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MKT House - PR and Advertising Agency in Brazil
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MKT House - PR and Advertising Agency in Brazil


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MKT House – PR & Advertising Agency, headquartered in the City of São Paulo/ Brazil has been active in Press Support and Events for over ten years. MKT House has the know-how and expertise to work on …

MKT House – PR & Advertising Agency, headquartered in the City of São Paulo/ Brazil has been active in Press Support and Events for over ten years. MKT House has the know-how and expertise to work on different communication projects, aiming at the success of our customer’s target product or service rendering activities.

Published in: Business

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  • 1.  
  • 2. How important is your brand to you?
  • 3. MKT House – Press Support & Advertising Agency
    • MKT House – PR & Advertising Agency, headquartered in the City of São Paulo/ Brazil has been active in Press Support and Events for over ten years. MKT House has the know-how and expertise to work on different communication projects, aiming at the success of our customer’s target product or service rendering activities.
    • We offer creative solutions in order to generate spontaneous media, offering our customers an array of services spread out in different activity cells. Actions are handled according to the needs, profile and target audience of the specific message.
    • MKT relies on an experienced team in the fields of journalism, planning, public relations, events production, a range of professionals qualified to contribute with excellent results when promoting each of our customers.
    • One of MKT House goals is to actively work at our customer’s Online Marketing management in order to optimize investments and maximize results.
  • 4. Reasons to hire to the services of Press Support & Advertising Agency
    • - Positive exposure of your product, trademark or event, which contributes to emphasize and strengthen your image;
    • - Communication is of paramount importance for the relationship of any enterprise with its target audience and the relationship with the Press is one of the most effective tools used in communication nowadays;
    • - Publisher’s space cannot be bought, it is conquered. It is the result of an effective Press Relations policy, added to the ability of the enterprise to generate information of public interest;
  • 5. For Your Trademark / Brandname
    • - We are responsible for the coordination of the comprehensive product and corporate publicity communications activities;
    • - We support our customer by creating relevant facts and news in order to draw the media and press attention;
    • - MKT House will render a pro-active to promote and fidelize your product and/or brand name;
    • - We will be responsible for making your Company’s activities public.
  • 6. Action Method
    • MKT House will act as the “bridge” between the Press and the Corporation, and will be responsible for acting as a qualified mediator, aiming to have news always published in the clearest and most detailed way.
    • We act directly in all commercial media, and for each customer we elaborate an individualized planning, selecting the publishers and focus that shall be raised along the whole job.
    • Whe have a team prepared to face a great deal of challenges and render fast and targeted contacts (to either our customer or to our media interface), so that your product or brand becomes a reference to the main journalists.
  • 7. Reaching different target audience
    • The Press
    • Contact with editorial staffs, by means of notes and press-releases, daily phone contacts presenting differential features from our clients, allows them to conquer an editorial space, whether it is printed, on TV, on the radio or online.
    • Target Audience
    • We create and trigger monthly newsletters, events, congresses and we develop partnerships allowing us to support our client/ trademark fidelization, which also contributes to ampliate its corporate tradename power.
  • 8. Differential
    • - We are always ready to answer the Press requests as: information and corporate comments, interviews, expert indications, among others;
    • - We make frequent evaluations and strategy definition more adequate to the subject and media; since there are no tight rules, our team does them at each moment;
    • - We have a dynamic group of professionals, flexible and skilled in negotiating press space for you subject. All our professionals know the two work environment well: the company and the media. The familiarity with these two worlds is a factor of success.
    • - We invest in an ongoing adequate strategy, which brings benefits to our customer’s image.
    • After all, the Press Relations job does not produce short term results.
  • 9. Our Motto
    • - Fulfill all the objectives of the Plan and Contract clauses, set between us and the client;
    • - Accomplish all activities in the time frame as jointly settled to implement them;
    • - Keep the customer abreast of each accomplished stage of job;
    • - Submit all produced texts to customer’s approval, regardless of its distribution;
    • - Frequently deliver releases, comments and related written matters;
    • - Collect, file and supply subjects, printed or broadcasted by radio or TV, regarding our customers and their interest.
  • 10. Online Marketing
    • MKT House´s job proposal is to act on Customer’s Online Marketing, always looking to optimize investments and maximize results.
    • By doing this, our Customers ought to keep aiming at their core business, with following expected benefits:
    • - Cost reduction by adopting the best practices and Web technology;
    • - Greater assertiveness when conducting projects and defining suppliers;
    • - Improve the, in-house team, thus improving its productivity;
    • - Content lined up with Google´s good practices.
  • 11. Strategy
    • Nowadays, there is a big growth in the SEM (Search Engine Marketing), in the strategies that aim visibility at the search engines/ sites, mainly Google, as well as the Social Networks, to mention a few: YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
    • Online presence no longer means just a corporate site, even if a great deal of companies still did not realize the importance of being actively present on the Internet. But, enterprises investing in Online Marketing are definitely standing out in their market segments.
    • Objective
    • - The project objective is turning the site easy to navigate – user friendly – and optimized for Google;
    • - Adherence to sponsored links campaigns has the objective to generate qualified traffic to the site,
    • - MKT House will also evaluate and plan aiming at meaningful social networks for our client business and prospect.
  • 12. Content and Social Networking
    • In order to have the site reaching the expected objectives, the content ought to be attractive, straight forward and adequate to the Google language. Furthermore, the site has to be part of the main social networks, frequently feeding them with relevant content.
    • A complete site but lacking content will not generate results. The text and language to be applied in such material will be the main attraction for your business. Otherwise, the investment will not attain the basic settled goals as striking Google´s attention and your potential client´s attention
    • All things considered, MKT House has a qualified team, capable to create the full initial content and keeping a regular flow of relevant information thus, supporting the communication mix efforts for an excellent relationship with the proposed target audiences.
    • Maintaining an updated content is one of the main tools to reach visibility, developping new realtionship, communicate with the target audiences among other necessary actions for customer fidelization and defy competition.
  • 13. Media Plan
    • Blending technical structure to creative thinking, keeps us abreast at the frontline of human and digital knowledge thus implementing on- and offline strategies.
    • We work with a team structured in: Planning, Media, Creation, Production and Campaign Monitoring.
    • Among our services, we emphasize:
    • - Advertising (magazines and newspaper); - Folders (Corporate and Promotional); - Product Catalogs; - Visual Identily (logo developpment ); - Radio broadcasting spots & jingles; - Institutional and Commercial films (TV and movies); - Relationship actions; - Endomarketing campaigns; - Promotional and campaigning materials; - Institutional publishings (papers, magazine and reports); - Packing and Product design.
  • 14.
    • Let MKT House be in charge of your brand´s image!
  • 15. We would be delighted to hear from: (+55) 11 3071.1615 [email_address]   Rua Professor Carlos de Carvalho, nº. 28 – Cj. 51 Itaim Bibi São Paulo – 1234-56 – São Paulo - BRAZIL International Business Development: Jorge Lascas (+351) 93 451 65 60 [email_address] Skype: jorgelascas