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June 2012 newsletter

  1. 1. THE WINDSOCK June 2012 Fleet Weather Center, San Diego Newsletter FWC-SD earns BLUE H Award again! UPCOMING EVENTS For the second year in a row JUNE FWC-SD has earned the 05 CAPT Cooper visit BLUE H award 07 IDSLS visit for excellence in physical 11 All Hands fitness. 14 Flag Day Everyone Spanish Bingo deserves a pat 17 Father’s Day on the back 18-20 Command Inspection for a job well done. Without 20 1st Day of Summer your 21 FWC-SD AV Det Pearl dedication this Harbor COC award is not 25 Officer Detailer Visit possible!COMMANDING OFFICER COLUMNHappyand Professionalism! to a busy summer! While we have much to plan for, I hope that each of you will be Pride June, and welcomeable to take some well-deserved leave over the summer to enjoy time with family, friends, or just some “me” timeto decompress. Congratulations to all the selectees from the spring Navy Wide Exam Cycle! Roughly 25% of Fleet WeatherCenter San Diego’s workforce was selected for promotion to the next paygrade. Truly remarkable! From anotherangle, out of all our folks eligible to advance, over 70% were selected, compared with a 30% Navy-wideadvancement rate. For those selected, pay it forward, be a mentor and share what worked for you! For thosewho were a mentor/counselor/shipmate in helping someone get advanced, thank you for making a positivedifference and keep charging! Naval History Highlights for June:1942 - Battle of Midway (4-6 June) begins; during battle, the 4 Japanese carriers which attacked Pearl Harbor aresunk; this decisive U.S. victory is a turning point in the Pacific war.1944 - In Operation Overlord (6 June), Allied invasion fleet (over 2700 ships and craft) land troops on Normandybeaches, the largest amphibious landing in history. Some other FWC-SD items of interest in June include: a visit by the COMPACFLT Oceanographer, CAPT Cooperon 5 June, a visit from a very senior group of Navy and Civilian Leaders from the Information Dominance SeniorLeader Symposium (IDSLS) on 7 June, a visit by the next skipper of USS GEORGE WASHINGTON also on 7 June,return of our USS MAKIN ISLAND Teammates, Command Inspection 18-20 June, FWC Aviation Det Pearl HarborChange of Charge 21 June, and an officer detailer visit the last week of June. All while the building renovationcontinues to gather momentum! I ask for your continued focus and professionalism as our journey to make this thepremier Oceanography command in the Navy continues. There is certainly no lack of outside interest in what wehave going here with this special group! In closing, we are about to start a significant number of leadership transitions through the summer and early fall.It begins with saying farewell to CDR Jimmy Horne early this month as he transitions to become the nextCOMSIXTHFLT Oceanographer in Naples, Italy. Our next SGOT Department Head is CDR(sel) Kelly Taylor reportingfrom OIC PDD PAC. Welcome aboard and congratulations on joining a superb team of professionals!Be aware of summertime safety hazards and have plans to minimize FWC-SD Facebook Websiterisk. Make good choices, respect and take care of each other! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fleet-Weather-Center-Every one of you makes a positive difference. Don’t take for granted San-Diego/296038170413913what you are all a part of. FWC-SD Ombudsman: Victoria Mitchell (619)-207-9634Pride and Professionalism! fwcsdombudsman@gmail.com Page 1 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume II, Issue 5 ● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271
  2. 2. CMC SOAPBOX OMBUDSMAN CORNER First of all, congratulations are in order for all our new Third, Second, and First Class Operation Showers of Appreciation (OSOA)- OSOA is a non-profit tax- Petty Officers! exempt organization, whose mission is to honor military families in a We as a Command faired pretty well unique way by showering them with gifts for their newborn babies, and Im excited to see each one of you providing support during difficult times, and letting them know the with your new chevrons on. I am also many sacrifices of both the families and service members are excited to see each one of you step up appreciated. OSOA assists enlisted military families E1-E8, CWO1, and and exercise your limits of your authority O1 that are either expecting new babies or have babies up to 3 with your new rank. I would like to months old. If you or if you know a military family that is expecting, welcome back our SGOT that just returned please visit www.osoamil.org to register, donate or volunteer. from deployment on the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) led by Chief Stratton and AG1 Big Brothers Big Sisters - Most everyone has heard of Big Brothers Big Staten. You all did bang-up job out on Sisters… but have you heard of “Operation Bigs”? San Diego is deployment continuing to build on the home to 800,000 active and retired military personnel and their Fleet Weather Centers excellent dependents, the largest population in the US. In an effort to serve this reputation with the Fleet. Last but not population more effectively, Big Brothers Big Sisters of San least I would like share a bit of Naval Diego County designed the Operation Bigs program, which