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Culture for Cites and Regions Dundee Study Visit


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11 - 13 Nov 2015.

Published in: Design
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Culture for Cites and Regions Dundee Study Visit

  1. 1. Dundee Creative Industries Study Visit: Brief Post-Visit Resources. A delegation of 10 European cities/regions to Dundee, 11-13 Nov 2015: Bologna, Brno, Colchester, Granollers, Jutland, Lidingö, Linkoping, Piraeus, Wallonia and Warsaw.
  2. 2. Dundee Study Visit Referenced Organisations and Resources:
 Dundee City Council: Creative Dundee: Dundee Partnership: Dundee One City, Many Discoveries: Leisure and Culture Dundee: Unesco City of Design Dundee: Dundee Waterfront: Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA): Dundee Rep Theatre: Scottish Dance Theatre: V&A Museum of Design Dundee: Culture for Cities and Regions Case Study: Dundee - Creative Industries Support for Growth Creative Scotland: Creative HubKit: Tayscreen: Dundee Literary Festival: University of Dundee: Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design:
 Abertay University: Dundee & Angus College: Fleet Collective: We Dundee: Dundee’s Cultural Strategy 2015 - 2025 Creative Scotland’s Draft Creative Industries Strategy 2015 - 2017 Many more of Dundee’s infrastructure and support organisations are detailed here: cultural and creative industries support.
  3. 3. What surprised you about Dundee? Responses: - The city centre, all near, and all a mix of new creative spaces and heritage. - The dynamism and the collaboration between city, local authority and Creative Dundee. - The passion and energy. - Incorporating creative sector in the city development and planning. - Your work with culture networking outside and within the municipality. - Participation appears very open and accessible, e.g. print makers studio is open to 9pm at DCA and very cheap. - A very strong cultural and artistic town. - Social female impact till today. - The Dundee Partnership. - World class art exhibitions and architects. - Design - computer games - didn’t know these strategies were here. Success in organising. - The entrepreneurship. - International atmosphere and openness (met creatives from Hong Kong, Iraq, US, Canada - many living here, but fewer Europeans?). - Very strong network among the different creative individuals/institutions in Dundee. - People love working in the city… ‘I came for a 3 year contract and I’m here 15 years later’. - The diversity old and new culture in a mix. - Big drive to action. - Bottom up approach, DIY approach. Diversity of actions and initiatives. Dundee does a lot with few resources (thanks to its people). - All the little bakeries/cafes and their own printed cups etc - identity, pride, tradition very strong, people very chatty and friendly. - Private initiatives/enterprises which think and work beyond their job boundaries - linking to others/working in partnership. - The jute history. - That the strategy, economic resources (except riverside reform) and organisation is really similar to Granollers.
  4. 4. What will you do as a result of this Dundee study visit? Responses: - Get the creative segment to work closer with entrepreneurs. - Get to work! Organise and lean on other relevant politicians. - Start a Pecha Kucha night. - Start to network on a more serious level with stakeholders and within the municipality. - Create link between local authority in charge of unknown developments and creative hubs in large CCIs projects. - Try to convince the University to open a video games department. - Push local authority for co-ordinated action and continue work. - New structure of organisation. - Come back. - Try to convince the politicians about the importance of cultural venues, with DCA/Rep as examples. - Network my city to Dundee for new project. - Ask questions of people in regards to self perception and emotive civic pride. - Adopt the plan of the CCI strategy. Learn from We Dundee. - Look into strategies for CCIs in small cities/rural regions. - Involve more the private sector to support the existing initiatives (vs top down approach). Contact the comics space. - Maybe come in May for the creative festival (and hubs?). - Keep in contact and try to find partnerships for one or different projects to grow cultural, creative and open the city. - Write a study report. - Investigate more: the games industry stats and application, the smile door, social inclusion - homelessness (may follow up with EC Rep Edinburgh for ANSIP visit). - Feel more comfortable when I prepare planning, documents, programmes, etc. - Different approach to communication in reference to our strategies. - Work on a clear strategy for my project that includes CCIs.
  5. 5. sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=0CAcQjRxqFQoTCP- ZldWOjskCFQW6FAodTYsKIg& %2FShortbread_Fingers %2F23220.aspx&psig=AFQjCNHrpItpJ1hTCfhhN_cw_Q2xvC76pA&ust=1447528673950610 htt ZldWOjskCFQW6FAodTYsKIg& %2FShortbread_Fingers %2F23220.aspx&psig=AFQjCNHrpItpJ1hTCfhhN_cw_Q2xvC76pA&ust=1447528673950610 Thanks for joining us in Dundee and we look forward to welcoming you back again! Dundee Contacts: Diane Milne, Dundee City Council: Gillian Easson, Creative Dundee: Facebook / @dundeecity Facebook / @creative_dundee Online presentations: Dundee City Council - introduction and focus on creative industries Creative Dundee - introduction to the city’s creative industries network We Dundee - crowding the city’s story If you would like to receive any other presentations, please contact us directly. Photos / Media: A photograph album of the Dundee study visit is now available here on Flickr. Let us know if you have images you would like to add. Please feel free to download images for your own use, and do let us know if you write any blog posts about your trip. Media coverage about the study visit: The Courier, DCC website, Creative Dundee. Pau Rusell Köster also put together this fun short video about the trip: Dundee Study Visit video. Report powered by: