Proven Oilfield Cost Reduction & Environmental Results


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Introduction, analysis and projection model for HSE improvements to production, service, maintenance, repair, field services, manufacturing and other types of industrial processes - specifically, outlining the benefits to HSE and cost reduction for Oilfield related activities from actual users over the last few years utilizing proven green replacement solutions.

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Proven Oilfield Cost Reduction & Environmental Results

  1. 1. Pollu%on  Preven%on     by  Design   The  Environmental  Solu1ons     for     Today’s    Oil  &  Gas  related    Maintenance,  Cleaning  &  Degreasing  Requirements.  
  2. 2. Inland  Technology  Incorporated  is  a  research  and  development  company.  Our  principle  business  for  the  last  30  years  has  been  designing  and  manufacturing  environmental  technology;  technology  that  reduces  or  eliminates  the   genera%on   of   hazardous   waste,   Hazardous   Air   Pollutants   (HAPs),   and   Vola%le   Organic   Compound   (VOCs)  emissions.  We  are  a  recognized  world-­‐wide  leader  for  advanced  environmentally  responsible  solvents  that  are  long  term  sustainable  solu%ons.      We  have  been  successful  at  providing  non-­‐hazardous,  alterna%ve  green  chemistry  for  the  Military,  Aerospace,  Automo%ve,  Industrial,  and  Oil  &  Gas  industries  for  a  variety  of  clients  such  as  the  Boeing  Company,  General  Dynamics,  Halliburton,  the  Ford  Motor  company,  Intel,  the  Department  of  Defense,  and  NASA  –  replacing  many  of   the   hazardous   solvents   that   are   being   highly   regulated   today   and   used   in   a   variety   of   ac%vi%es   such   as  degreasing,  cold  solvent  cleaning,  paint  cleanup,  weapons  cleaning,  and  surface  prepara%on  of  all  kinds.        Many  of  our  technologies  have  been  independently  verified  through  Scien%fic  Material  Interna%onal  (SMI  Labs)  and  offer  major  benefits  in  the  reduc%on  of  HAPs  &  VOCs  and  have  drama%cally  reduced  the  waste  streams  and  carbon  footprints  for  a  wide  variety  of  sites  seeking  more  green  technology  while  at  the  same  %me  decreasing  costs  associated  with  these  ac%vi%es.    
  3. 3. Inland  Technology  Incorporated  enjoys  the  following  creden%als  among  many  others:       Ø   Iden%fied  by  the  Na%onal  Defense  Center  for  Environmental  Excellence  (NDCEE)  as  a  Research  Center   suppor%ng  the  Defense  Community  in  the  development  of  environmentally  acceptable  technologies.       Ø   A  member  of  the  Joint  Associa%on  for  the  Advancement  of  Supercri%cal  Technology  (JAAST)  along   with  other  technology  giants  such  as  Los  Alamos  Na%onal  Laboratories,  Ba]elle  Northwest   Laboratories,  IBM,  Boeing,  and  Hughes.       Ø   Has  members  listed  in  the  Department  of  Energy  (DOE)  Inventory  of  Exper%se  in  its  Innova%ve   Technology  Development  Plan.       Ø   Ac%ve  in  the  ASTM  F-­‐7  Subcommi]ee  on  Solvent  Subs%tutes  for  Aircra_  and  Aerospace.       Ø   An  ac%ve  member  of  SAE  Aerospace  Commi]ee  J  establishing  material  standards  for  aerospace   chemicals.     Ø   Has  ac%ve  members  listed  in  ASM  Interna%onal,  the  central  authority  on  the  development,   processing  and  applica%on  of  materials  -­‐  from  the  structural  to  the  nanoscale.  
