Francesco Benincasa       Research Support Engineer - Earth Science Department       Barcelona Supercomputing Center      ...
Education      1996 - 2004          :   Laurea (Master of Science) in Computer Engineering at      awarded in             ...
java libraries. Designed according to client-server model;dtifs: network filesystem, derived from NFS, written in C for GNU...
Map Generator (not released yet): a software written in python for generation of visualization      maps of scientific data...
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CV - Resume


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CV - Resume

  1. 1. Francesco Benincasa Research Support Engineer - Earth Science Department Barcelona Supercomputing Center c/ Jordi Girona 29, 08034 Barcelona, Spain phone +34 934137612 email: web: http://www.bsc.esPersonal Details Date of Birth : 4 March 1978 Place of Birth: Cosenza, Italy Citizenship : ItalianWork 2010 - present Work at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center - for the international project ”WMO Sand and Dust Storm Warning Advisory and Assessment System (SDS-WAS)” as software developer. of a web portal, we-based services, scientific data management and visualization and network upload/download of data using python/Zope/Plone, jQuery/javascript, XML and various scientific packages and framework as: GrADS, OpenGrADS, NetCDF library and matplotlib 2008 - 2010 Work for my company EcoScienze Societa’ Cooperativa -, founded by myself, on project, research and development of free software, appropriate technologies, sustainability and renewable energies 2006 - 2008 Continuing the previous work at BioComputing Competence Center, the biomedical division of Super Computing Solutions s.r.l. -, a company owned by CINECA Interuniversity Consortium - 2005 - 2006 : Work as web developer at Medical Technology Laboratory of Istituti Ortopedici Rizzoli - for developing a web portal and web-based services using: C/C++, Plone CMS, Zope framework and python language 2002 - 2005 : Work at Yacme s.r.l. - an italian software company, as developer of network, web and database applications on Linux/Unix environments using languages: C/C++, perl, python, XUL, javascript, sql, plsql
  2. 2. Education 1996 - 2004 : Laurea (Master of Science) in Computer Engineering at awarded in University of Bologna. 16 December 2004 Laurea Thesis Title: Algoritmi Euristici per il Problema del Bin Packing (Heuristic Algorithms for Bin Packing Problem) Advisor: Prof. Paolo Toth 1991 - 1996 : Maturit` Scientifica (High School Level) a awarded in Liceo Scientifico “Giuseppe Moscati”, Grottaglie, Italy July 1996Languages Mother tongue: Italian; Other languages: . English (Professional working proficiency) . Spanish (Full professional proficiency).Computer Skills Operating Systems: GNU/Linux (all distributions), *BSD, GNU/Hurd. Knowledge also of commercial Unix (AIX, Solaris) and Windows but I avoid to use them :-P Programming Languages: C/C++, python, javascript, perl, php, java, sql, plsql, html, xml, prolog, assembly x86, shell Unix (bash, sh, ksh), XUL, L TEX A Software: all the most important software packages for common uses. Deep knowledge of: . Zope framework . Plone Content Management System . Django framework . Ajax/jQuery javascript framework . PHP-written CMSs Joomla and Drupal . RDBMS systems: PostgreSQL, MySQL and Oracle . Webservices: Soap/gSoap, ZSI, XML-RPC . Scientific libs: Scipy/Numpy/MatplotlibSoftware Projects for university exams or for fun fetch-webmail: software for downloading mail using webmail interface, useful if a provider doesn’t provide POP3 or IMAP services. Written as a bash script, it uses perl and curl; Proot: extensible language interpreter written in java, which uses knowledge bases written in prolog; P2root: upgraded version of previous, written in python. It uses Jython technology to access to
  3. 3. java libraries. Designed according to client-server model;dtifs: network filesystem, derived from NFS, written in C for GNU/Hurd operating system;hi bp: heuristic algorithms written in C that resolve optimally the Bin Packing problems;LTCSP: Linux Terminal Clustered Server Project. A software system based on LTSP Linux Ter-minal Server Project - and OpenMosix - that combines the features of the two systems.The purpose is optimization of old hardware.for jobmithril: web application for managing scholarships. Written in perl and plpgsql, based on postgresqlRDBMS;panoramix: web intranet software designed for both companies and public administrations. Writtenin python, based on Zope framework. Furthermore, the system has a Samba module written in C,for interfacing Linux servers and Windows clients;1: text-based interface written in C and Ncurses libraries that connects with oracle database formanaging inventories. The application runs on a server, and wireless mobile clients connects to it;Ah: automatic shop system developed for a Dutch big supermarket group. The system was Linux-based with an Oracle RDBMS as server-side part, mobile terminals for barcode reading both forclients and market-workers and administration workstation as client-side part. The administrationinterface was written in XUL and javascript, and terminal interfaces in C + Ncurses for clients, andhtml+javascript for workers.Ref: graphic software for managing data of patients. It connects to an internet website, logs in,download data and confront them to other stored in .csv files, returning a .csv file well written.Developed in python with TK graphic web portal for biomedical communities, with permis-sion levels, content publication system, forum/mailing list and various add-ons for collaborative work.Furthermore it manages documentation archives and data of biomedical computational models. Ituses xmlrpc and soap webservices as comunication technology. It’s all based on Zope/Plone/pythontechnology.Ref:, an open source framework for the rapid development of applications based on the Vi-sualisation Toolkit and other specialised libraries almost written in C++. I developed its pythonAPI for upload/download XML data and its webservices support written in C++/gSOAP for up-load/download binaries.Ref: SDS-WAS portal: web portal for a scientic Earth Science project, manages scientificdata archives and visualization. Developed with python/Zope/Plone technology combined withjavascript/jQuery framework.Ref:
  4. 4. Map Generator (not released yet): a software written in python for generation of visualization maps of scientific data in NetCDF format. Developed with OpenGrADS, NetCDF and Matplotlib libraries. in general: configuration, design and development of web portals and services based on Zope/Plone, Joomla and Drupal.Teaching january 2003: social and economic aspect of free software. Target: high school teachers; april 2003: GNU/Linux and embedded and real-time systems. Target: high school students; 2003 - 2004: seminaries on free software. Both on social and technical aspects. Target: high school students; june 2004: seminaries on the danger of software patents; june-december 2006: co-advisor for three thesis on computer engineering concerning clustering and hardware optimization, for using old computers through the Trashware practice - and with free software; march-may 2007: conferences and presentations of previous thesis in various meetings/conferences in Bologna, Italy -; 4-5 may 2007: presentation in Rome of Hackgrid project - and of previous thesis 20 may 2007: conference on trashware and presentation of previous thesis at ”First Day of Digital Decreasing” in Sommacampagna, Verona, ItalyResearch Interests Advanced Web Applications, Optimization algorithms, Embedded/Real-Time systems, Trashware, Energetical Saving, Renewable Energies, Artificial Intelligence, Microkernels, Operating SystemsOther Interests Social: co-founder of no-profit organizations for promoting free software culture (Free as free speech, not free as free beer), Bologna Free Software Forum -, and for fighting Dig- ital Divide, Ingegneria Senza Frontiere - Ex-Member of an University Fraternity. Other: love for literature, with preferred authors: John Fante, Elio Vittorini, Charles Bukowsky, Raymond Queneau, Douglas Adams, Philiph Dick, Ray Bradbury. Love for music and for art in general. I like painting and playing acoustic/classic guitar.