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Survey power point

  1. 1. SURVEY PROJECTSlideshow presentation by Ella Ben Emanuel
  2. 2.  You can chose one of the following options School Friends Interests
  3. 3.  For example, I chose to find out about homework habits
  4. 4.  1) How many hours a  3)How do you feel about the week do you spend amount of homework you get? doing homework?  4)How often do you have to 2)How often are you cancel something in your graded for your personal life (eg. an after- school activity, a family homework? event) In order to catch up with homework? 2)How often do you forget to do homework?  5)How often do you copy homework from a friend rather than do it on your own?
  5. 5.  Example: 1)How many hours a week do you spend doing homework? Answers A) 10 or more B) 5-10 C) 1-5 D)none
  6. 6. They can be any of the following: Your classmates Your family Your friends
  7. 7. • Pick a theme (home, school, friends)• Pick a partner• Think of 5 questions• Think of possible answers• Have your teacher check them• Choose people to interview (10-20)• WHAT’S NEXT?????
  8. 8. On google docs youcan find the optionto make a form.Press ‘create’ andthen click on the‘form’ option
  9. 9. You can check what sort of answersyou want your students to give –the best is ‘multiple choice’ wherethey can only give ONE answer.
  10. 10. 1)Type in the question 2)Type in 3)Click ‘done’ the when you’re possible finished and answers ready to move on to the nextDon’t forget to check questionthe box if you wantall the boxes to befilled in.
  11. 11. Then you can ‘share’ your form via google plus, email it or put the linkhere is where you can find a on facebooklink for your survey. You canpaste the URL on facebook
  12. 12. Here you canclick on asummary
  13. 13. Instead of writing questionsyou need to report youranswers. For example hereyou need to write ‘ fiftypercent of people said that theywere graded for their homeworkat least once a month’
  14. 14. You report (whether it is with a graph, a writtenreport or a slideshow presentation) should be dividedinto the following sections:1. Cover Page: include your names, date and title2. Aim of the survey: what was the purpose of your survey?3. Who we interviewed: who did you interview (class, family, friends etc)?4. Questions asked: what sort of questions did you ask?5. Results: what were the results of your survey?6. Conclusions: what were the conclusions of your survey?
  15. 15. item details weight of gradeHanding in on time You must submit your 10%(February 1st) work by this dateFollowing task You must do everything 20%instructions the way I have explained itGrammar, vocabulary You must make sure that 20%and syntax you don’t make too many mistakes!Clarity of presentation The information must be 20% clear to the readerpresentation The information should 20% be well presented (not hand-written)Interesting and relevant You will get extra points 10%information for interesting and
  16. 16. I can’t wait to see what you do!!