  4. 4. A  few  of  Inland  Technology’s  High  Profile  clients  
  5. 5. Oil  &  Gas  Industry  Solu%ons    Along  with  general  use  items  such  as  Parts  Washing,  Paint  Cleanup  and  Surface   Prepara%on,  Inland  Technology  has  been  able  to  provide  HSE  approved  and  proven   solu%ons  to  the  following  Halliburton  specific  ac%vi%es:       •  Cleanup  of  Copper  based  Greases  (and  other  metallic-­‐based  greases  such  as  Zinc)  used  in   High-­‐Pressure,  High-­‐Temperature    Tubing,  Threads,  Protectors  and  other  Drilling  &   ProducFon  processes.   •  Surface  Cleaning  of  drill  ‘Cones’  with  no  or  low-­‐VOC  soluFons  for  Gross  and  Final  cleaning   •  Mud  Lab  equipment  cleaning  with  non-­‐Regulated,  odorless  material   •  Magnaflux  /  non-­‐DestrucFve  TesFng  (NDT)  surface  preparaFon  with  low-­‐VOC  material   (cleaning  porFon)   •  Crude  Oil  /  Paraffin  Wax  cleanup  with  non-­‐Regulated  material   •  Meter  Flushing  with  non-­‐Regulated  material   •  Non-­‐Emulsifying,  non-­‐Corrosive,  Aqueous  based  material  for  Pressure  Washing   •  Dykem  Dye  removal  and  cleanup   •  Weight  Displacement  Test  in  Labs  (replacing  Hexane)   •  Circuit  Board  cleanup  of  flux  (flux  removal)   •  Field  cleaning  of  Tools  and  parts   •  Testwell  Tool  cleanup  
  6. 6. Cold  Solvent  /  Partswashing  Solu%on    Breakthrough:     BREAKTHROUGH®  is  a  benzene  free,  HAP  free,  state  of  the  art  solvent  designed  to  help  users  break  out  of   the  tangle  of  regulaFons  regarding  emissions,  disposal,  and  industrial  health  hazards.       BREAKTHROUGH®  is  a  virtually  odorless,  low  toxicity,  high-­‐purity  hydrocarbon  that  exhibits  a  very  low   degree  of  irritancy  to  the  eyes  and  is  non-­‐irritaFng  to  the  skin.  It  has  low  vapor  pressure  to  control  volaFle   organic  compound  (VOC)    missions,  and  is  non-­‐carcinogenic.     BREAKTHROUGH®  has  no  listed  components  and  no  characterisFcs  of  hazardous  waste  per  the  EPA;  and   worker  exposure  is  not  regulated  by  the  OSHA  Z-­‐list.    SpecificaFons:    HALLIBURTON    Part  Number  #  101977394  –  Degreasing  ApplicaFons,  along  with    Part  Number#  101977393   BOEING  AIRCRAFT  COMPANY   BAC  5750  -­‐  General  Solvent  Cleaning  on  Boeing  Aircrag.   MIL  PRF-­‐680  Type  II  (Compliant  for  PD-­‐680  Type  I  and  Type  II  –  On  QPL  List)    GE  AIRCRAFT  ENGINES      C04-­‐002  –  BREAKTHROUGH®  is  approved  for  all  engine  cleaning  applicaFons  calling  for  PD-­‐680  Type  I      and  Type  II    CFM  AIRCRAFT  ENGINES      CP  2011  –  BREAKTHROUGH®  is  approved  for  all  aircrag  engine  cleaning  applicaFons  calling  for  PD-­‐680  Type  I      and  Type  II.    PRATT  &  WHITNEY      PMC  9001  –  BREAKTHROUGH®  approved  to  Engine  Cleaning  SpecificaFon    ROLLS  ROYCE  AIRCRAFT  ENGINES      BREAKTHROUGH®  is  approved  for  all  aircrag  engine  cleaning  applicaFons  calling  for  PD-­‐680  Type  II    BELL  HELICOPTER      Part  Number  2110-­‐07015  -­‐  General  solvent  cleaning  on  Bell  Helicopter  Aircra_    SIKORSKY  AIRCRAFT  CORPORATION      Part  Number  08UTC-­‐40588  -­‐  General  cleaning  on  Sikorsky  Aircra_    U.S.  AIR  FORCE      PRO-­‐ACT  SS  Talk  EdiFon  31,  Dec  96  authorizes  BREAKTHROUGH®  as  MIL  PRF-­‐680,  Type  II  
