Towards abundance of learning: ARIADNE status update


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Status update on Ariadne for GLOBE meeting on 13 October 2009

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  • Towards abundance of learning: ARIADNE status update

    1. 1. Towards abundance of learning: ARIADNE status update GLOBE, Tokyo, Japan, 13 October 2009 Erik Duval K.U.Leuven & ARIADNE & IEEE LTSC 1
    2. 2. for the invitation 2
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. 4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. new members 6
    7. 7. Centers • Lausanne, CH • Toulouse, F • Guayaquil, Ecuador • Leuven, Belgium 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9.
    10. 10. 131.436
    11. 11.
    12. 12. 126.763
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    15. 15. LMS communication/ collaboration Applications: CLIX, FESTO Virtual Academy, Moodle, SJTU E-learning system, ... asynchronous communication/collaboration synchronous communication/collaboration commenting tagging web feeds voting tools shared calendar instant messaging video conferencing synchronous whiteboard file transfer Applications: PLEF, Applications: PLEF, Applications: Applications: doodle, Applications: google Applications: flashmeeting thinktank, towards maturity, cabinet office, thinktank... calendar, little Applications: skype, Applications: flashmeeting Applications: skype, iChat, voicethread... elogbook... nextspace, towards sister, ... flashmeeting, iChat, MSN (based on Adobe flash media MSN Messenger... maturity... discussion forum Messenger server), skype, iChat, MSN rate users/ blogging and Data formats: Messenger... voice over IP activities/content/ microblogging Protocols: Atom, iCalendar Protocols: XMPP, SIP/ Protocols: FTP, HTTP, Applications: cabinet tools OPML, RSS Simple, Skype Protocol, ... Protocols: Real Time Applications: skype, MSNFTP, jingle office, ... Applications: email Messaging Protocol (RTMP), flashmeeting, iChat, MSN Applications:, collaborative Skype Protocol, SIP/SIMPLE, Messenger elogbook, ... social bookmarking liferary blog, documents Applications: little jingle application sharing twitter... sister, liferary mail multi-user games Protocols: jingle, skype bulletin board Applications: Data formats: FLV, protocol, SIP/RTP, IMS, H.323 Applications: gotomeeting, ... Applications: portlet ... delicious, Twine, resource sharing xowiki,elogbook Applications: Furl, ... google docs, protocols: IMAP, nextspace, liferary Applications: liferary wiki, social networking POP3, SMTP, message board ... cabinet office, little thinktank, assessment tools planning tools access editors UUCP, X400 sister, confolio... voicethread... Applications: Competency & Skills skill-based planner authoring tools contact search interface Facebook, MySpace, Assessment kbst skill based planner management Peer review LinkedIn, Twitter... Applications: LAMS, SHAME, ARIADNE finder, kbKST self-evaluation, I&DeA google search interace, hero Protocols: tool, kbKST adaptive learning pool, Outstart trainer education portal, I&DeA OpenSocial assessment tool, ANGEL authoring tool, slidestar... portal, towards maturity, institutional defense learning portal... assessment, ... metadata editors visualization Applications: ARIADNE modeling tools Finder , SHAME... presentation tools infovis, NetLearn kbst learner knowledge visualization, ... presenter, ... Applications: Conzilla, ePortfolio authoring liferary taxonomy editor, domain map editor ... enabling services automatic metadata fedsearch content metadata harvesting authentication and social network aggregation content transformation recommendation generation disaggregation validation authorization analysis service delivery service service, ARIADNE ALOA, SAMGI, ... ARIADNE federated ALOCOM, ... ARIADNE harvesting LDAP, Shibboleth, AERCS, NetLearn, ... FriendFeed, PLEF, outstart, ..., ... Search Engine, ... metadata service ... OpenID, ... PLEM, ... privacy/data validation service protection data layer content managament (ARIADNE KPS, OutStart LCMS, I&DeA Learning Pool,, FESTO Technicum...) Publish Content Obtain Query Publish Interface Interface Interface OAI- user management monitoring tools and services repository Interface (SPI, ...) (COI, ...) (SQI, SRU/ PMH (SPI, ...) SRW, ...) publish query OAI- publish query OAI- publish obtain publish query OAI- interface interface PMH interface interface PMH interface interface interface interface PMH content (LOs, publications, ...) content metadata user data content: DBLP, Wikipedia Polearn publication attention metadata database, EEE, ACM, Youtube, dictionaries, ... IEEE LOM, specifications: FOAF, IMS tools & services tools & services Dublin Core learner information package, specifications: repository metadata content standards and specifications: SCORM, IMS IMS e-portfolio, IMS contextualized attention CP, METS, MPEG-21 DID, Common Cartridge, AICC RCDEO, IEEE RCD, CWA metadata course structure, AICC packaging, IMS simple 14927 sequencing assessment specifications: IMS QTI, GIFT moodle format, learning design: IMS learning design 15
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    17. 17. Context-aware Recommendation for Learning podcasting!
    18. 18. also in music & research
    19. 19.
    20. 20. 23
    21. 21. so • make infrastructures interconnect globally • globe, standards • creates abundance • make front-end very specific • personal, snowflake • turns problem into solution 24
    22. 22. Questions? twitter: @ErikDuval Thanks! 25