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  • 1. USA Football Drupal Upgrade to Version 7 Dated: 04/06/2013
  • 2. Table of Contents 1. New in Drupal 7………………………………………………………….. 2 2. Why USA Football should upgrade …………………………………… 4 3. Where we must be careful……………………………………………… 5 4. Upgrade Process ……………………………………………………….. 6 5. Impact on USA Football ………………………………………………. 10 6. Other Efforts …………………………………………………………….10 7. List of current USAF Drupal modules and impact..............………... 10
  • 3. What's New In Drupal 7? 2 1.1 Security: • More secure implementation. • More secure password system - Redesigned password strength validator to make it kinder and gentler, and clearer. • More secure log-in system. 1.2 Usability: • Easier administration - No need to include any separate module for administration menus • Built in editor to perform better designing of the content • Added more drag-and-drop for administrative tasks. • Permissions now have the ability to handle more meta-data which is help full to increase the SEO for the website • Added features to the default (tagging on the Article content type). • Setting up automated task runs (cron) can now be achieved via Drupal's configuration alone, without having to install any scripts on the web server. • Provides most of the features of the former Content Construction Kit (CCK) module. • Custom data fields may be attached to nodes, users, comments and taxonomy terms. 1.3 Database: • Added query builders for INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, and SELECT queries. • Support for master/slave replication, transactions, multi-insert queries, delayed inserts, and other features. • Default to InnoDB engine, rather than MyISAM, on MySQL when available for greater scalability and data integrity. • More normalized database structure to handle large amount of data. 1.4 Several Performance Improvements Implemented • Hook API documentation now included in Drupal core. • Added OPML import functionality for RSS feeds. • Added feed update options. • Added support for language-aware searches. 1.5 File handling: • Files are now first class Drupal objects with file_load(), file_save(), and file_validate() functions and corresponding hooks. • Files use PHP stream wrappers to enable support for both public and private files and to support pluggable storage mechanisms and access to remote resources (e.g. S3 storage or Flickr photos).
  • 4. 3 • Added a field specifically for uploading files, previously provided by the contributed module FileField. 2 Image handling: • Improved image handling, including better support for add-on image libraries. • Added a field specifically for uploading images, previously provided by the contributed module ImageField
  • 5. Why USA Football should upgrade? • 4 In Drupal 7 the database structure is more normalized which leads to handling more data with high performance, provided the amount of data we’re already dealing with in USAF. • In built Caching mechanisms which manages the caching automatically. • Main reason to upgrade is that in future if we will be upgrading the system with new software most of the PHP methods which have been used in Drupal 6 would be deprecated. Software getting evolved day by day so we need to upgrade our application too accordingly. • Drupal will soon launch Drupal 8 we should be easily able to upgrade our application to that level if we already have performed the upgrading to Drupal 7. • It’ll help to make it workable with the new software release. • As we’re moving towards an overall responsive site, it’ll be helpful to have the pages done with the new Drupal version.
  • 6. Where we must be careful • We should create a separate instance for the upgrading, as we have huge amount of data and we can't afford to lose a bit of it. • We need to take care of the theme which we are creating either we need to use some auto upgradable free theme plugins like Zen theme which provides compatible upgrade time to time. • A report is attached with the existing module which we are using and their stability / deprecation status. 5
  • 7. The Complete Upgrade Process how to Proceed 6 Note: DO NOT run the conventional instalation ( install.php ) at any time during an upgrade. It will empty your content from the database. 1. Update Drupal core, modules and themes to the latest Drupal 6 versions. (Follow best practices here. As usual, you should back up your site and database prior to doing this.) 2. Backup your existing site and database. 3. Log in as user ID 1 (the site maintenance user). • This is the user name that you created during the installation process for your site. 4. Put your site in maintenance mode • Go to the site maintenance page (Administer > Site configuration > Site maintenance). Select "Off-line" and save the configuration. • If you have defined a custom maintenance theme in your settings.php file, comment it out before proceeding. 5. Change all themes to Garland • Go to the Themes page (Administer > Site building > Themes). Enable "Garland" and select it as the default theme. • If you have been using a separate theme for administration, select "Garland" for your administration theme as well. You can find the administration theme setting at (Administer > Site configuration > Administration Theme) 6. Disable non-core modules • Go to the Modules page (Administer > Site building > Modules). Disable all modules that are not listed under "Core - required" or "Core - optional". Note: It is possible that some modules cannot be disabled, because others depend on them. Repeat this step until all non-core modules are disabled. • If you know that you will not re-enable some modules for Drupal 7.x and you no longer need their data, then you can uninstall them under the Uninstall tab after disabling them. 7. Remove default settings file • On the command line or in your FTP client, remove the file sites/default/default.settings.php 8. Remove all old core files and directories • Remove all old core files and directories, except for the 'sites' directory and any custom files you added elsewhere.
