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China+lubricants China+lubricants Presentation Transcript

  • China Lubricants2012 Campus Recruitment
  • Auto Lubricants
  • Founded in 1899 by Mr. Charles Wakefield in UK
  • Evolution .... 1992 1999 2001 2006
  • 100 years of Technology leadership. All over the world
  • Technology Leadership …firsts additive technology - the breakthrough every motor oil made today uses for better reliability and efficiency liquid tungsten - a new oil soluble additive, which generates an extra protective compound by itself semi-synthetic motor oil - giving engines a previously unattainable level of performance and cleanliness multi-grade oil - which functioned at high and low temperature.
  • In Aviation, Marine and Industrial products too…
  • A heritage of winning and breaking records
  • 22 land speed records – Until nowthe Thrust II still hold the fastestland speed record at 763 mph, thefirst supersonic vehicleThe world’s first supersonicairliner -- We helped the Concordeto reach speeds of up to Mach 2
  • Always involved in leading technology ..all the way to Mars !
  • We are designing lubricants towithstand ultra-low temperatures fordeep spaces missions
  • A passion for sports …..
  • WRC WTCCMotoGP F1 Dakar DTM
  • “Liquid engineering”…recommended by the world leading OEM’s
  • Our Organization OpportunitiesCustomer Centric Innovative Contemporary China Technical Centre Key Account Management Marketing Unit Region/ Country Sales Teams Lubricants Technology Supply Chain Industrial and Automotive
  • Lubricants Blending : Shenzhen Plant  Process equipment mostly imported from Europe and USA  Built to the highest BP HSSE and production standards  Pigged pipelines to avoid contamination  Imported base oils to maintain product quality for mainline products  ISO 9002, 14001
  • China Lubricants Distribution Network 13 Heilongjiang 24 Jilin Xinjiang 21 7 Liaoning 5 16 7 Gansu 3 Inner Mongolia Beijing Tianjin 2 Hebei Ningxia Shanxi Qinghai Shandong 15 1 13 Shanxi Henan Tibet 13 18 Jiangsu 0 39 Hubei Anhui Shanghai 11 Sichuan 9 6 Zhejiang 12 Jiangxi 25 3 Hunan 15 Guizhou Fujian Yunnan 16 26 3 Guangxi Guangdong 68 HongKong 3 More than 200 Distributors 8 Regional Distribution Centers Hainan 2
  • Industry Lubricants
  • OverviewCastrol Industrial嘉实多工业
  • Content 我们的历史Our Recent History 我们在中国的历史Our History in China 我们的原景和使命Our Vision and Mission 我们的客户Our Customers 技术内涵The Technology Inside 我们的产品Our Products 我们与设备制造商Our OEM Work 全球技术中心与工厂Our Innovation & Manufacturing Centres 嘉实多工业与中国 Our Presence in China
  • 我们的历史Our Recent History 由C.C.维克费尔德先生在1899年3月19日创建的一家石油公司 ,在润滑油与切削液方面有多过一百年的历史 More than 100+ years’ experience in a range of lubricants and metalworking fluids 有超过二十年的液体和润滑管理知识 20+ years’ experience in fluid and lubrication management services 嘉实多目前在50多个国家开展业务,研究所和工厂Global business with a network of sales, engineering, research and manufacturing capabilities in more than 50 countries 我们的技术知识能使我们能够选择和应用最好的产品,最积极 的影响您的生产率,质量和成本制造业务。Our knowledge allows us to select and apply the best product that most positively impact productivity, quality and costs in your manufacturing operations.
  • 我们在中国的历史Our History in China 2000年7月英国石油公司(BP)收购嘉实多 作为全球最好的润滑油品牌之一,嘉实多以生产最高质的产品而闻名。正因如此,BP才会将 嘉实多纳入旗下。而且自从被BP收购后,嘉实多已成为BP润滑油业务的核心品牌。 这是一 次非常成功的合并。嘉实多的创新的市场营销和专业的品牌管理与BP盈利和绩效驱动的经营 能力相得益彰。如今,嘉实多润滑油业务在全球成功运营,在众多竞争者中脱颖而出,赢得 了全球客户的青睐。 2007年11月27日 试运行工业润滑油工厂 在江苏省太仓市港口开发区石化工业区独资建造了工业润滑油工厂。在2009年8月获得了质 量体系ISO9001,环境体系ISO14001和职业健康安全体系OHS18001证书。 2010年7月28日 嘉实多中国技术中心在上海隆重揭幕 座落于上海浦东金桥创科园的嘉实多中国技术中心隆重揭幕。该中心是嘉实多全球科技战略 的重要部署之一,将为中国汽车、航空、船舶、工业等领域提供完善的润滑技术解决方案。 嘉实多润滑油全球总裁迈克•约翰逊先生表示:“嘉实多中国技术中心的落成在中国同类机 构中尚属首次,标志着嘉实多对中国客户和消费者的长期承诺。这个技术中心将与嘉实多位 于英国和德国的研发中心一起,传递出世界级的科研能力,并将对嘉实多全球品牌战略的发 展起到重大推动作用。中国对我们来说是一个非常重要的市场,我们有信心将最高品质的产 品和服务带给我们的客户。”
  • 我们的原景和使命Our Vision and Mission原景Vision作为金属加工液与高性能润滑油的领先者To be the market leader in metalworking fluids and highperformance lubricants使命Mission借力我们先进的技术以及客户的见证Leveraging the highly advanced technology inside our products, andthe proven value they add to customers’ processes.只有嘉实多工业拥有技术内涵!Only Castrol Industrial has the Technology Inside!
