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    Etica en la empresa Etica en la empresa Presentation Transcript

    • 3 ideas yalgunas historias de personas que querían cambiar
    • idea 1 no saldremos de esta crisis hasta que no se produzcauna profunda regeneración ética en empresas y sociedad
    • Olivier Blanchard FMI World Economic Outlook October 2012
    • Olivier Blanchard If uncertainty is indeed behind the currentslowdown, and if the adoption and implementation of these measures decrease uncertainty, things may turn out better than our forecasts, not only in Europe, but also in the rest of the world. I, for once, would be happy if our baseline forecasts turn out to be inaccurate - in this case, too pessimistic.
    • John Kay Kay Review effect of UK equity markets on thecompetitiveness of UK business
    • John KayFinancial intermediation depends on trust and confidence … Trust and confidence are the product of long-term commercial and personal relationships: trust and confidence are not generally created by trading between anonymous agents attempting to make short term gains at each other’s expense.
    • John Kay Trust and confidence, or their absence, are the product of the prevailing culture.Incentives matter: not because, as some people crudely think, financial rewards are the only human motivation – although there are somepeople of whom that is true, and many of them are to be found in the financial sector.
    • John Kay Most people have more complex goals, but they generally behave in line with the values andaspirations of the environment in which they find themselves. We must create cultures in which business and finance can work together to create highperforming companies and earn returns for savers on a sustainable basis.
    • Fahreed Zakaria Harvard UniversityCommencement Speech
    • Fahreed Zakaria But one thing I do know is that human beings will reward and honor those talents of heart and mind they have always honored for thousands of years:intelligence, hard work, discipline, courage, loyalty and, perhaps above all, love and a generosity of spirit
    • Fahreed Zakaria Trust yourself; you know what you should do. You know the kind of life you should live. You don’t need an ethics course to know what you shouldn’t do. Just trust in your instincts, be true to them, andyou will make for yourself a great and a good life. And, in doing so, you will change the world.
    • idea 2 La regeneración ética nos va a llevar mucho tiempoUna de las últimas (Renacimiento) duró tres siglos
    • Dante AlighieriPoeta Florentino 1265 - 1321Divina Comedia
    • Dante Alighieri Nel mezzo del cammin dinostra vita mi ritrovai per una selva oscura ché la diritta via era smarrita
    • Dante Alighieri L’amor che move il sole e l‘altre stelle(Paradiso XXXIII,145)
    • Tomás MoroLord Chancelor High Steward 1478 - 535 Utopía
    • Tomás Moro La pobreza del pueblo es la defensa de la monarquía. La indigencia y la miseria privan de todo valor, embrutecen las almas,las acomodan al sufrimiento y a la esclavitud y las oprimen hasta el punto de privarlas de toda energía para sacudir el yugo
    • idea 3 la defensa de los valores,trabajar por la regeneración ética es una tarea exigente desde el punto de vista personal
    • El casoWinslow 1999
    • El caso WinslowNo, not justice. Right. Easy to do justice,very hard to do right.
    • The Company Men 2010
    • The Company Men HR Director: Im confident all these dismissals will stand up under legal scrutiny. Gene McClary: What about ethical scrutiny. HR Director: Were not breaking any laws, Gene.Gene McClary: I guess I always assumed were trying for a higher standard than that, Paul.
    • cambiando el mapa mental
    • Mila esker !