provides Heritage with you. Next month marks the mentors to children of military families through Big Brothers Big Sisters Seventieth anniversary of the Battle of School/Site-Based program. Volunteers meet with children at their Midway; this battle was the turning point schools or a neighborhood community center and provide quality of World War II and one of the Navys finest one-to-one friendship time that is so important to a child whose moments in its illustrious history. Between 4 parent is deployed, will deploy or is just returning from a deployment. and 7 June 1942, only six months after Operation Bigs runs at all five elementary schools on Camp Japans attack on Pearl Harbor, and one Pendleton, and at sites in Coronado, Point Loma, Serra Mesa, and month after the Battle of the Coral Sea, MCAS Miramar. Bigs and Littles meet for one hour sessions in the the United States Navy decisively community center or the classroom, school library, school computer defeated an Imperial Japanese Navy room, or on the school playground. Bigs and Littles typically meet attack against the Island of Midway , once a week to read together, play sports or computer games, or inflicting irreparable damage on the simply talk about life and personal issues - just as friends do. If you Japanese fleet. The U.S. Navy sunk 4 would like to sign your child up to be a “Little” or if you are ready to Japanese carriers, a cruiser and destroyed be a “Big”, please call (858) 536-4900. 248 aircraft while only losing 1 Carrier and a destroyer and 150 aircraft during the 4 Blue Star Museum - Blue Star Museums summer program is off and day battle. running! Did you already go to one of the 1,600 museums across the AGCS Morales nation that are open to military folks for FREE? Go to www.bluestarfam.org and you can check out which museums in your state are gratis ... and there are lots of them! Balboa Park is home to most of the San Diego Blue Star Museum partners, these places are full of amazing artifacts, photos, art collections, and interactive exhibits. Of course, don’t forget to visit the Veterans Museum (free year round to AD mil and family).STRIKE DET FALLON VIEWS ANNULAR ECLIPSE Sailors, Civilians, and family The next Annular/Total members from FWC STRIKE Solar Eclipse for the DET FALLON along with United States will be on viewers from as far away as August 21, 2017, tracking California, gathered across from South underneath the "centerline- Carolina to Oregon. For maximum" to view the detailed information on Annular Solar Eclipse that past/upcoming eclipses occurred on Sunday, May worldwide, check out 20, 2012. NASAs Eclipse The "Astronomical Show" webpage: started at 1716L, maxing at http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa. 1831L and ending at 1936L. gov/eclipse.html Page 2 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume II, Issue 5● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271
  3. 3. DEPARTMENT FOCUS: N7 TRAINING Fleet Weather Center – San Diego N7 department has been around since the standup of the command in 2010. N7’s primary mission is to train and assist in the qualifications of all AG’s in the command. They are trained through a rigorous qualification process based on PQS and JQR standards for their respective positions. The various qualifications include Fleet Operations, Maritime, and Aviation Apprentice/Journeyman Forecaster. The goal is to eliminate the lengthy and non-standardized training process which often results from the “on the job training” method, and instead completing standardized training in a controlled and tailored environment, thereby alleviating the workload on the operational personnel throughout the command. To date, N7 has qualified twenty forecasters across the departments in 7 months. Tracking the training process has also been improved to ensure Page 2 that all personnel (at FWC-SD and the detachments) are receiving their required training. Overall, that means tracking training for over 250 individual Sailors – all with their own learning curves! The N7 department carries out its tasks with a seasoned crew of eight Subject Matter Experts, two AGC’s and one Training Officer, working everyday to train up these young Sailors. The mission can be easily misconstrued as unimportant, or unnecessary, but in the end this department is an essential part of the FWC mission. We take forecasters straight out of school or another directorate within the community and train them to the standards required to conduct weather services. We aim to maximize their capabilities in forecasting expertise, military bearing, and leadership; providing only the best to support the mission of FWC-SD. As an instructor in the department so aptly states, “We take clean slates and help mold them into certified war fighters.” The result? Trained, professional, ready Sailors who can do their job, and are excited about applying their skills to accomplish the mission. TEAMMATE IN THE SPOTLIGHT: AG2 CALDWELL All of us who are proud to bear the title of “Sailor” had our original reasons behind joining.Maybe it was a college fund, a desire to be a hero, a family that needed food on the table.For some, it was a long line of history. Aerographers Mate Second Class Petty Officer(AW/SW)Kiley M. Caldwell is one of those family