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Apple has not unanimous


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Published in: Technology
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Apple has not unanimous

  1. 1. Applehas not unanimous support October 2012. CC.
  2. 2. What is Apple?Apple Inc. is an American multinationalcorporation that designs and sells consumerelectronics, computer software, and personalcomputers. The company’s best knownhardware products are the Macintosh line ofcomputers, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad.
  3. 3. Why this subject?I chose this topic because the multinationalApple is an international success for many years.Despite the quality of its products and services,the company has not unanimous support in thegeneral public. It is often criticized.
  4. 4. Former Apple exec: «Apple haven’t invented anything ».“As Apple prepares to launch what by all accounts will bethe most successful device it has ever built — and just a fewweeks after the company was awarded more than $1 billionin damages when Samsung was found to have infringed onits IP. An article penned by a former Apple executivequestions exactly what Apple’s role is in the consumerelectronics industry. Jean-Louis Gassee, who came veryclose to becoming the president of Apple in the late 1980sbefore being ousted by CEO John Scully and Apple’s board,claims that while Apple’s success in the industry cannot bedisputed, its perception as an innovator is open todiscussion...”By Zach Epstein – September 11th, 2012
  5. 5. Informations• URL : criticism-ipad-iphone-gassee/• Index Terms: « Apple » – « criticism » – « lawsuit » – « innovation » – « Jean-Louis Gassee »- « unanimous »
  6. 6. Watch Tools• I Found this with : Google Research• I used NetVibes too