Weight Loss and You


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Weight Loss and You

  1. 1. ==== ====Weightloss Secretshttp://www.thespecialkclub.com==== ====According to American Dietetic Association every year Americans throws 33 Billion Dollars onweight loss program, foods, services and products. So, it is no surprise that you will find many faddiets and other so-called best weight loss programs in this flourishing market.With the arrival of fad diets, special exercise regiments and all manner of junk science, it wont beeasy for most of us to distinguished good weight loss program from the bad weight loss program.There are no extensive scientific studies conducted for different weight loss programs. Howeverwe do find a few scientific studies conducted on different weight loss programs, which is eithercontradictory or supporting a particular weight loss program.In absence of any scientific studies, if you find out that majority of serious sources agrees oncertain bodybuilding program then you may safely rank that program as the best bodybuildingprogram. In the best interest of your physical health, there is no doubt that you have to lose theextra fat. You have gained this extra fat due to your poor lifestyle and your bad eating habit. Youcan reduce your extra fat by following the best weight loss program.What is the best weight loss program? The best weight loss program is that, which is easilyaffordable, rational and flexible - a well organized program, which you would like to stick with.What is the mechanism of weight loss?In theory the mechanism of weight loss is very simple. Ouroverall body weight is determined by the calories we consume and the calories we burned. Youwill gain weight if you consume more calories than you burned. Similarly you lose weight if youconsume fewer calories and burned more calories.All is not that simple I know many people who exercising daily and eating well but still theycomplain that they are not losing any weight. Thats why you have to follow the best weight lossprogram.Types of weight loss programBroadly speaking there are three types of bodybuilding programs.1. Do-it-yourself weight loss programs: This type of weight loss programs are preferred by thebusy people, who has very little time to go to the gym or clinic. This type of program may be doneat home alone or with the help of someone. They rely heavily on the books, videos and other suchmaterials for the guidance.2. Non-clinical weight loss programs: This type of weight loss programs is mostly professionallymanaged. You have to go to their premises for daily or thrice in a week for the consultation. They
  2. 2. also use different weight loss and diet books. They will monitor your weight loss and give youcounseling regarding your eating habit and your diet.3. Clinical weight loss programs: This type of weight loss program is conducted mostly inhospitals or other health care units. This program is recommended to very overweight people. Theweight loss is monitor by the nurses, physicians, psychologist and the dietitians.Before finding the best weight loss program, you have to decide which type of weight loss programis suitable for you. Then start researching for the weight loss program that suits you best.Choose that weight loss program which has exercise programs built in and also gives emphasison lifestyle changes. This will help you to lose weight and keep it off for a longer time and at thesame time it will also keep you fit and healthy. It is your health. So, do some homework to find thebest weight loss program for you. The best weight loss program does not hammer you to changeyour food habit drastically. It does not ask you to join a posh gym or hiring a personal trainer.Author Ajay Charvak is a consultant for weight loss program. He has review many e books whichdeals with the weight loss program. You can find here the best weight loss program[http://unbiasreview.com] e book.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ajay_Charvak==== ====Weightloss Secretshttp://www.thespecialkclub.com==== ====