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Introducing Cach Efx Jan 08[Go]
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Introducing Cach Efx Jan 08[Go]


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Introducing CACHEfx Scalable Caching Appliances January 2008
  • 2. Current Trends Creating I/O Bottlenecks Current trends driving painful storage problems
    • Storage bottleneck trends
    • Shared I/O applications
    • File-content explosion
    • Server virtualization
    • Web-scale applications
    • Oracle on NFS/DirectNFS
    • Traditional solutions are no longer effective
      • Disk over provisioning
      • Server or subsystem caching
  • 3. A New Approach: Centralized Storage Caching
      • Dramatically increase performance
        • IOPS, low latency, throughput
      • Reduce over-provisioning
        • Less power, space, cooling
      • Guarantee service levels
      • Install seamlessly
        • Maintain storage processes (snapshots, mirroring, archive)
      • Scale as a shared network resource
    Cached data served 10-50x faster from memory Clustered File System Gear6 Scalable Caching Appliance
  • 4. Introducing CACHEfx Scalable Caching Appliances
    • Use high-speed memory to overcome disk-based IOPS and latency limitations
    • Accelerate data center systems and applications by seamlessly eliminating I/O bottlenecks
    • Fit existing infrastructure
      • Initial focus on NAS/NFS
      • Support clustered file systems
    • Deliver true performance
      • Low latency
      • High IOPS
      • and high throughput
    • Support thousands of clients
    • Scale to multiple terabytes
    • Close the performance gap
    Scalable Caching Appliances
  • 5. Delivering Results for Production Customers! 3x Increase in project capacity with no additional storage hardware 5x Application performance increase 85% Reduction in filer load (IOPS and throughput) 100% Client utilization achieved, up from 60%
  • 6. Positive Impact of Centralized Storage Caching
    • Virtualization
    • Databases
    • File-centric data stores
    • Shared I/O Applications
      • Electronic design
      • Animation
      • Financial analytics
      • Energy
      • Media delivery
      • Biotechnology
    New virtual machines Concurrent clients Random access Transaction intensive Large data sets Peak loads with SLAs Performance and acceleration Reduce over-provisioning Quality of Service Investment protection Broad Market Applicability Pervasive Data Center Trends Consistent Benefits
  • 7. CACHEfx Appliance and Reflex OS
    • Reflex OS™
      • Coherent memory aggregation
      • Parallel I/O and real time response for scalable I/O bandwidth
      • Intelligent cache services
    • Appliance Performance
      • From 250,000 to millions of IOPS
      • Microsecond response time
      • Scales linearly
    • Network
      • From 1.6 Gigabytes per second
      • 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
    • Capacity
      • Starting at ¼ TB. More capacity via real time compression. Scale to 5TB
    • Supported Protocols
      • NFS and clustered file systems
      • Other protocols planned
    Virtualization Performance Cache Services Reflex OS
  • 8. Deployment Use Cases
    • Problems
      • I/O constraints
      • Poor utilization
      • Varied service levels
    • Solutions
      • Application acceleration
      • Efficient performance
      • Guaranteed storage quality of service
    • Benefits
      • Shorten processing times
      • Simplify configurations
      • Easily manage peak loads
      • No infrastructure change
      • Supercharge all NAS/NFS and clustered file systems
    CACHEfx™ NFS Servers/Storage (clustered file systems) NFS Clients Application and Database Servers Ethernet/IP Network Direct data path available anytime Performance and Acceleration Reduce Over-provisioning Quality of Service
  • 9. What Customers Are Saying About Gear6 : Gear6 Confidential Accelerating storage for real time application performance
  • 10. Backup Slides
  • 11. Caching and Namespace Performance Low Latency IOPS Throughput Global Namespace Memory Disks Shared Namespace File System Performance Capacity Caching performance Namespace performance
  • 12. Current Ineffective Performance Approaches
    • Latency and IOPS limited by disk
      • New hardware, file system, storage software
      • Great for capacity, not performance
    • Scarce memory resources
      • Limited capacity
      • Difficult to scale and share
      • Architecturally complex
    • Latency and IOPS limited by disk
      • Over-provision for performance
      • Frequent “Hot Spots”
      • High CAPEX and OPEX
    Parallel / Clustered File Systems Device Caching Traditional NAS