National conference of arogya sena_ at hyderabad


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National conference of arogya sena_ at hyderabad

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National conference of arogya sena_ at hyderabad

  1. 1. Date 8.7.2011National Conference of Arogya Sena atHyderabad,29th May 2011The first National conference of Arogya Sena was held with great enthusiasm atBharat Engineering College, Medipalli, Hyderabad on Sunday, 29 th May 2011.Dr.Abhijit Vaidya, Founder and National Chief of Arogya Sena presidedover the conference. A little before this Conference , in an all India gathering of some 25 Socailistorganizations it was decided to revive the erstwhile ( original ) Socialist Party .The renowned senior socialist leader and chairman of the parent trust of ArogyaSena,‘- S M Joshi Memorial Medical Association’ , Shri Bhai Vaidya wasunanimously elected to lead the new socialist party as its first chairman, ArogyaSena is an active organization founded on unshakable faith in the values ofequality , social justice , secularism and democratic socialism. In addition torendering help in the event of natural and manmade disasters Arogya Sena alsofights for the public, social and political health rights of the people. Sadly, ourcountry is on a rapid downslide as far as these rights are concerned. Given thisbackground, the new Socialist party is a welcome development on the politicalfront of India and will serve as a rallying organization for all truly patrionticactivists with spotless moral character to come together. Our Arogya Sena hasbeen fighting forthe last 16 years on several issues of serious public concern . However, many ofthese issues are affected by inappropriate economic policies of the government andcorrupt politics, devoid of values. Arogya Sena is of the view that several of theseissues can not be tackled without a political transformation based on the ideologyof socialism. With this background, the conference waited anxiously for the standof Arogya Sena that would be spelt out in the presidential address by the NationalChief, Dr. Abhijit Vaidya. The president in his address said , “ Arogya Sena is not 1
  2. 2. a political party. In fact it is a nation-wide movement of patriotic and humanistactivists that is Arogya Sainiks, who have faith in socialism. We consider that allthe existing political parties are responsible for the setbacks being suffered by thecountry on all fronts. Our people are constrained to cast their votes in favor ofthese parties or they sometimes vote for regional parties because they have noother choice. There was a crying need for a viable third political alternativewhich could ensure an integral and strong India . We sincerely believe that thenew socialist party would be able to fulfill this need. We therefore extend warmand hearty welcome to this party. It is needless to state that the movement ofArogya Sena will continue to do its work. We will continue to heal the wounds,mitigate the suffering of our countrymen and fight against injustice. So far ArogyaSena has treated 41000 victims of natural disasters all over India and hasdistributed, free of cost, medicines of value of Rs 55 lakhs. Together with this,Arogya Sena has been fighting against several social and political ills. Our sainiksdid not hesitate to take to streets and ever courted arrest. All this has beenachieved without any governmental or foreign assistance; we relied only on thesupport of our well wishers and this is our unique distniction. Arogya Sena is theonly organization with such a wide principled base that has raised a nation widearmy of tough and patriotic activists.”The conference began on a musical note with singing of group songs by VarshaGupte, Mangala Kamble and colleagues. Atul Runwal gave the welcome addressDr.Nitin Ketkar made preliminary remarks. The chiefs of different state Branchespresented reports of activities in their states. Santosh Jadhav and some officebearers expressed their ideas. Shri Ram Payagude, editor of “ Shivneri” weeklyand a staunch supporter of Arogya Sena gave expression to his thoughts as ;“Arogya Sena should take the initiative to nominate good candidates to contest theelection for Pune municipal corporation under the banner of the new socialistparty. People will definitely support then.” Prof Neelima Vaidya, who has donethe Hindi translation of the pamphlet of agitation against spurious milk launchedby Arogya Sena, said the wide scope of activities of Arogya Sena and itsdedication to work have left a deep impression on her and has decided to devotethe maximum possible time hereafter to Arogya Sena.” Shri Kamlesh Hajare,member of the central committee of Arogya Sena proposed a vote of thanks to thelocal organizers of the conference and to all those present on the occasion. Theconference ended with this word of thanks,Those who attended the conference included members of the central committee ofArogya Sena –Dr Nitin Ketkar, Kamlesh Hajare, Laxmikant Mundada, AshishAjgaonkar, Prof Pramod Dalvi, the chief of Maharashtra State branch VarshaGupte , Members of the Maharashtra state committee Radheshyam Sharma,Adv.Sampat Kamble , Chief of Bihar State branch Adv. Ranjit Mandal, Memberof the Bihar state committee Satchidandand Sing, Chief of Kerala state branchGeorge Jacob and his sainiks, Chief of Tamil Nadu State Branch Dr.Ravichandiranand his sainiks, Chief of Pune District unit Atul Runwal , Chief of Pimpari 2
  3. 3. Chinchwad Santosh jadhav , Chief of Pune City Unit Rashmi Vaidya, and officebrearers Nihar Vaidya , Sharad Benuskar, Varadendra Katti, Ravindra Chavan ,Sandhya Bahirat and others.About 200 sainiks and well-wishers of Arogya senafrom all over the country were present for the conference.Other like mindedorganizations were represented by their leaders and activists. These includedMadhukarrao Nirfarake,Vishakhatai Khaire, Ramchadra Jadhav, Madgulkar fromAkhil Bharatiya Samajwadi Adhyapak Sabha, Ram Paygude , the editor of theweekly “ Shvneri”, Sudhir Nirfarake, Krishnan, Shinde, from Samajwadi JanaParishad , Raju Bahalkar of Rashtra Seva Dal and some others. 3
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