  7. 7. Edge  Tek™  Partswashers   §  Self-­‐recycling  via  micro-­‐filtraFon  that   filters  down  to  .1  micron  nominal   §  Keeps  Inland’s  Breakthrough®  clean/ usable  for  extended  periods     §  LifeFme  Warranty  on  Edge  Tek™®  (when   Inland  materials  are  used)   §  Tested  and  validated  by  the  EPA  
  8. 8. Edge  Tek™    Partswashers  §  Reduces  hazardous  waste  generated  by   partswashers    §  Saves  major  dollars  (50%  or  more)  over   common  partswasher  service  companies  §  RouFne  maintenance  is  minimal  and  is     easily  done  by  the  customer  in  many   locaFons  
  9. 9. Carrollton, TX : Payback Annual Inland Total Period / Operating Monthly Previous Cost % Technology Annual Return on Cost Since Cost Monthly Cost Reduced Equipment Savings Investment Installation (ROI)Site  Analysis  of  Four   2 @ IT-80 $137.77 per Approximately $400 perOilField  Service  sites   Eighty machine 83% $2,755.50 machine (4) $15,893.52 6 Months Gallon (2) per Reduction per month partswasher monthu%lizing  Inland   North Belt – Houston, TX:Technology  solu%ons  (2   Inland Annual Operating Monthly Previous Cost % Total Payback Period / Technology Monthly Annual Return onyears  in  service  +)  versus   Equipment Cost Since Installation Cost Cost Reduced Savings Investment (ROI)previous  rental  /  service   10 Units, from $358.33 peroriented  technology   30gallon to 165 gallon $6,910.80 $57.59 per month, per unit per month (10) 84% $24,088.80 13 months size, unit (10) reductionused.   automated units approximate Well Dynamics – Spring, TX: Payback Annual Inland Previous Total Period / Operating Monthly Cost % Technology Monthly Annual Return on Cost Since Cost Reduced Equipment Cost Savings Investment Installation (ROI) 1 Unit, IT- $589.00 per 80 $107.11 per month per Agitating unit (1) per 80% $1285.35 unit (1) $5,782.65 3 months eighty month reduction approximate gallon Houston Screens – Houston, TX: Payback Annual Inland Previous Total Period / Operating Monthly Cost % Technology Monthly Annual Return on Cost Since Cost Reduced Equipment Cost Savings Investment Installation (ROI) $455.70 per 5 Units, 30 $85.72 per month per 81% Gallon unit (5) per $5,143.48 unit (5) reduction $22,203.52 7 months Chest style month approximate
  10. 10. Cost  Comparison  for  these  four  sites  versus   Conven%onal  Methodology  (Annually).   Annual  Costs  from  Combined  Sites  (North  Belt,   Carrollton,  Shearn  Street,  Well  Dynamics)  $120,000.00     $96,609.60    $100,000.00     $80,000.00     $60,000.00     Annual  Costs  from   $40,000.00     Combined  Sites  (North   Belt,  Carrollton,  Shearn   $16,095.13     $20,000.00     Street,  Well  Dynamics)   $0.00     ConvenFonal   Inland  Technology   Method  (Annually)   (Annually)  
  11. 11. Waste  Disposal  Comparison  for  the  first  four   Halliburton  sites  versus  Conven%onal  Methodology   (Annually).   Annual  Waste  Disposed  from  Combined  Sites  (Carrollton,   North  Belt,  Shearn  St,  Well  Dynamics)  16,000   13,800  14,000  12,000  10,000   8,000   Annual  Waste  Disposed   6,000   from  Combined  Sites   4,000   (Carrollton,  North  Belt,   2,000   760   Shearn  St,  Well  Dynamics)   0   Previous:         Current:                                 ConvenFonal  Method   Inland  Technology   (Annually  in  Gallons)   (Annually  in  Gallons)  
