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This presentation summarizes the state of the green building industry in the Toronto area: one of the most rapidly growing cities in North America, with more new towers under construction than most other North American cities combined in 2012. Learn about the LEED process, the process of certifying professionals, buildings, other projects, how to maintain certification, and where to find help.

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  • (Roodman and Lenssen,World Watch Institute Paper 124, 1995)that, globally, buildings and constructionactivity consume:• Three billion tons of raw materials, or 40% of total global use• Buildings use 40% of the world’s materials and energy• 55% of the wood cut for uses other then fuel is for construction• 30% of newly-built or renovated buildings suffer from ‘sick building syndrome’, their occupants exposed to stale, or mould- or chemical-laden air• Buildings and construction materials production account for at least 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Since green buildings have a smaller ‘environmental footprint’ than more traditional developments, it makes sense to have more of them. This is especially so, since according to Dr David Orr, Chair of the Environmental Studies Program at Oberlin College, as many buildings will be constructed worldwide in the next 50 years as over the last 5,000
  • CaGBC envisions a transformed built environment leading to a sustainable future, and are working toward it by Changing industry standards,developing best design practices and guidelines,advocating for green buildings, anddeveloping educational tools to support its members in implementing sustainable design and construction practices.
  • What we do
  • 8 Canadian Chapters – Toronto is the largest.
  • The most well-known part of our work is the LEED rating system.
  • Construction is changing and one thing is clear: The construction industry is only moving in one direction: towards greener, higher performing buildings.Owners, especially institutions and owners with large portfolios of buildings are requesting greener buildings that are better built, more durable and use less energy. You can see the changes in this graph from the McGraw Hill Green Outlook Survey.As you can see, waaay back in 2005, green building comprised only a tiny fraction of the nonresidential construction market. Only 7 years later, green building makes up about 44% of the market! Even though the U.S. construction market as a whole fell off a cliff in 2008, the green building trend continued to rise with the projected increases growing to almost half of the construction industry by 2016. With such huge changes afoot, workers in the construction industry need to be prepared because green work practices are quickly becoming standard practice.
  • As of Mar. 14, 2013:In Canada...257 Registered EBOM projects56 Certified               9 Certified               7 Silver               22 Gold               7 Platinum In Ontario...156 registered35 certified
  • , a national database program that enables building owners and managers to measure, benchmark and report on the performance of their real estate portfolios.
  • Read the Checklist and Guide: buy the Reference GuideStart planning:SSc2: Building Exterior and Hardscape Management PlanSSc3: IntegratedPest Management, Erosion Control, and Landscape Management PlanSSc4: Alternative commuting / transit facilitation for staffDo an energy and water audit & start implementing resultsPlan an ongoing recommissioning / optimising strategyMR: sustainable purchasing policiesEQc1: IAQ best management practicesEQc2: occupant comfortEQc3: green cleaning
  • (Pull out a couple; always mention the next LEED Green Associate Study Course)Apr. 23/24 (TO)July 16/17 (Niagara)
  • Sold out! Watch for more!LEED Breakfast Series starts next week:  audience will be 40-60 from various sectors, mostly office and hospitality.
  • CaGBC Toronto: Partners In Project Green

    1. 1. Green Building in OntarioDerek Satnik, P.Eng., LEED® APMindscape Innovations Group Inc.
    2. 2. Agenda• CaGBC• The LEED® Process• How to Prep a Building to Certify• Maintaining Certification• Driving Sustainability Culture
    3. 3. Why Green Buildings?Our industry consumes:• 40% of the world’s materials and energy• 35% of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions• 33% of Canada’s energy consumption• 50% of Canada’s natural resources consumption• 12% of Canada’s non-industrial water use• 25% of Canada’s waste going to landfillSources can be found on our website in the About Us section
    4. 4. CaGBC MissionLead and accelerate the transformation tohigh-performing, healthy greenbuildings, homes and communitiesthroughout Canada.Canada Green Building Council
    5. 5. Canada Green Building CouncilLEED Canada®Living Building ChallengePassive House standardsGREEN UP®AdvocacyGreen building & LEED® educationNetworkingTools & Resources
    6. 6. 8 Canadian Chapters
    7. 7. Canada Green Building CouncilLeadership in Energy and Environmental Design
    8. 8. Source: 2013 Dodge Construction Green Outlook; McGraw HillConstruction is Changing
    9. 9. Green Building is a Growing Industry0500100015002000250030003500400045002004/Pre20042005 2006 2007 2008 2009Q12009Q22009Q32009Q42010Q12010Q22010Q32010Q42011Q12011Q22011Q32011Q42012Q12012Q22012Q3LEED Project Registrations & Certifications
    10. 10. Green Building is a Growing Industry6,000in Canada165,000LEED Professionalsinternationally4,000in Canada(350 in 2012!)51,600LEED Registered orCertified Projectsinternationally44%in Ontario37%in OntarioBuilding statistics as of Nov 2012 Source: CaGBCLEED Professional statistics as of Oct 2012. Source: GBCI
    11. 11. The Ontario Green Building Landscape
    12. 12. The LEED® Process1,2,3 1,2 1,23 3,2,43Closing1. Builder2. LEED® Consultant(AP+)3. CommissioningAgent4. CaGBC
    13. 13. The LEED® for Homes Process1,2,3,51,5 12 2,3,42Closing1. Builder2. Green Rater3. Provider4. CaGBC5. LEED® Canada for Homes AP(valuable, not required)
    14. 14. Preparing for EB:O&M• Download the resources from www.cagbc.orgMaintaining Certification
    15. 15. Organizational Sustainability• Learn from the leaders: Interface, Minto• Executive support• Employee engagement (eg: green teams)• Celebrate successes
    16. 16. Join Your Chapter!• Network of 6,000+ building professionals across southern Ontario• Regular events and education sessions• Annual networking parties with 150+• Member discounts of 15% - 40%Chapter Membership from $35 (student) to $100 (regular) + HSTCompanies = CaGBC National MembersIndividuals = CaGBC Chapter Members
    17. 17. Upcoming Green Building Workshops &
    18. 18. ANNOUNCING…TORONTO’S FIRST LEED BREAKFAST SERIESTargeted at building owners and managers that have achieved – orare working towards – LEED certification.SESSION #1: LEED CERTIFIED, NOW WHAT?How do you manage the goals and metrics included in yourpolicies? What are the expectations for getting your building re-certified?Mark Hutchinson, Director of Green Building Programs, CaGBCwill speak to these questions and more to help building owners andmanagers understand what it takes to maintain their LEEDcertification with pride.FUTURE SESSIONSJune: What does a LEED Platinum Building Look Like?September: Beyond Energy – What LEED credits deliver the mostimpact?November: Re-Commissioning & LEED – How do you optimize thetwo?Topics above are preliminary and subject to change.Wednesday, April 3, 20137:30am - 9:00amRoyal York Hotel – 100 Front St WRegister at
    19. 19. Thank you!Derek Satnik, P.Eng., LEED® APManaging Director & CIOMindscape Innovations Groupdsatnik@mi-group.ca647.367.2938 x221Laur Fisher LEED® GAEducation