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Kites poems

  1. 1. Look at our awesome computer skills. We are learning to type ourpoems, use different font and insert a picture. Enjoy our poems about kites.
  2. 2. A curly kiteA beautiful kite, colourful and bright. Swirly and Twirly and Diving and Bucking all day long Kites up in the sky Down on the ground and…. Snap!!! B y e kite
  3. 3. Uncontrollable KitesKites up in the skyTwirling around with no control. Then… SNAP!!!.Loop to loop went the first one . Twirling around went secondoneThird one went SNAP!!!.on the tree.By Aliza
  4. 4. Kites Kites glide in the skyThey soar up in the beautiful skyTwirling, swirling and racing with the other kites.By Ayesha
  5. 5. Kites are crazy but here they come Twirling, swirling, diving, bucking Uncontrollable.• By Ayshah
  6. 6. Amazing KiteSwirling , twirling, diving, bucking into the high blue sky. Falling down like a sighing kite Turning, diving, bucking, flapping Its wings glide Crazy side to side into the beautiful Sun. by Biance
  7. 7. Crazy kitesMy kite is swirling and…twirling …wild kites!!!then DROPStraight to the ground …what great fun!!!By Branden
  8. 8. Crazy Kites Up downCrazy kite coming to fly and in the sky. I have to hold my string so tight. free Flutter as as a kite. By Chaomin
  9. 9. Kites One little kite feeling sad in the sky Another kite came and said hello The wind blows and blowsThe kite’s tail broke so the little kite glided home. By Hayden
  10. 10. Crazy kitesCrazy kites’ crazy kites diving, zoomingRacing in the deep blue sky by Kassie
  11. 11. BY RACHEL
  12. 12. Kites by Raymond Kites gliding through the sky. Doing tricks like loops,spinning up in the sky.They look crazy. They soar everywhere.Thetail goes back and forth and left and right.
  13. 13. Kites by Mitchell WoodheadKites dive and swirl and flutter. Kites are up in the Beautiful Blue sky.
  14. 14. Look at those kitesLook at those kites f lying through the air. But now the rough wind is here. Loop the loop it goes.Uncontrollable for the owner of the kite. “Oh what a sin” cries the owner .The kite is racing the birds . Who will win? By Shania
  15. 15. Dancing Kites Here I come flying in the blue sky I go twirling and dancing and prancingI say hello to the birds and say hello to the clouds. By Shannon
  16. 16. Crazy KitesCrazy kites fluttering, flipping, prancing, turning , wiggling in the breeze. Swirling, spinning, soaring, gliding. By Thahaseen
  17. 17. Flying kitesFlying kites are also funBut kites that get messy Are not very fun at all By Vinslea