Sailors. She joined the Navy in August of 2008 uponcompletion of basic training, and picking the AG rate, she arrived to SGOT San Diego in March of 2009. Since then she has completed two eight month deployments on two different aircraft carriers, the USS NIMITZ (2009-2010) and the USS RONALD REAGAN (2010-2011). While onboardthe USS RONALD REAGAN she and her team got to play an instrumental role in weather supportfor Operation Tomodachi, which provided humanitarian assistance to Japan after theearthquake and tsunami in 2011. Upon her completion of the USS RONALD REAGAN deployment, AG2’s sageknowledge was seen as a critical asset to training future Apprentice Forecasters. She was brought to N7 department asa Subject Matter Expert/Facilitator, and since then has played a crucial role in standing up the current operationalFWC-SD N7 Training Department. She has succeeded in training over forty Sailors in METOC fundamentals, along withqualifying fifteen Sailors as Apprentice Forecasters. In training these Sailors, the satisfaction of passing experience andknowledge to future AG’s is the best part of her job. She has gained experience and knowledge, and is now doing herbest to hand it down. MWR NEWS MWR would like to send out a big thank you to everyone at FWC-SD. The help with MWR’s Fundraisers has been greatly appreciated by the committee. The past two MWR Sponsored breakfasts were huge successes. A special thanks goes out to those sailors from the training department. On June 14th from 1000-1200, MWR will be hosting a Spanish Bingo! For $6.00 you can get tacos and two bingo cards. Extra bingo cards are available for $1.00. A big turnout will give YOU the chance to win more cash at the final game. We will also have gift cards for the winners of the other games! The MWR Committee is asking for 20 people to volunteer their time this fall at Qualcomm. California State Law is now requiring a new certification to serve alcohol. We are requesting people to fill up the certification class Qualcomm is a HUGE money maker for MWR. The committee members look forward to working alongside YOU! READ YOUR EMAIL!!! There is a VERY special event MWR has been working toward to include HUGE prizes and possible some special guest appearances. Keep your eyes out for more details. If anyone would like to share their fundraising ideas with the MWR Committee please feel free to attend any of the open meetings! Page 3 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume II, Issue 5● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271
  4. 4. WELCOME HOMEUSS ESSEX returned after a four month deployment. They USS CARL VINSON returned after a seven monthleft on the USS BONHOMME RICHARD and supported the deployment to 5th Fleet. The team consisted of AGChull swap with USS ESSEX. The team consisted of AGCS Stratton, AG1 Staten, AG1 Fontaine, AG1 Clements,Morales, AGC Lacno, AG1 Navarro, AG1 Bizzle, AG3 Street, AG2 Jordan (acting Strike Forecaster), AG3 Williams,AG3 Mannila, AG3 Germain, AGAN Raffini. AG3 Medina, AGAN Giles, and AGAN Lagarde. AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONNCM AG2 StatenAGC Pea AG2 Street AG2 MarchioniNAM AG2 DanielIT1 Nunez AG2 BeranekAG2 Mesic AG2 BriscoeAG2 Bell AG2 HeisermanAG3 Wilbur AG2 Johnson AG2 LewisGCA AG2 Mannila NEWS FROM THE FRONTIERAG1 Rossman FWC AVN Det Pearl Harbor:AG1 Zimmerli AG3 Perdichizzi -As a final fare well to two outstanding Aerographer’s Mate, AG1 Roe (going into the AG3 Nobel reserves), and AG2 Croakman (cross rating to YN for submarines), the detachment hasLOC AG3 Matthews initiated over the last couple weeks a slew of Navy bake sales toward a proper sendAG2 Price AG3 Poling off.AG3 Phelps AG3 Raffini -For the second consecutive month a FWCAD member was awarded by the 17 th OWS AG3 Riley for their outstanding achievement. AG3 Long was awarded the Air Force achievementEIDWS AG3 Rodriques medal for continuously working to enhance the programs used by the 17th OWS.AG1 Lopez AG3 Simkins -On the adventurous side, AG2 Schoonover and AG3 Hartmann obtained their openAG1 Zimmerli AG3 Thompson water scuba certification that will allow them to take advantage of exploring HawaiianAG2 Bell AG3 Wallace aquatic life.IT2 Rodriguez AG3 AlbertADVANCEMENT AG3 Archambault FWC AVN Det Atsugi:AG1 Clester AG3 Baptiste -AG3 Richardson went TAD to IWO Jima for 10 days with the George Washington OAAG1 Day AG3 Becker division to support the Iwo-To FCLP (Fleet Carrier Landing Practice).AG1 Katz AG3 Cress AG3 Baptiste volunteered for to go TAD with the USS George Washington OA division forAG1 Kossuth AG3 Dayoub the Summer Cruise.AG1 Springer AG3 Fiebig -Conducted Spring 2012 PFA, 100% Passed!AG1 Lee AG3 Florestant -AG1 Lund selected for OCS, CONGRATS!!AG1 Mccoy AG3 GilesAG1 Michael AG3 Hernandez FWC Strike Det Fallon: AG3 Jones - We welcome aboard AG2 Jason Fisher who reported from C-School and will beAG2 Mccroskey AG3 Kramer deploying on the USS Nimitz this winter.AG2 Medina AG3 Lagarde -Congratulations to AG1 Reynolds, currently deployed on USS LINCOLN, who wasAG2 Oppie AG3 Lopez selected at FWC San Diego Sea Sailor of the Quarter.AG2 Phelps IT3 IndoratoAG2 Shipman EN3 Martinez CDR Mike Kuypers Executive Officer Page 4 THE WINDSOCK ● Volume II, Issue 5● Fleet Weather Center San Diego ● (619) 767-1271