  12. 12.  §       Waste  solvents  are  almost  universally  burned  for              energy  recovery  §       Inland  Technology’s  Partswashing/ReclamaFon            System  reduces  waste  solvent  generaFon  by            nearly  90%  §       This  equates  to  approximately  7,500  pounds            per  year  per  unit  §       Since  1989,  Inland  Technology’s  clients  have              reduced  CO2  emissions  by  more  than            3,000,000,000  pounds  
  13. 13. Carbon  (CO2)  Emission  Output  (from  Partswashing)   Comparison  based  on  the  first  four  Halliburton  sites   versus  Conven%onal  Methodology  (Annually).   Annual  Carbon  (CO2)  Emissions  associated  with  the   Combined  Sites  (Carrollton,  North  Belt,  Shearn  St,  Well   Dynamics)  4,000,000   3,795,000  3,500,000  3,000,000  2,500,000   Annual  Carbon  (CO2)  2,000,000   Created  from  Combined  1,500,000   Sites  (Carrollton,  North  1,000,000   Belt,  Shearn  St,  Well   500,000   19,500   0   Dynamics)   Previous:   Current:  Inland   ConvenFonal  Method   Technology         (Annually  in  Pounds)   (Annually  in  Pounds)  
  14. 14. Projec%ng  the  Economy  of  Scale  when   Implemen%ng  Proven  Cost  Saving  Replacement   Chemistry  throughout  a  Company’s  Supply   System     If  a  company  has  only  ONE  machine  (Partswasher)  at  each  Service  /   Manufacturing  /  Produc%on  /  Field  Camp  or  Rig  Site  Worldwide,  accoun%ng   for  1,000  sites  in  total  –  what  would  the  Environmental  Benefits  be…?  The   Cost  Savings  to  the  company’s  bo]om  line…?      
  15. 15. Cost  Projec%on  Model  based  on  having  one  single  unit   (or  three  units)  on  average  at  every  site  with  1,000   Produc%on,  Service  or  Field  Camp  sites  Worldwide  COST  Projec%on  Model   Based  on  1  unit  @1,000   Based  on  3  units  @1,000   Sites  Worldwide   Sites  Worldwide  ConvenFonal  Method   $5,367,200.00  /  Annually   $16,101,600.00  /  Annually  Inland  Technology   $894,170.00  /  Annually   $2,682,510.00  /  Annually  Reduc1on  from  use  of   $4,473,030.00     $13,419,090.00  Inland  Technology**   **EsFmated  projecFon  based  on  historical  data  from  the  First   Four  Sites,  informaFon  provided  by  Site  HSE  Personnel  and   Inland  Technology  analysis.  
  16. 16. Waste  Projec%on  Model  based  on  having  one  single   unit  (or  three  units)  on  average  at  every  site  with   1,000  Produc%on,  Service  or  Field  Camp  sites   Worldwide  WASTE  Projec%on  Model   Based  on  1  unit  @1,000   Based  on  3  units  @1,000   Sites  Worldwide   Sites  Worldwide  ConvenFonal  Method   767,000  gallons  /  Annually   2,301,000  gallons  /   Annually  Inland  Technology   42,000  gallons  /  Annually   126,000  gallons  /  Annually  Reduc1on  from  use  of   725,000  gallons   2,175,000  gallons  Inland  Technology**   **EsFmated  projecFon  based  on  historical  data  from  the  First   Four  Sites,  informaFon  provided  by  Site  HSE  Personnel  and   Inland  Technology  analysis.  