  • 我们的客户 Our Customers• 汽车制造 Automotive• 机械制造 Machinery Manufacture• 冶金 Metals Manufacture• 航空航天 Aerospace• 金属制品 Fabricated Metal Goods• 风能 Wind Energy• Process Industry - 采矿Mining - 水泥 Cement - 食品及饮料 Food & Beverage - 玻璃及陶瓷 Glass & Ceramics - 造纸及印刷造纸 Pulp & Paper
  • 技术内涵The Technology Inside工业依赖于先进的机械设备,而机械设备内部有着你所不了解的技术。极薄的油膜保护着经常处于巨大压力和极端工况条件下的关键零部件。Today’s machinery tools used in the manufacturing industry areexpected to beat the world’s highest productivity and qualitystandards. That means the film of the lubricant and coolant protectingtools and equipment is often under vast stress and in extremeconditions.嘉实多工业润滑油深知您的业务绩效依赖于我们润滑油的性能。我们深信您对润滑油不会有丝毫的马虎,这也是您要求嘉实多拥有刻心润滑技术的原因。At Castrol Industrial, we know that the performance ofyour business depends on the performance of our lubricants andcoolants. Don’t compromise.Insist on CASTROL TECHNOLOGY INSIDE.
  • 我们的产品 Our Products金属切削液 Metalworking Fluids随着人们对工艺可靠性和品质要求的关注,嘉实多工业不断在金属加工液领域中研发新产品来满足用户的各种需要。嘉实多金属加工液系列产品将帮助用户提高生产率和工作绩效,并且实现用户在健康,安全和环境的承诺。With the emphasis on your process reliability, we can offer a comprehensive rangeof premium metalworking fluids. Castrol’s extensive knowledge and experience in their applicationacross various industries will help you improve quality and productivity at reduced overall processcost. 切削及磨削液 Cutting & grinding fluids - 水溶性切削液 Soluble coolants - 全合成切削液 Synthetic coolants - 切削油 Neat cutting & grinding oils 防锈剂 Corrosion preventives 清洗剂 Cleaners 成型油 Deformation process fluids
  • 我们的产品 Our Products高性能润滑油High-performance lubricants嘉实多高性能润滑油专用于速度、载荷和温度等对润滑油要求严格的需求。该系列产品的配方使用了最新原材料和添加剂技术,并且通过与主要的零件和机械制造商密切合作,在实验室和生产条件下进行了试验。A comprehensive range of world-class lubricants which deliver the performanceyou need in a full range of applications, including the most demanding and capital intensive, whereleading edge lubrication technology is required.• 齿轮油 Gear oils• 润滑脂 Greases and Chain oils• 液压油 Hydraulic oils• Fire resistant hydraulic fluids• Compressor oils• Circulating oils• 导轨油 Slideway oils• Spindle oils
  • 我们与设备制造商Our OEM Work 拥有强有力的伙伴关系 Strong partnership with leading OEMs 拥有主要设备制造商的产品批准和推 荐 Castrol products have approvals and recommendations from major OEMs 共同与设备制造商合作而研发新品 New product developments through interaction with OEMs 从设备制造商沟通而得知最新应用和 技术发展趋势的知识 Knowledge about latest application and technology trends from OEMs
  • 全球技术中心与工厂Our Innovation & Manufacturing Centres Asia Pacific • Melbourne, Australia • Silvassa, India • Ulsan, Korea • Shenzhen Nanyou, China Canada • Taicang, China • Toronto Europe • Landau, Germany • Moenchengladbach, Germany • Peronne, France Americas • Warminster, Pennsylvania • Vernon, California Latin America • Rio de Janeiro Castrol Innovation Centres Castrol Manufacturing Centres
  • Our Presence in China嘉实多工业 与中国
  • 嘉实多中国工厂Castrol Plants 深圳建有面积达25000的润滑油调配厂 established a blending plant in Shenzhen with 25000m2 area. 在上海也有进行调配的合作厂 has a cooperator for toll blending in Shanghai 在太仓于2008年建成BP中国乃至BP全球规模最大、效率最高、产品配方最 灵活的工业润滑油生产基地,并于同年开始投入正式生产。In Taicang city, owns and operate the largest, most efficient and flexible industrial lubricant facility in China and in the wider BP, and it is commissioned in 2008.深圳润滑油调配厂Shenzhen Lubricant Blending Plant 太仓润滑油厂 Taicang Lubricant Plant
  • 嘉实多中国研发与技术中心Castrol Technology Centre China 座落于上海浦东金桥创科园的嘉实多中国技术中心隆重揭幕。该中心是嘉实 多全球科技战略的重要部署之一,将为中国汽车、航空、船舶、工业等领域 提供完善的润滑技术解决方案。嘉实多润滑油全球总裁迈克•约翰逊先生表 示:“嘉实多中国技术中心的落成在中国同类机构中尚属首次,标志着嘉实 多对中国客户和消费者的长期承诺。这个技术中心将与嘉实多位于英国和德 国的研发中心一起,传递出世界级的科研能力,并将对嘉实多全球品牌战略 的发展起到重大推动作用。中国对我们来说是一个非常重要的市场,我们有 信心将最高品质的产品和服务带给我们的客户。”
  • 嘉实多工业销售点Castrol Industrial China Sales = Castrol office Heilongjiang = Account Manager presence = Distributor presence Jilin Liaoning Xinjiang HeBei Inner Mongolia TJ Gansu Shanxi Shandong Ningxa Shaanxi Qinghai Jiangsu Henan Anhui Tibet Hubei Zhejiang Sichuan Jiangxi Hunan Fujian Guizhou Guangdong Yunnan Guangxi Tai Wan HongKong Hainan
