23 May 2012 FRSA Flash


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23 May 2012 FRSA Flash

  1. 1. FRSA Flash 3-6 Field Artillery www.facebook.com/3.6FA.1BCT.10MTN Thursday, 23 May 2012Contents of this newsletter are compiled from multiple Military Family news sources. Material presented does notrepresent the views or endorsement of 3-6 Field Artillery or the United States Army. This material is for personal useof the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines.
  2. 2. 3-6 Field ArtilleryVolume 1, Issue 1 Page 2 Our 3-6 FRG LeadersIf you have questions or concerns, send your FRG Leader an email!!HHB: Mindy Thompson, mindyblackwood@hotmail.comAlpha: Kathryn Peacock, kpeacock8@gmail.comAlpha: Jill Burke, burke.jill@gmail.comBravo: Tessa Conaway, conaway.t@hotmail.comGolf: Lisa Carroll, keith6463@yahoo.comGolf: Rachel Hirons, rjhirons@yahoo.com
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  4. 4. 3-6 Field Artillery Page 4 UPCOMING ALZHEIMERS ASSOCIATION VOLUTNEER OPPORTUNITIES Sat. 5/26 - Thousand Islands Winery Grape Blossom Festival - Volunteers will assist with many aspects of the event (wine pouring, parking, check-in, security, etc). T-shirts will be provided. LOCATION: Thousand Islands Winery in Alexandria Bay. Shifts 1130-1600: or 1530-2000. ________________________________________________________________ DPAO and BOSS are partnering with Parkitects Inc. to create a new sensory park (Boundless Playground) at our Davidson street location. This Sensory Oasis will include many wheelchair accessible components which will allow our individuals in wheelchairs the opportunity to participate in outdoor play. This sensory park will have sensory play areas that will encourage individuals with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder to explore and discover the tactile, visual, and audio elements that our park has to offer in addition the oasis will have all the classic fun things toVolume 1, Issue 1 do. Please check out the following dates to see if you or even your friends and family would be available to help us make this unique park come to life. FRIDAY: June 1, 2012 Preparation Day Goals for the Day Stake out area, drill holes, sort parts 2:00 – 6:00 Volunteers - 5 people to help Parkitects stakeout the area. Hole drilling crews can begin work. Volunteers – 5 to 10 people to help sort parts, drill holes and begin setting sono tubes. SATURDAY: June 2, 2012 The Main Event Goals for the Day Install play area and pour concrete before dark. Install playground surfacing 8:00 – 12:30 Volunteers - 35 to 40 people 12:30 - 7:00 Volunteers - 30 to 35 people If you can volunteer some of your time or have questions SPC Trinidad, Vanessa Fort Drum B.O.S.S. Vice President O-315-772-7807 O-315-772-0278 C-315-777-0065 ____________________________________________________________________ Sat. 7/24 - Thousand Islands Winery Birthday Bash - Help celebrate the 9th Birthday of the Thousand Islands Winery. Volunteers will assist with the same tasks as noted above. LOCATION: TI Winery in A-Bay from 1630- 2100. ____________________________________________________________________ Sat. 8/18 - Greater Watertown Walk to End Alzheimers - Sackets Harbor This is the largest fundraising events in the area and need many hands to make it a success. Individuals and Group Volunteers are welcome! Volunteers as- sist with the day in many ways; registration, walk guides, serve refreshments, assist with incentives and more! LOCA- TION: Sackets Harbor Central School from 0700-1200.
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  8. 8. 3-6 Field Artillery Page 8 MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR MONEY! The Personal Financial Counseling group of the Military & Family Life Consultant program of- fers confidential, free financial counseling to you and members of your family. A consultant can help you manage your finances, establish financial goals and plan your financial future. Thank you for your service. Here are several resources that may help you. 1. Do a budget: talk to us to learn how! Or go to www.google.com. ( Gmail account/ Documents/Search Templates/Family Budget Planner) 2. Debt solutions – www.powerpay.org ; www.ftc.gov/bcp 3. View Earnings Statements/Change Deductions – www.mypay.dfas.mil/mypay.aspx 4. Order your free credit report – www.annualcreditreport.comVolume 1, Issue 1 5. Get your free credit score – www.saveandinvest.org/military 6. Improve your credit – http://myfico.com/crediteducation/improveyourscore 7. List of approved credit counseling organizations – www.usdoj.gov/ust 8. Printable Food Coupons. www.smartsource.com 9. Food, furniture, auto repair, financial help – www.operationhomefront.net 10. Comprehensive community resources – www.211.org (Type in your location) 11. Ripped Off? Register complaint at -- www.ftc.gov/sentinel/military 12. Military Child Care – www.military.com/benefits 13. Off-base housing – www.ahrn.com 14. Grants – Am. Legion 800-504-4098; VFW – 816-756-3390 15. Emergencies – Red Cross – 877-272-7337; or BDE Chaplain - 315-772-2940 16. Education Assistance – www.gibill.va.gov 17. Plan your financial future – www.saveandinvest.org/military 18. Plan your retirement with the Thrift Savings Plan – http://www.tsp.gov 19. Tax help and filing taxes -- www.militaryonesource.com. 20. 10% Savings Deposit Program (SDP) – www.saveandinvest.org 21. Transitioning out of the military – www.turbotap.org www.dol.gov Where to Get Help Army Community Service Center Personal Financial Counselor P: 315-772-0050/5196
  9. 9. Upcoming Events & FREE Offers to Military and Families Page 9The St. Lawrence Power & Equipment Museum can offer active duty and wounded warriors free admission to our JuneExhibition June 9 & 10, 2012 in Madrid, NY. Thank you. Ronald Day 315-344-8823Military service members, their dependents to get free annual passes to national parks“Active-duty military personnel and their dependents will soon be able to enter every national park for free as part of an effort tothank service members and their families for the sacrifices they make, the Interior Department announced Tuesday.An annual pass will be made available to members of the military free of charge beginning Saturday, which is ArmedForces Day. The America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Annual Pass ordinarily costs $80. Itprovides access to more than 2,000 national parks, wildlife refuges and other public lands.” http://store.usgs.gov/pass/military.htmlBlue Star MuseumsWe are just days away from the launch of Blue Star Museums and 2012 is going to be a banner year. Military familieswill have access to 1,600 art exhibits, science centers, and amazing museums all over the nation. Click below to see whichmuseums are participating and then come back for some more exciting news including how you can become an EYE-WITNESS reporter for Blue Star Museums! http://www.bluestarfam.org/Programs/Blue_Star_Museums For more information about BOSS ask as our BOSS Representative, SGT Randy White in the S1 shop.
  10. 10. Volume 1, Issue 1 3-6 Field Artillery www.facebook.com/3.6Page 10
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  12. 12. Volume 1, Issue 1 3-6 Field Artillery www.facebook.com/3.6Page 12
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