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Marcom Matrix is a marketing and communication agency from Gujarat, which offers you customised solutions according to customers needs. Call SUJIT:-7567883364

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Marcom ppt

  1. 1. A unique integrated MarCom Solution
  2. 2. matrix [mey-triks, ma-]Part of Speech: nounDefinition: something from which another originatesSynonyms: cast, forge, form, grid, model, mold, origin, pattern, source, womb
  3. 3. Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is across-functional process for planning, executing,and monitoring brand communications designedto profitably acquire, retain, and grow customers.IMC is cross-functional because every contactthat a customer has with a firm or its agents helpsto form brand images.
  4. 4. Beads Commodity Audit & Survey Social Media Marketing Plan Framework & Bifurcation In Shop Branding Pocket Budgets Printing & Designing OUR BASKET Crash Plans for Crisis Situations OF Business Presentations SERVICESAdvertisement Decisions & Consulting Special Package Services Direct Marketing Solutions Event Management Corporate Social Responsibility Stall Representation
  5. 5. Plan Framework & BifurcationOur Experts provide you with a framework of our MarComPlan which will give you an entire picture of our workingmodelThis framework will cover the POA (plan of action) in aphase wise framework.It will also provide options on different types of feasibleplans that can suit the Clients Business Requirements.
  6. 6. Pocket Budgets“Pocket Budget Plan” is a specialized service provided byus wherein we :• First understand your requirement• Second understand your budget and flexibility on the same• Customize our entire basket of services into a special package that covers your need at the same time fits in your budget without affecting the quality.
  7. 7. Crash Plans for Crisis SituationsIn a Crisis Situation, where the Business is badly hit due toa sudden campaign or movement by the competitor, thebusiness hub generally is left with no or very less options tofight back.In such situation our expert crisis team will come to youraide with a specialized, customized and strong back up planto fight your competitor’s sudden attack.
  8. 8. Advertisement Decisions & ConsultingOur experts from the core Advertising Industry will consultyou on your advertising options, plans, budgets and willprovide you the best option for the most effective advertisingcampaign. We will make sure it hits the Right Audience,Right Place, Right time with the Right contents so that youget the Right Desired Results.
  9. 9. Direct Marketing SolutionsOur Team with expertise in the Direct Marketing Solutionswill consult you and on your requirement execute variousDirect Marketing Solutions so as to give you instant results.
  10. 10. Corporate Social ResponsibilityCSR has become a verry important and relevant part ofactivities for any corporate. It is a era where SocialResponsibility holds a very important position along withprofit making.Our experts shall advice the client on Marketing andPromotion strategies that will have a CSR element. Thecampaigns advised will server dual purpose that ofattracting attention towards the main product and also as astep towards CSR.
  11. 11. Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing is the most sort after medium ofadvertising and marketing among the modern day generation.MarCom with this tool will advertise the market the Client’sproduct using the Social Media Marketing. Mediums like :• Blogging• Face Book• Like Generations• FB Group Postings• Marketing on Linked in (a special initiative)• Twitter• B2B Submissions• B2C Submissions• Online Press Submissions• And many more………………………
  12. 12. In Shop BrandingClients who need visible effect and display mode to createdemand for their product can use MarCom for their In-ShopBranding.Our expert team handling InShop Branding specialize in creatingvisual elegance at the display location of the Client in order toattract customers and create demand for the products displayed
  13. 13. Printing & DesigningMarCom’s designing & printing team creates a visual image of theClient’s brand on the targeted audience and makes sure it leavebehind a strong memorable trace that is tough to be erased.The Designing team specializes in designing the brand identity,logo and other visible and representable icons of the Client’sproduct.While the printing experts specialize in bringing the designs alivein the form of Visiting Cards, Pamphlets, Banners, CorporateStationery etc…
  14. 14. Business PresentationsIn this Era of Visual Impact, the heavy and boring projectreports of big industries to the study materials in B Schoolshave been replaced by brief and pictorial power pointpresentations.Power Point Presentations is the best mode today toexpress an idea, thought or the entire year’s performance.MarCom in a very specialized manner uses this medium forthe Marketing and Communication activities of its Clients.Our Experts can through its best of presentations create adirect impact of the Client’s product and services in theminds of the targeted audience in the best of forums.
  15. 15. Special Package ServicesApart from all the conventional and modern techniques ofMarketing and Communication, MarCom has a basket of SPS,i.e.Marcom’s Special Package Services that are used in specialcases for clients.It includes many other services that add value to the mainpackage being offered and creates that little extra effect forbetter productive output of various campaigns.
  16. 16. Event ManagementEvent Management and successful execution is a art. In his highcompetitive market where there are loads of Event Companiestrying to make its mark, we at MarCom stand out just because wenot only manage and execute events but also give a 360 degreemarketing and communication services.We being into all modes and mediums of Marketing andCommunication can understand the concept of the Event andneeds of our clients in a much better way, resulting in the best ofresults out of events and its executions.
  17. 17. Stall RepresentationMarCom Team provides the clients with the mostprofessional and impactful stall representation.• Ideas and Consulting on the venue for stall representation• The branding of the stall• Design of the stall and the branding mediums used in it.• Printing or various banners, pamphlets, mailers etc.. used in the stall during events• Best suited location for the stall• Manpower to market the client’s brand and management• Acquiring the required size and location of the stallAll these services and much more…………
  18. 18. THANK YOU