Clustered ONTAP for Cloud


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NetApp Data clustered ONTAP offers a unified scale-out storage solution for an adaptable, always-on storage infrastructure to accommodate today's virtualized infrastructures.  For service providers, each customer maps to a separate Vserver on a storage cluster; this is the key to our multi-tenant environment and enables many of our key capabilities. Come and hear this intelligent, immortal, and infinite storage technology from NetApp. 

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Clustered ONTAP for Cloud

  1. 1. Clustered ONTAP for Data Center Rachel Zhu Twitter: @rachelzhu Blog: #NetAppSynergy
  2. 2. #NetAppSynergy Traditional Storage Infrastructure 2  Inflexible capacity silos  Complexity at large scale Windows®  Performance bottleneck  Insufficient availability Linux® Cluster UNIX® Future Doesn’t Keep Up with Infrastructure Demands
  3. 3. Better Scalability and Flexibility with clustered ONTAP 3 Clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.2 vFilervFilervFilervFilervFilervFilervFilervFilervFilerVserver Vserver Vserver Vserver Vserver Vserver Vserver Vserver Single system scales up to 24 nodes  Nondisruptive operations  Keep adding 1000s of users without downtime  Operational simplicity, flexibility OS, Standard Apps Citrix XenDesktop Desktone VMware View
  4. 4. #NetAppSynergy The Logical Storage Container: Vserver  Simplifies management: − Compared to individual volume mount points or LUN mappings − Especially in large environments  Is easily modified to meet changing business needs  Seamlessly grows or shrinks; can scale to many petabytes  Includes an application view that is unchanged as data moves  Provides access to any data from anywhere Data Network A1 HA Pair A A1 A2 A3 B2 B1 4 A2 A3 A Vserver Cluster Interconnect B1 B2B0 B0 Vserver
  5. 5. #NetAppSynergy Data Network Cluster Interconnect HA Pair Transparent Data Mobility  Move volumes from one aggregate to another: − Independence of source and destination aggregate type − Data moved within a Vserver  Data access is unchanged: − Eliminates need for volume remounts and client changes − LUN mappings are consistent  No impact to clients and applications; cutover is within NAS and SAN timeouts B2 B1 B1 B2 A A1 A2 A3 5 A3 AA2 VserverVserver A1 B0 B0
  6. 6. #NetAppSynergy Benefits 6  Run your business 24x7x365  Eliminate planned downtime  Get ahead of market changes  Dynamically adjust to changes in business requirements  Grow your business, not your IT expenses  Massively scale infrastructure with existing IT staff Nondisruptive Operations On-Demand Flexibility Operational Efficiency
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