Activity book part 2


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Activity book part 2

  1. 1. Carnaval II We dressed up as fish from the river.
  2. 2. Carnival III Our performance. On the way to the gymnasium we were very nervous!
  3. 3. Telling the time We made our own ‘Telling the time’ books.
  4. 4. Valentine’s Day We celebrated Valentine’s day by making a book about our feelings. 14th February 2010
  5. 5. Thyssen Museum I 23/02/10 We went on a school trip to the Thyssen Museum in Madrid and saw some beautiful paintings. Juliet came too 
  6. 6. Thyssen Museum II We drew our favourite paintings from the museum.
  7. 7. The Tin Soldier We went to the local Auditorium to watch a play in English. 24/02/10
  8. 8. St. Patrick’s Day 17/03/10 We learnt about St. Patrick and coloured in pictures of leprechauns and shamrocks. We made our head-teacher, Patricia, a good luck card. Ge celebrated St. Patrick’s day on March 17th.
  9. 9. Father’s Day 19/03/10 We made differently shaped cards for our Father’s to let them know how much we love them.
  10. 10. Science Experiment 2 09/04/2010 We learnt about The Water Cycle.
  11. 11. Police Station 15/04/2010 We went to the police station and learnt a lot about what they do.
  12. 12. Helicopters 20/04/2010 We visited the Helicopter Base and had a go on a real helicopter!
  13. 13. Our Science Experiment with Marbles 22/04/2010
  14. 14. We were checking how the marble moved while blowing it! Marble race, one, two, three, go..!
  15. 15. For mother´s day we prepared beautiful wardrobe for our mums to keep their jewels. Hard work! And a beautiful card with a bookmark.
  16. 16. We reviewed the Time, once again with the help of the Interactiveboard our favourite board to write on.
  17. 17. On 19th May we went to the Olympic Games in a new Sports Centre. We had great fun!
  18. 18. We took some photos with our teachers too! We run, jump, hide.. And above all laugh
  19. 19. That’s the end folks, we’ve had a great year! Good luck in 3º! Goodbye!
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