  • 8. 7 • If you made modifications to files like .htaccess or robots.txt, you will need to re-apply them from your backup, after the new files are in place. 9. Remove uninstalled modules • If you uninstalled any modules, remove them from the sites/all/modules and other sites/*/modules directories. • Leave other modules in place, even though they are incompatible with Drupal 7.x. 10. Download Drupal 7 • Download the latest Drupal 7.x release to a directory outside of your web root. Extract the archive and copy the files into your Drupal directory. 11. Re-apply modifications to core files • Re-apply any modifications to files such as .htaccess or robots.txt. 12. Make your settings.php file writeable • Make your settings.php file writeable, so that the update process can convert it to the format of Drupal 7.x. settings.php is usually located in sites/default/settings.php 13. Run the update script • Run update.php. This will update the core database tables. • If you are unable to access update.php do the following: Open settings.php with a text editor. Find the line that says: $update_free_access = FALSE; Change it into: $update_free_access = TRUE; Once the upgrade is done, $update_free_access must be reverted to FALSE. 14. Backup your database • Backup your database after the core upgrade has run. 15. Upgrade fields • If you were using CCK (and perhaps additional modules) to create fields for your content types, you will need to upgrade the data in those fields as a separate step. • Download the Drupal 7 CCK module, and turn on Content Migration. Go to Structure > Migrate Fields for a page to walk you through the migration process. Note: There are now several types of fields in core, but not every type. You might need to download Drupal 7 versions of contributed modules to support other types of fields
  • 9. 8 • Update contrib modules and themes 16. Replace and update your non-core modules and themes 17. Check the Status Report • Go to the Status Report page (Administration > Reports > Status). Verify that everything is working as expected. 18. Make sure setting.php is secure • Ensure that $update_free_access is FALSE in settings.php. • Remove write permissions. 19. Remove your site from Maintenance Mode • Go to the Maintenance Mode page (Administration > Configuration > Development > Maintenance). • Disable the "Put site into maintenance mode" checkbox and save the configuration.
  • 10. What will be the impact on USA Football • Significantly faster application. • Easily administrable application • Robust support for more data. • Can easily upgrade our hardware with new software and it will not affect the application. • Can use much more responsive features if we want. Other Efforts • Theme designing and integration • Refactoring the modules whose upgrade is not available • Testing all the upgraded modules and matching them with our current flow 9
  • 11. List of current USAF Drupal modules and impact on them: 10 List of available modules # Module Name Upgrade Availablity Dev Version Available Stable Version Available Comment 1 ad 2 admin_menu 3 amfphp Merged in serviec module Integrated with service module 4 autoadmin Merged in Core drupal Functionality is Merged in Drupal 7 core, No need to have this module http://drupal.org/proj ect/autoadmin 6 cck Merged in 7 Core Moset of the Functionality is Merged in Drupal 7 core http://drupal.org/proj ect/cck 7 cdn 8 chart 9 computed_field 10 content_access 11 context 12 ctools 13 custompage 15 devel 16 devel_themer 17 disqus Stable Version Available Dev Version Available Beta Version Available Beta Version Available Beta Version Available Stable Version Available Alpha Version Available Stable Version Available Dev Version Available Stable Version Available 18 elements Merged in 7 Core 21 google_analytics http://drupal.org/proj ect/cdn Stable Version Available 19 filefield Url For More help Stable Version Available 22 imagecache_actio ns 23 imagefield Functionality is Merged in Drupal 7 core with cck module Can be removed http://drupal.org/proj ect/filefield Functionality is Merged in Drupal 7 core http://drupal.org/proj ect/imagefield Stable Version Available Merged in 7 Core
  • 12. 24 imagefield_crop Stable Version Available 25 imce Stable Version Available 26 imce_wysiwyg Stable Version Available 29 masquerade 30 matrix 31 memcache 32 menu_attributes 33 menu_html 34 menu_per_role 36 menu_token 35 messaging 36 nodeaccess Alpha Version Available Dev Version Available Stable Version Available Alpha Version Available Dev Version Available Dev Version Available Alpha version available Alpha version available Stable Version Available 37 nodewords New Module introduced 39 page_title Stable Version Available 40 rules Stable Version Available 41 schema Alpha Version Available 42 services Stable Version Available 43 simplenews Use the new Meta-tag module which is a ground-up rewrite of Nodewords with an upgrade path being worked on. Stable Version Available 45 smart_ip 46 smsframework 47 sms_twilio 48 taxonomy_image 49 teamusa_forms Stable Version Available Dev Version Available Dev Version Available Dev Version Available Custome Module listed Under contrib This is custopm module listed in the contrib site
  • 13. 50 token_custom Beta And Stable Version Available 51 token_filter Stable Version Available 52 transliteration Stable Version Available 53 twitter Stable Version Available 54 varnish Beta Version Available 55 views Stable Version Available 56 views_customfield New Module introduced 57 views_datasource Dev Version Available 58 vntf Beta Version Available 59 webform_mysql_v iews Views php. http://drupal.org/proj ect/views_customfield Stable Version Available 60 webform_rules Stable Version Available 61 wysiwyg Stable Version Available 62 menu_token Dev Version Available 63 node_export Stable Version Available 64 calendar_events Stable Version Available 65 cas Stable Version Available 66 galleria Beta Version Available 67 jcarousel Stable Version Available 68 mimemail Alpha Version Available 69 quicktabs Stable Version Available 70 shadowbox Stable Version Available Note: All above modules we are using into USAF Drupal site. We can upgrade these modules as per the compatibility for the respective Drupal version
  • 14. List of deprecated/unavailable modules Module Name Upgrade Availablity Comment Url For More help 1 cacherouter Not Available Alternatively We can use Drupal Caching http://drupal.org/project/cach erouter 2 3 4 dashplayer flashvideo logincookie Not Available Not Available Not Available 5 jquery_popupwi ndow Depricated 6 ownterm Not Available 7 slider Not Available As the newer version of Jquery have been introduced in Drupal 7 Need to replace with the new other module No information for upgrade to 7 Note : All these modules are deprecated or unavailable with latest version of drupal (i.e. drupal 7) While upgrading we will take care to check the use of these modules in our site and as per that we can search for alternative module if we find. Or we can do the customization for compatibility with Drupal 7 and will move these modules from contribe to custome List of modules requiring customization # 1 Module articles_import Comments Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 2 authenticated_landing Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 clinic css_munge features feed_eater quicktabsmain quicktabspromo teamusa usafmenu usafootball_theme Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 12 usafootball_video Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 13 uuid Need To make Compatible to Drupal 7 Theme Customization 1 USA Football Theme Need to make compatibility customization for Drupal 7