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  1. 1. Introduction-Aam Aadmi Party is a political party officially launched by Arvind Kejriwal along withShanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan. Arvind Kejriwal was originally the member ofIndia Against Corruption movement headed by Anna Hazare. Being a pert of this ofmovement Anna along with Arvind and few other people tried to expose politicians totheir reality and they very much suceeded among the people and made people know thereality of India. But then after the split Arvind Kejriwal Launched the party on 26thNovember’12. the main motive of the party is to make India Corruption and corruptpeople free. By this Aam Aadmi Party was launched.
  2. 2. OriginAfter spliting from Anna, Arvind launched his party withoutgiing name on 2nd October’ 12. Anna Hazare and his associates ,amongst whom Kiren Bedi remain prominent, objected topolitical outfit. The meeting was organized in which 300 foundermember took part. Arvind Kejriwal suggested the name of the partyand every one agreed to it after which party was oficiallylaunched on 26th November’12 for fighting the Delhi Election.
  3. 3. Causes-• Arvind and Anna together were fighting for Janlokpal Bill, creating pressure amongst the Government of India to pass the bill. Though gaining a lot of popularity among the people, Government was not passing the bill through Parliament and even made LokPal Bill of their own choice which was of not at all use. So Arvind decided to go into politics and Government which is for people not against the people as our todays government is. Anna didnt wanted to be politician but being ordinary person he wanted to force Government, it lead to the split by which Arvind Launched the party but Anna remained prominent.
  4. 4. Process-• A meeting of 300 founders was held at Constitution Club in Delhi. All the founders agreed on the name of the party and a ceremony was organized in which all the founders adopted the constitution of the party. The major popularity gained by the party is with the help of the social networking sites the party shared all its detail and idea with all the people and even take its step with the suggestion of people. The official website of the party oferrs people to give ideas, ask questions to party and its people. The party will participate in election 2013 of Delhi. And every one hopes the party will win.
  5. 5. Name of the party-• Name of the Party there has been some criticism against the thinking behind naming the new party with " Aam Aadmi " especially by Indian National Congress leaders Digvijay Singh and Manish Tewari . Arvind Kejriwal made a statement:- Congress could never hijack the Aam Aadmi despite using the term Aam Aadmi . Now they have lost the word too.
  6. 6. Vision Of AAP-• Vision of AAP After years of oppression, inequality, injustice and unfulfilled promises; most people are tired of corruption. It is this frustration that gave rise to the vision of Aam Aadmi Party : "a system where the political leaders we elect and place in the Parliament are directly responsible to the voters who elected them. Our partys vision is to realize a dream of swaraj that Gandhiji had envisaged for a free India — where the power of governance and rights of democracy will be in the hands of the people of India."
  7. 7. Developments-• Aam Aadmi , which means common man and this party had been officially launched on the 26th of November 2012 , which will become a historical day if the party is successful in its goals and go for a long run. This party would be contesting in upcoming elections.
  8. 8. My views on Arvind-• Arvind Kejriwal , has played a major role in the implementation of the “ RIGHT TO INFORMATION” Act . He is a degree holder in mechanical engineering from IIT Kharagpur . He is well educated and has the thirst to do things for the country. He has a good vision for the country and people of India, but will be able to keep his party clean.
  9. 9. Outcome-• Its because of Arvind Kejriwal and whole team of Aam Aadmi Party that people of India are exposed by the truth of India. Its because of this team that people know about the black truth behind the white dresses of the politicians. Today every one is demandind a change in the society, every one needs Parivartan a change in the way we see and do things.
  10. 10. Present works of the party-• Presently the party is working on all the burning issues amongst the people. The party raised its voice against Delhi Rapa Case. The party protested against the case along with many other supporter in Jantar Mantar.• Along with the raise prices in all the things Delhi govt. increased the prises of electricity against which he protested and appealed people not to pay the electricity bill, they even burnt their bills. Many of the connections were disconnected for which he himself went to the house of many and connected their disconnected meter. He was arrested and was jailed several times for this protest.
  11. 11. Four Pillars-• Four people which can grow party more stronger-• RETD GEN. V.K. Singh• Baba Ramdev• Anna Hazare• J.P. Narayan
  12. 12. Changing India-•This is the current social and political scenario of India which Has changed to the fullest due to Arvinds Knowledge among people.
  13. 13. Conclusion-• All because of this political party that India has changed to the fullest. If this party come into power its for sure the political scenario of India would change completely. Every one should vote for Aam Aadmi Party this time and bring the change in country and society. I wish more and more youths of India should join this party because youths are the one who are hot blooded and can change everything. Moreover this is the best upcoming party of India, which should even participate in 2014 Elections for parliament.
  14. 14. Its time to change- The END