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aam admi party

aam admi party



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Dony francis   macfast college ph 9846311143 Dony francis macfast college ph 9846311143 Presentation Transcript

  • DONY FRANCIS 9846311143
  • Introduction-
  • • Aam Aadmi Party is a political party officially launched by Arvind Kejriwal along with Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan. Arvind Kejriwal was originally the member of India Against Corruption movement headed by Anna Hazare. Being a pert of this of movement Anna along with Arvind and few other people tried to expose politicians to their reality and they very much suceeded among the people and made people know the reality of India. But then after the split Arvind Kejriwal Launched the party on 26th November’12. the main motive of the party is to make India Corruption and corrupt people free. By this Aam Aadmi Party was launched
  • • Arvind Kejriwal , has played a major role in the implementation of the “ RIGHT TO INFORMATION” Act . He is a degree holder in mechanical engineering from IIT Kharagpur . He is well educated and has the thirst to do things for the country. He has a good vision for the country and people of India, but will be able to keep his party clean.
  • Why Aam Admi party gaining this much attention • Political experts calls Aam Admi Party a frustration born party. It is called so because common man fed up with the traditional parties in India; call it Congress, BJP, communist parties, or other regional parties. People realized all these parties are worsened with dirty corruption. So there was much room for a party whose main agenda is to fight against the corruption.
  • Vision Of AAP- • Vision of AAP After years of oppression, inequality, injustice and unfulfilled promises; most people are tired of corruption. It is this frustration that gave rise to the vision of Aam Aadmi Party : "a system where the political leaders we elect and place in the Parliament are directly responsible to the voters who elected them. Our party's vision is to realize a dream of swaraj that Gandhiji had envisaged for a free India — where the power of governance and rights of democracy will be in the hands of the people of India."
  • Main leaders in aam aadmi party • Prashant Bhushan • Manish Sisodia • Gopal rai • Pankaj Gupta • Sanjay Singh • Arvind Kejriwal • Kumar Vishwas • Medha patkar • Sarah joseph • Ajith Joy
  • Origin • After spliting from Anna, Arvind launched his party without giing name on 2nd October’ 12. Anna Hazare and his associates , amongst whom Kiren Bedi remain prominent, objected to political outfit. The meeting was organized in which 300 founder member took part. Arvind Kejriwal suggested the name of the party and every one agreed to it after which party was oficially launched on 26th November’12 for fighting the Delhi Election.
  • Causes- • Arvind and Anna together were fighting for Janlokpal Bill, creating pressure amongst the Government of India to pass the bill. Though gaining a lot of popularity among the people, Government was not passing the bill through Parliament and even made LokPal Bill of their own choice which was of not at all use. So Arvind decided to go into politics and Government which is for people not against the people as our today's government is. Anna didn't wanted to be politician but being ordinary person he wanted to force Government, it lead to the split by which Arvind Launched the party but Anna remained prominent.
  • Can Aam Admi party rewrite the fate of Indian politics • APJ Abdul Kalam once called Indian politics “the cancer of India”. • Youngsters in India turned un political because of the inefficiency of the existed political parties. About 90% of the youth in India believes political parties are not efficient enough, are corrupted cannot represent them. • That is where the relevance of the Aam Admi party, whose main agenda is to fight against corruption, is to pass strong Jan lok pal bill. And they projects themselves as party which can represent common man.
  • Transparency of aam admi party • Discloses their financial transactions, of party’s and its members • Fixes only uncorrupted candidates for the election who are selected after several rounds of screening • believes in un luxurious way of ruling
  • ‘Gutsy party’ the people can believe in… • Showed courage to seek action against Reliance for their unethical Business practices • They raised allegations against some powerful political leaders in India • They showed the courage give up the ruling in Delhi. Kejriwal showed the courage resign as chief minister of Delhi
  • They can make other parties think.. • We cannot expect Aam Admi party be a superpower in Indian politics but it can surely influence other party’s manifestoes. • It can act the role of a king maker upcoming parliamentary election. • And it can even be a black horse in next parliamentary election. • So they can influence Indian political scenario..
  • Thank you Its time to change-