  • 我们的活动Our presence in China We have an active presence in the market. We support our OEMs and Customers through trade shows, customer events, seminars etc….
  • For more information, log on to
  • Global Lubricants Technology
  • 39A lubricant performs manyfunctions Viscosity Low Friction Reduces Volatility Friction & Wear Sludge Protection Soot Handling Cools Wear Protection Load Carrying Oil Integrity Protects Air Entrainment Acid Neutralisation Corrosion Protection Cleans Piston Deposit Protection Seal Integrity Fit for all Duty Cycles Fuels & Lubricants Technology 2011-10-11 BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION
  • 40…and lubricates machines of allsizes Fuels & Lubricant Technology 2011-10-11 BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION
  • 41 AUTO LUBES BITUMEN LUBES AIME & COKE Global Lubricants GLT provides Technology (GLT) lubrication supports the solutions to the development and Aviation, Industrial, marketing of local and Automotive international Marine lubricating oils shipping, and oil (engine, driveline exploration and and ancillaries) and power generation associated services industries (Energy). to cars, bikes and AIME was created to trucks, both on road direct proper focus and off road. on ‘business to business’ (B2B) lubricants.Fuels & Lubricants Technology 2011-10-11BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION
  • 43Technology Delivering Products Automotive Lubricants Automotive Lubricants Industrial Lubricants CASTROL EDGE OEMs CASTROL SILANES Automotive Lubricants Automotive Lubricants Marine Lubricants CASTROL ACTIV CASTROL MAGNATEC CASTROL CYLTECH 70 Fuels & Lubricants Technology 2011-10-11 BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION
  • 44Automotive Lubricants –distinctive brands through technology CASTROL MAGNATEC CASTROL EDGE TRIZONE TECHNOLOGY Molecules that ‘cling’ Superiority under extremes – A technology proposition to the engine product & demonstration underpinning all products development DRIVELINE CASTROL Successes in dual ELIXION clutch fluids to Premium HD brand for maximise global emissions and fuel opportunity efficiencyFuels & Lubricants Technology 2011-10-11BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION
  • 45AIME Lubricants – distinctive productsfor technology leadership AVIATION INDUSTRIAL BPTO 2197 the best A world-first aqueous high thermal stability silane was turbine oil for developed advanced turbine and branded technologies Rustilo AS 20 MARINE ENERGY Castrol Greendeck Castrol Greenfield - – for responsible a range of operators amidst environmentally tightening responsible oils, environmental lubricants and legislation greases for marine and offshore applicationsFuels & Lubricants Technology 2011-10-11BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION
  • 46Close to our Customersand Consumers NAPERVILLE PANGBOURNE, UK NAGOYA WAYNE SHANGHAI WADALA GERMANY Driveline Lubes: Hamburg Industrial: Mönchengladbach JOHANNESBURG A Global Technology organisation – close to our customers and consumers… …and to reflect the different cultures and ways of doing business around the world Fuels & Lubricants Technology 2011-10-11 BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION
  • 47Building Capability... Fuels & Lubricants Technology 2011-10-11 BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION
  • Reflect a Changing World... Fuels & Lubricants Technology 2011-10-11 BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION
  • Lubricants Technology Fuels & Lubricants Technology 2011-10-11 BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION
  • 50Lubricants Fuels & Lubricants Technology 2011-10-11 BP CONFIDENTIAL – NOT FOR CIRCULATION