  17. 17. Carbon  (CO2)  Emissions  associated  (from   Partswashing)  Projec%on  Model  based  on  having  one   single  unit  (or  three  units)  on  average  at  every  site   with  1,000  Produc%on,  Service  or  Field  Camp  sites   Worldwide  CARBON  (CO2)  Projec%on   Based  on  1  unit  @1,000   Based  on  3  units  @1,000  Model   Sites  Worldwide   Sites  Worldwide  ConvenFonal  Method   210,834,000lbs  /  Annually   632,502,016lbs  /  Annually  Inland  Technology   1,083,000lbs  /  Annually   3,249,000lbs  /  Annually  Reduc1on  from  use  of   209,751,000lbs   629,253,016lbs  Inland  Technology**   **EsFmated  projecFon  based  on  historical  data  from  the  First   Four  Sites,  informaFon  provided  by  Site  HSE  Personnel  and   Inland  Technology  analysis.  
  18. 18. Paint  Cleanup  Ac%vi%es  EP-­‐921:   EP-­‐921™  is  a  unique  cleaning  compound  designed  as  a  subs%tute  for  MEK,  MEK/Toluene  blends,   and  lacquer  washes.  EP-­‐921™  contains  no  Hazardous  Air  Pollutant  (HAP),  is  extremely  low  in   vola%lity  and  excellent  for  resin  and  paint  applicaFon  equipment  clean  up.       EP-­‐921™  is  a  lightly  regulated,  low  VOC,  low  toxicity,  high  flash  point  formula%on  that  is  ideal  for   func%oning  within  the  modern  regulatory  climate.  In  fact,  the  emission  limitaFon  inherent  in  its   formulaFon  may  qualify  it  as  a  Maximum  Available  Control  Technology  (MACT).  Its  use  without   vapor  collecFon  will  compete  favorably  with  the  use  of  MEK  and  a  99.7%  efficient  vapor  collecFon   system.  Users  should  check  with  local  air  polluFon  control  jurisdicFons  for  a  determinaFon.       EP-­‐921™  is  the  only  compound  u%lized  for  paint  opera%ons  cleanup  that  enjoys  a  toxicity   clearance  from  the  U.S.  Army  Center  for  Health  PromoFon  and  PreventaFve  Medicine  (CHPPM),  1   December,  1998.    Specifica%ons:      BOEING  AIRCRAFT  COMPANY   BAC  5750  –  General  solvent  cleaning   U.S.  AIRFORCE      Tech  Order  to  replace  1,1,1  Trichloroethane  regarding  maintenance  for  the  Advanced  Cruise  Missile    ROCKET  RESEARCH  (OLIN  AEROSPACE  DIVISION)      RRC-­‐M&P-­‐0005,  SoluFon  017  –  Ultra-­‐sonic  cleaning  and  hand  wiping    GENERAL  DYNAMICS  MISSILE  SYSTEMS  SPECIFICATION      0-­‐75173  –  Process  specificaFon  for  spot  and  seam  resistance  welding      5-­‐73509  –  Process  specificaFon  for  cleaning  corrosion  resistant  steels      
  19. 19. Aqueous  Partswashing  &  Pressure  Washing  Solu%on  Millennium:     MILLENNIUM®  is  the  first  non-­‐VOC,  non-­‐HAP  aqueous  partswashing  cleaner  to  solve  the  corrosion  issues   common  to  water-­‐based  cleaners.     MILLENNIUM®  is  a  state  of  the  art  aqueous  solvent  system  employing  Inland  Technology’s  exper%se  in   hybrid  chemistry  to  create  a  partswashing  solu%on  with  the  cleaning  performance  of  solvent,  and  the   environmental  compliance  of  water-­‐based  cleaners.     MILLENNIUM®  helps  users  break  out  of  the  tangle  of  regula%ons  regarding  air  emissions,  disposal,  and   industrial  health  hazards.       