Relationship between Russia and Georgia


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Relationship between Russia and Georgia

  1. 1. Relationships between Russia and Georgia PIERRE Marie AS GIDO
  2. 2. Presentation Since years there is a conflict between Russia and Georgia. The aim of my work is to explain why. Questions are « Why such a big country like Russia shows an interest in Georgia? » and « What are the real issues? » This conflict includes a territorial issue in the Caucasus with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Indeed those countries and Georgia are not stable because of their several ethnic groups.
  3. 3. Presentation South Ossetia is part of Georgia whereas North Ossetia is part of Russia. South Ossetia claims independance : Russia acknowledges it whereas Georgia does not. Russia does not approve the fact that Georgia is becoming closer to the West and more particulary to the United-States which bring us to the endless conflict between Russia and the USA.
  4. 4. Why this subjecto Today the situation between Russia and Georgia is still tense.o This conflict has been in the news lately with the signature of a compromise between Russia and Georgia.o I thought it would be interesting to explain their relationship in such a way that people understand the issues of this conflict.
  5. 5. PublicThis watch is for everyone interested in Russianand Georgian politics and who would like toknow more about their relationships, and inparticular why Russia takes an interest in a smallcountry such as Georgia.
  6. 6. Example of messageTitle : « Uncertain world : Will Russia lose Georgia for good? »By : Fyodor LukyanovDate : February 2, 2012Abstract : Presents relationships between Russia , Georgia and the United- States whereas Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili got an official visit to the White House. A relation that Russia sees as a threat.Quotations : ”No matter what the United States thinks about Saakashvili as a person, it does not want to lose a strategic ally willing to support America in the Caucasus.”
  7. 7. Example of message “Relations with Russia were marred by the complicated, long-standing dispute over Abkhazia and South Ossetia.” “However, these signs of improvement do not change the overall situatio, Russia and Georgia remain at odds over Moscow’s recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent states…”.Index terms : Georgia ; Russia ; Saakashvili, Mikheil ; Obama, Barack ; disputes ; strategies ; relationships.Source : Rianovosti : file:///F:/DOC%20georgie.htmFound with : Google Alerts “Russia” and “Georgia”
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