillianeasson
  19. 19. Fashion toolkit – a resource for fashion designers