MILLENNIUM®  has  no  vola%le  organic  compounds  (VOC’s),  is  non-­‐carcinogenic,  and  has  no  components   or  characterisFcs  of  hazardous  waste  per  the  EPA,  and  OSHA  does  not  regulate  worker  exposure.    Specifica%ons:        BOEING  AIRCRAFT  COMPANY   Conforms  to  Boeing  D6-­‐17487-­‐N  –  Exterior  and  general  cleaners  and  liquid  waxes,  polishes,  and  polishing   compounds    DOUGLAS  AIRCRAFT  COMPANY      Douglas  CSD  #1:  Type  1  –  Materials  and  procedures  for  general  exterior  cleaning  of  painted  and  unpainted      surfaces    SAE  AMS      AMS  1526B  –  Cleaner  for  aircrag  exterior  surfaces  water-­‐miscible,  pressure-­‐spraying  type      AMS  1550B  –  Cleaner  for  interior  materials  of  aircrag,  biodegradable,  water  base      ARP  1755B  –  Effect  of  cleaning  agents  aircrag  engine  materials    GE/CFM  AIRCRAFT  ENGINES      Meets  requirements  for  SPM  SecFon  70-­‐21-­‐09  Titanium  Alloy  and  Aluminum  Cleaning      Passes  P3TF47  Class  J  Penetrant  SensiFvity  Test    
  20. 20. Surface  Prepara%on  /  Degreasing  (Final  &  Gross)  Iso  Prep®  :     Iso  Prep®  is  a  low-­‐vola%lity  subs%tute  for  Chlorinated,  Hexane  /  Heptane,  n-­‐Propyl  Bromide  and  other   highly  volaFle  solvents  used  for  degreasing.       Iso  Prep®  removes  oils,  greases,  glues,  inks,  wax,  asphalt  and  asphalFnes.  It  is  also  designed  to  avack  the   troublesome  high  pressure,  high  temperature  greases  used  in  the  oil  &  gas  industry  (such  as  copper  based   greases  like  Best  of  Life  2000  grease).     Iso  Prep®  is  virtually  odorless,  a  high  purity  hydrocarbon  that  provides  good  wewng  and  a  very  low  degree   of  irritancy  to  the  skin  and  eyes.     Iso  Prep®  is  non-­‐carcinogenic  and  VOC  emissions  are  controlled  through  an  extremely  low  vapor  pressure   (>10  mmHg)    SpecificaFons:        US  Army   TB  43-­‐0135  Recommended  subsFtute  for  ozone  depleFng  substances  used  on  communicaFon-­‐electronics   equipment                
  21. 21. Cost  Savings  EvaluaFon  for  Degreasing  AcFvity  at  OilField  Service  site  that  switched  to  Breakthrough  for  surface  cleaning  of  tools,  threads  and  general  purpose  use.  (Analysis  done  by  site  personnel.)   Name Date Qty Price Breakthrough SPR 8/31/2011 96 $1,402.32 cost/55  gal 1285 SPR 8/19/2011 72 $1,051.75 Gallons  Used 16 SPR 7/26/2011 96 $1,402.32 Months 4 SPR 7/19/2011 96 $1,402.32 Used  Cost 373.82 SPR 7/8/2011 96 $1,402.32 SPR 6/21/2011 96 $1,402.32 SPR 5/27/2011 96 $1,402.32 $13,549.59 SPR 5/27/2011 24 $392.97 SPR 5/20/2011 48 $677.46 $15,302.24    %  Savings  over  4  Months SPR 5/24/2011 36 $431.98 97.24 SPR 5/13/2011 96 $1,357.15 SPR 5/4/2011 48 $575.98    $  Savings  over  4  Months SPR 5/3/2011 48 $648.38 $13,175.77 ZeroTri 3/7/2011 36 $418.93 ZeroTri 2/11/2011 24 $279.29 $1,752.65 ZeroTri 1/27/2011 36 $635.50 Est.  $  Savings  over  1  Yr ZeroTri 1/14/2011 36 $418.93 $39,527.31
