Java Everywhere. Descubra la Internet de las Cosas


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Java Everywhere. Descubra la Internet de las Cosas

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Java Embedded and moreDimas OliveiraSenior Sales Consultant
  2. 2. The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated intoany contract. It is not a commitment to deliverany material, code, or functionality, and shouldnot be relied upon in making purchasingdecisions. The development, release, and timingof any features or functionality described forOracle s products remains at the sole discretionof Oracle.
  3. 3. Internet of things and Java•  Embedded market evolving rapidly: “internet of things” •  Everything connected quickly, reliably, for longer •  Embedded development platforms are key•  Java is the leading embedded platform •  Any market, any device, any size •  Secure, reliable, largest base of developers: all backed by Oracle•  Java is strategic to Oracle •  Investments in technology, partnerships and community eco-system
  4. 4. Building an Embedded SystemWhat’s keeping you awake at night?•  Security •  Time-to-market•  Predictable technology •  Building a developer updates ecosystem•  Everything is networked •  Maturity and reliability•  Cost sensitivity •  Standards support
  5. 5. Java in the Internet of Things 31 billion devices, 4 billion people connected by 2020 Personal Med-Large Embedded / Multi- VoIP Comm Devices function Devices Industrial controls / Sensors / Network AppliancesMicrocontrollers Cloud for Embedded Devices Meters Enterprise Data & Applications Management / Monitoring / Operations Smart Appliances & electronics Connected Vehicles
  6. 6. The Spectrum of Embedded Java Platform Footprint10MB-100MB Large Embedded 1MB-10MB Medium Embedded Small Embedded 50KB-1MB Device CPU/ GPU/I-O
  7. 7. Java Embedded Product Families Java SE Embedded Tools & Tools APIs Java ME Embedded UI Toolkits CDC based Integration Libraries CLDC Based Java TV API XML APIs Other Other Base Libraries Optional Device Personal Basis Pkgs APIs Other Profile Optional Lang & Util Base Libraries IMP Pkgs Foundation Profile Connect Device Configuration CLDC VM Hotspot VM Embedded OS Embedded OS Embedded OS
  8. 8. Java Embedded Example devices powered by OracleSmall Medium Large •  Multi Function Printers•  RFID Readers •  Routers & Switches •  ATMs•  Parking Meters •  Storage Appliances •  POS Systems•  Intelligent Power •  Network Management •  In-Flight Entertainment Module Systems Systems•  Smart Meters •  Factory Automation Systems •  Electronic Voting •  Security Systems Systems •  Medical Imaging Systems
  9. 9. Partial List of Customers & Partners
  10. 10. Summary•  Java is a trusted, robust platform ideally-suited to embedded systems where security and reliability are critical•  Java’s scalable architecture and efficient language lower costs by shortening development time and easing maintenance requirements•  Java’s large ecosystem of developers, partners, support, and training supports on-time delivery of projects and products
  11. 11. Industry SolutionsJava Embedded: Enabling new opportunities Network Equipment & Printers Smart Grid: Meters, Concentrators, Residential Gateways Medical: TeleHealth & Imaging Industrial controls & M2M Digital Entertainment & TV
  12. 12. Cisco Advanced VOIP Phone•  Enterprise class voice communications  Advanced call features  Remote provisioning and management  Integration with enterprise systems•  Java provides:  Advanced fully-customizable UI  Interactive video  Back-end services integration  Extensible application support
  13. 13. Kronos InTouch Smart Time Clock•  Connected time clock enables advanced workforce management•  Java provides:  Flexible touchscreen UI  Biometric ID support  Card reader  Extensible Kronos Smart App platform
  14. 14. Digital Television•  Over 150 million Java-based TV devices globally   All Blu-ray Disc players   Cable, satellite, terrestrial set-top boxes   Integrated digital televisions   Game consoles   Tru2way, GEM, Ginga-J global standards•  Java enables studios, broadcasters, and service operators to deliver compelling television apps and services across hundreds of different models of receivers and players
  15. 15. Smart Metering and Meter Management•  Intelligent monitoring of energy use and distribution•  Regulations require energy providers to purchase infrastructure from multiple vendors•  Java provides the ability for a common application to run across concentrators from multiple vendors based on varying underlying hardware and operating systems
  16. 16. Java Embedded in Smart Grid Billing /Settlement Systems Embedded Enterprise Service Bus Customer Information System Head-endMeter Data Repository & Management System WANMeter Data Management System Embedded Work Order Mgmt & Inventory Embedded Outage Mgmt System
  17. 17. M2M: Wireless Modules•  Small, wireless devices add intelligence to:   Industrial automation   Healthcare applications   Security   Monitoring•  Smart & programmable   CPU, RAM/Flash, I/O, SIM   Highly integrated, 2G/3G connectivity (voice + data), low power•  Java adds intelligence and connectivity to vertical solutions