  22. 22. Surface  Prepara%on  /  Degreasing  (Final  &  Gross)  Citra  Safe:     CITRA-­‐SAFE®  is  a  low-­‐vola%lity  subs%tute  for  Methyl  Ethyl  Ketone  (MEK),  Trichloroethylene,  Toluene,  and   blends  of  MEK  and  Toluene.       CITRA-­‐SAFE®  is  made  especially  for  surface  prepara%on,  general  solvent  cleaning,  and  cleaning  prior  to   sealing.  It  is  literally  a  biodegradable  solvent  replacement  for  mineral  spirits,  thinners,  and  chlorinated   solvents.     CITRA-­‐SAFE®  reduces  the  risk  of  hazardous  chemical  spills,  eliminates  most  hazardous  waste  disposal   costs,  and  eliminates  the  health  hazards  associated  with   tradiFonal  solvents.  SpecificaFons:    BOEING  AIRCRAFT  COMPANY   BAC  5504  -­‐  Cleaning  prior  to  sealing  in  fuel  cells   BAC  5000  -­‐  Cleaning  prior  to  general  sealing   BAC  5030  -­‐  Cleaning  prior  smoothing  and  fairing   BAC  5750  -­‐  General  and  final  solvent  cleaning   BAC  5657  –  Composite  use    AIRBUS  INDUSTRY      SIL  Number  20-­‐006  -­‐  Replace  1,1,1  Trichloroethane  and  Methyl  Ethyl  Ketone  for  general  cleaning  tasks    U.S.  AIR  FORCE   T.O.  1C-­‐135-­‐2-­‐5-­‐2  -­‐  Cleaning  prior  to  sealing  in  fuel  cells  KC135      T.O.  1-­‐1-­‐8  -­‐  ApplicaFon  and  removal  of  organic  coaFngs,  aerospace  and  non-­‐aerospace  equipment    McDONNELL  DOUGLAS      DPM  6380    BELL  HELICOPTER      Part  Number  5130-­‐64988    BOMBARDIER      180-­‐9  -­‐  General  Solvent  Cleaning    ROCKETDYNE  DIVISION  ROCKWELL  INTERNATIONAL      RB0210-­‐028  -­‐  Cleaning  fluid,  low  vapor  pressure  aliphaFc  
  23. 23. Inland  Technology   Replacement  Product  Guide  Please  contact  an  Inland  Technology  Technical  Engineer  for  colloraboraFon  on  effecFve  replacement  chemistry  idenFficaFon.  Begin  by  filling  out  the  DiagnosFc  Document  below  and  emailing  or  faxing  the  informaFon  directly  to  Inland  Technology  for  assistance  at:    1-­‐253-­‐593-­‐8749  or  Inland  Technology  Technical  Assistance  can  also  be  reached  at:  (800)552-­‐3100      Be  sure  to  run  an  engineering  test  prior  to  full  implementa1on  on  any  replacement  products  to  ensure  quality  assurances.  Varying  substrates,  seal  &  o-­‐ring  contact  and  various  follow-­‐on  processes  may  affect  your  individual  replacement  chemistry  choice.  In  all  evaluaFons,  please  involve  an  Inland  Technology  Technical  Engineer  for  assistance.  Bypassing  these  requirements  may  create  unwanted  and  unforeseen  effects  on  the  substrates  and  for  the  processes  involved.        Each  of  these  SoluFons  has  been  idenFfied  for  Environmental  Responsibility  improvements  and  Improved  Health  for  Worker  Exposure  concerns.  They  are  also  integral  to  Lean/  Kaisen  Manufacturing  programs  looking  to  cut  waste,  costs  and  more  effecFve  process  soluFons.  Each  is  in  use  by  a  large,  well-­‐known  company  and  have  met  the  needs  required  by  extreme  industrial  sectors  with  success.  None  of  these  SoluFons  contain  Hazardous  Air  Pollutants  (HAP’s)  and  all  (where  applicable)  have  extremely  low  vapor  pressures  to  control  VOC  (VolaFle  Organic  Compound)  emissions.  When  appropriate,  Inland  Technology  offers  Equipment  (under  a  LifeFme  Warranty  while  uFlizing  ITI  SoluFons)  for  Life-­‐Cycle  Usage  improvements.  Thank  you  for  your  interest  in  Inland  Technology  soluFons.